ICO Scams – Fake Initial Coin Offering Tokens List

When January 1, 2017 finally found the calendar, less than 1% of the earth’s population knew what an I.C.O. meant, stood for, or represented. One might say outside of head hardened hodlers and the crazily-christened crypto community, virtually no one knew it stood for initial coin offering (obviously similar to the initial public offering) and would go on to disrupt venture capital funding and see the crypto market cap swell to $830 billion at the height of the ICO bubble.

Now, we have complied a two-part series below that cover all aspects of ICO scams:

  • 1) ICO investor rating system for picking the right projects to back and support
  • 2) download all known fake initial coin offering scams to give you an idea of how many sh*tcoins gone deadcoins there actually are piling up inside the crypto asset graveyard

Of course, the ultimate bitcoin scams and crypto hacks timeline list can be found here.


ICO Rating Checklist System: What are the Top Initial Coin Offering Ranking Factors to Find the Right Token?

Before we dive into our fortune favors the bold formulated ICO rating system, we have also assembled an initial coin offering calendar list below who share new, active and upcoming token sales for all major and deserving alternative cryptocurrency coins and projects.

Now, a little judicial justice needs to be brought to the forefront by bringing up the recent past history just to put everything into perspective. Jan 1, coinmarketcap.com was a mere $17.7M and now mid-Sept 2017 it has blossomed to over $127.7M.

In 9 quick months, that's a 7x growth to date (also BTC @ $1,000 USD compared to $4,000+ and ETH @ $8 USD compared to $300+ according to coinbase.com) and has many more advancements and agendas to be fulfilled in the future.

Now, it might be one of the fastest growing search terms of the entire year as Initial Coin Offering (spin off from Initial Public Offering) cryptocurrency projects have exploded, but the real keys to make sure you pinpoint before getting big eyed and gullible profitability hopefulness.

Which ICO Ranking Factors & Features Matter Most?

There are 7 major mind opening questions to get answers for to start down a path of invest into ICO speculation or superior promise.

No matter how jaw dropping a trendy slogan or catchy proposition, these are the seven investment parameters and research initiates to make sure you follow through with:

  • Personnel (team, credibility, track record, history)
  • Whitepaper (fundamental purpose, vision, mission & story timeline)
  • Coin Supply (pre mined, capped, limited, what are the investor confidence metrics in place)
  • Thoughtout Realistic Timeline (path to the promise product, service for optimal output and growth opportunity)
  • Use Cases (how practical is the application to be used, its tradable value and unique selling claim to fame)
  • Communication Channels (social media, slack, forum, email, phone, updated blog, public events, tradeshows, advertising)
  • Rules, Laws & Regulations (make no mistake about it, the legal ramifications are largely in the shadows to date, so those who have the strongest chances of survival in these ICO crowdfunding game are the ones with the best legal and compliant operations running)

Why Put The Time Into Reviewing ICO Cryptocurrencies?

While this may seem like a daunting uphill task to follow through with, it can put much more emphasis on informed and educated decisions about investing fiat into what some might consider pre-done pre-setup products and services in these ICO token sales.

Hype can sell, but ultimately value-added game-changing life-altering products, programs and platforms will reap the biggest rewards when it comes to flipping these ‘penny stock’ equivalent cryptocurrency tokens.

In light of this new phenomena in the bitcoin blockchain currency space, there have been a bunch of new websites and services to get all of your favorite crypto news, updates and advancements.

How To Rank & Rate The Best ICO Tokens

Above we gave you the top 7 aspects and elements that need deeper examination for proper investing research. There is a lot of buzz going around these days as it pertains to Initial Coin Offerings and is easy to get caught up in “the next best thing” and the “latest greatest enhancement” but having these benchmarks and bulletpoints will help eliminate poor choices and decisions regarding investing in initial coin offering tokens.

These events are where new startup companies try to raise as much money as possible (through cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum) to get their company’s concept off the ground. Many of these startups are tech companies that develop new platforms for cryptocurrencies to be used to make transactions easier and more secure, without burdensome regulation from governmental agencies.

It is easy to see where problems can arise from these Initial Coin Offerings, though. What if the people involved in the company have bad reputations? What if their business model is not sustainable? What if its all just hype and no substance? These are all very real risks that prospective investors have to keep in mind before jumping into a new company’s Initial Coin Offering.

Luckily for those prospective investors out there, I am here. I utilize a very thorough analysis method to look through every nook and cranny of a company and its Initial Coin Offering to see if it is worth investing in. No stone is left unturned and if there is any indication that a company may end up failing, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will point it out.

Now, I am sure you are interested in what my “thorough analysis method” consists of. Follow me, as I give you a peak under the hood of my review process.

Determine The Coin Offering Investment Risk First

You would think that determining the risk of the investment would be one of the last parts of my analysis. Nope! It is the first. This is because it is the most important metric and I know how busy investors are.

They may not have time to dig through an entire analysis so I make sure to give the information they need the most in the beginning.

Anyways, I determine the risk of the investment by looking at various aspects of the company and its Initial Coin Offering:

  1. The group of people involved in the business and its ICO. Most importantly, any founders, co-founders, CEOs, etc.
  2. The ICO’s White Paper – this is basically a detailed mission statement describing what the business is supposed to do and how the investor’s investment will be used on the platform. This is usually done through exchanging the investor’s cryptocurrency investment for currency that can only be used on the platform.
  3. Minimum Viable Product – this can often be the difference between a successful company and a failure. It does not cost much to produce the Minimum Viable Product which means there will be more supply than demand most likely. If a company fails to adjust this and has no plan to increase demand, the company itself will go belly-up.
  4. The legality of the business. Look, no investor wants to put their money into a business that will be shut down by the government for operating outside of the law. I would surely hope that any business that does an ICO has a legal team on standby to deal with any potential legal problems they may encounter.
  5. The businesses and individuals they are partnered with. If a company is affiliated with any business or individual that has a notoriously bad reputation (no matter the industry), that definitely makes the investment more risky.
  6. The individuals that they receive advice from. I take a good look at who the company says are their consultants and advisers. The same principle for partners applies for advisers. If the advisers are notorious for bad business practices – that could definitely reflect on the new business and it certainly makes the investment a bigger risk.

If all six of these facets of a company and their ICO check out without any issues, I would conclude that there will not be a whole lot of risk involved in contributing to that company’s ICO.

Of course, there is risk involved with any and all investments, but if the company passes my test, then any risks involved would be market-based risks that can’t really be avoided or predicted. If the business does not pass my test, said business is most likely fraudulent and you should not invest a single penny in it.

Listen To The Buzz Surrounding The ICO Second

After I determine the investment risk involved with a business, I look at how much buzz their ICO is generating. If they are generating a lot of buzz and have a lot of people on social media talking about them, it indicates an effective marketing campaign.

In addition to that, it indicates that they have an idea that a lot of people would be interested in. And of course, those interested people would most likely include some very wealthy investors looking to get a piece of that pie.

When you have more investors interested in a business idea, it makes the idea look better and more profitable, which drives more investors to invest in it. If an idea is getting no attention from investors or the public, it is in the indication that the business did not have an effective marketing campaign and that people are not sold on whatever idea they are trying to pitch.

When I determine how much buzz a business is getting, I look at the following things:

  • How many followers that they have on their social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • How many times their business has been featured in the media (such as a tech startup being written about on a tech media site like TechCrunch or Gizmodo)
  • Can I search for their business and find it easily on Google?
  • How many hits their main website receives

The most desired outcome for a business would be if they are able to check all four of the above boxes. They would need to have a large social media following, receive plenty of attention from relevant media publications, be easily visible on search engines like Google, and receive plenty of daily hits on their website.

Look At The Business Idea First And Potential Last

This is where I determine if a business and its idea will continue to be profitable for a long time. This is a very important thing to discern because not a lot of people want to invest in something that will have a quick boom and then fade into obscurity.

Thankfully, you can prevent yourself from falling into a trap like that by taking a look at how I determine the long-term profitability of a business and its idea. This determination is based off of several conditions:

  • Does the business have the right model to be able to sustain growth over time?
  • How well thought out is their financial strategy?
  • Does this business have any competitors? If so, how have they set themselves apart from the competition? Do they have a plan to adapt for future competitors as well? If a business cannot be competitive, it will not last long.
  • Again, I take a closer look at the individuals involved in the business to see what experience they bring to the table. If the group is full of people who have no business experience, it could definitely hinder the long-term performance of a business. Being a good software engineer does not necessarily translate to being a good businessman.

These are four very important facets of a business that any business should consider before kick starting their ICO. Initial Coin Offering raters like myself will definitely scrutinize these before giving our stamp of approval.

Investors will also look at these before deciding to pledge their money to the project, especially now that I am telling them that it is important to do so.

Initial Coin Offering Calendar List Ranking Sites

We wanted to take some of the search guesswork out of your way and compile a list of the top ICO websites to follow and keep tabs on for future references and bookmarking.

As of right now, these initial coin offering websites are in no particular order but in due time will be reexamined and ranked accordingly for timeliness, appearance and how frequently updated (as we are in a rapidly evolving space).

Most Popular Initial Coin Offering List Services:

  • TokenMarket.net
  • CoinSchedule.com
  • ICOrating.com
  • FoundICO.com
  • ICOAlert.com
  • ICODaily.net
  • ICOTimeLine.com
  • ICO.info

That is a solid list so you don’t ever miss the next big ICO or the latest greatest initial coin offering investment opportunity.

Things To Remember

We are just one team who happens to deeply analyze businesses who are looking to launch an Initial Coin Offering. Biases aside, we like to think that our process is pretty thorough and does not leave a lot of room for debate or complaints about being unfair from businesses.

That said, if you do disagree with any of standards and researched reviews (we have 1,000s now), please feel free to voice it below in the comments. And for investors who do not think we are thorough enough in the analysis provided, suggestions are always welcome. We read and reply to every email that warrants one as well as commenting back on opinions and statements left below.

What we have assimilated here today is to install confidence and a semi-structured cryptocurrency checklist and curriculum of necessary components and features/factors a solid and sound investment should have. Everything we find is consolidated to help the search process become faster, and advice for prospective investors should be taken as a stepping stone and not a final verdict when attempting or choosing to buy into a new initial coin offering, no matter how proven or exciting it may sound on the surface.

ICO Rating System Conclusion

While rules, regulations and near-inevitable 3rd party oversight looms in the background of uncertainy, one thing remains, initial coin offerings are rivaling the traditional methods of crowdfunding and fundraising tactics and is showing no signs of slowing down especially when they should be adaptable to whatever new laws and legal obstacles ultimately get handed down.

This guide is far from done, as we will keep chiseling a final sculpture for how to best invest into ICO opportunities and which initial coin offering tokens actually past the test to stand above the rest.

Top 7 Initial Coin Offering Trends We Saw Last Year

Top 7 Initial Coin Offering 2018 Trends For ICO Token InvestmentsConsumers and investors had many victories in 2017, due to the impressive value of cryptocurrency evolving. However, as 2018 starts off, it is important to have a clear idea of what the economy is doing, helping them to make a decision about what their next move is going to be.

Some things are not expected to change at all, like whitepaper, prototypes, and even conferences. However, CoinDesk decided to put out some information to help consumers see how the crypto world will be changing.

Trend 1:

Even though there are many discussions around the world about the best ways to make cryptocurrency seamless, it appears that global governments will not gain more clarity. There are many legal problems that need resolution, and the benefit for the crypto community will depend on those results. New ICOs need to be aware of the rulings of the court, using that information to create a more cohesive platform.

Trend 2:

CoinDesk expects the actual sale of tokens to decline. Luckily, the value of each token is expected to rise as the different investments and trading take place. Sales will become more privatized, and the tokens reserved for the public will steadily decline.

Trend 3:

If Ethereum wants to continue to be an impressive resource for the global community, they will need to increase their speed. There are some companies that are trying to launch on other platforms, but there are still plenty of investors that believe that Ethereum will continue to be the main resource. Luckily, the same founders have managed to create a back up plan, ensuring that they protect their ICOs and investments.

Trend 4:

The biggest appeal of cryptocurrency is the decentralized nature of it. Brayton Williams of Boost VC is focused on “talent and shipping.” As a result, financiers and independent businesses may start feeling the urges from their investors to make the tokens available for their intended purposes. However, it is theorized that the tokens were released at such a rapid pace that they may not be able to deliver on all their promises.

Trend 5:

Token economics is still fairly new, and the ability to utilize them in any capacity has not yet been achieved. Owners of these tokens will notice that the ability to spend them will largely decide how worthy that the investment was in the first place. The ability to spend the tokens that investors presently have will help the global community to judge the value of cryptocurrency in the first place.

Trend 6:

As the tokens get older, consumers are generally becoming more informed about cryptocurrency, which makes them savvier for their investments. With more sophisticated consumers and investors, users will form a clearer idea of how to use them. With tokens being divided between utility and security. With greater popularity, consumers will understand virtual currency in a way that was completely unnecessary a decade ago.

Trend 7:

The final idea of what this year will bring with ICOs is that tech companies are expected to decentralize their tokens, which helps them raise money. This step is crucial to make more profit, though CoinBank indicates that those same companies do not have much of a need for decentralization at all.

With these changes, consumers need to keep their eyes open to make the best investments in 2018.

New to ICOs? Follow These 7 Tips to Make a Wise Crypto Token Investment

New to ICOs? Follow These 7 Tips to Make a Wise Crypto Token InvestmentBefore the introduction of smart contracts on the blockchain network and the appearance of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), start-ups which wanted to raise money for their project had to rely on investors, initial public offerings and of course, their own pockets.

For those who do not know, an ICO is a form of crowdfunding, where companies create tokens which other people buy, in order to raise money for their projects. Many have referred to ICOs as a combination between Kickstarter-projects and Initial Public Offerings, as investors can get both advantages, but also monetary rewards in the long run. However, ICOs are considered high-risk and high-reward investment ventures, therefore there are a couple of aspects that you must keep in mind to ensure that your capital doesn’t go to waste.

Thoroughly Read And Evaluate The White Paper

White papers are basically the company’s pitch to potential investors. Because of this, they have to be well-written and include all relevant information about the company’s vision, how the services will work, features, developers and more. Most of the times, the quality of the white paper can either make or break a company, and it clearly shows whether the team is serious enough about their project.

With this in mind, as a potential investor, you’ll have to double-read the white paper, and only consider an investment if you understand everything the white paper is trying to say. Also, make sure to pay attention to details, as some companies have been known to exaggerate stats about the current state of the market. Fact-checking is therefore an essential skill for ICO investors.

Learn More About The Project Developers

When evaluating an ICO, it is mandatory to do as much research as possible. This research effort also consists in reading about the team behind the project. While most companies launching their ICO are new on the market, chances are that members of the team have been involved in similar projects in the past.

It is recommended that you go ahead and separately search for each of the team members, as a form of background check. To qualify, team members need to showcase expertise in their niche of business. A project with team members that lack experience is definitely a red flag. After all, if you’re launching a project and wish to raise money from the public, a level of trust needs to be established between the developers and the investors.

Additionally, some ICOs may be held by companies which are already established, and wish to further accelerate their capital income, in order to release new products and services. If this is the case, time should be invested into learning more about the company, and the other services and products being offered. Doing so will likely lead to a smarter investment decision with a higher payoff later down the road.

There may be cases when start-ups don’t even bother to list their team members, the positions they occupy within the company and their experience. This is yet another red flag. If the company isn’t honest about who works for them and who is in charge of the project, why should you purchase tokens from them? Not only this, but start-ups who choose to hide important information like this may be scams, as no one is publicly assuming responsibility for the outcome of the project and the ICO.

Consider Long-Term Use For The Tokens That You’re Purchasing

Tokens which are being sold for the sole purpose of raising money and don’t offer investors any additional benefits apart from resale value may not be worth it. Well-conducted ICOs often allow investors to use these tokens as a way to purchase services from the company, whereas those who are only holding an ICO for raising money will not. Because of this, it’s recommended that you consider long-term value and potential use for the tokens that you’ll be buying. After all, if the price doesn’t increase and you’re unable to trade the tokens for a profit, at least you want to be able to get access to the services being provided by the company.

Read What Other People Think

ICOs often market themselves to various digital currency forums, but also on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and more. Use their marketing techniques to your advantage! Read all ICO presentations wherever they are posted, and make sure to keep a close eye on what other people think. They may have more experience than you, and may be better at catching red flags and giving advice. Don’t base your entire investment decision on what other people think though.

Consider The Road Map And Future Plans

Companies with realistic and well-developed road maps that share their future plans are always a better choice. As an investor, you want to know when the project started and how far the development team has come. Additionally, you also want to know the future plans of the company following the ICO. If a company only wants to offer a certain service until the end of time, with no further investments and ideas planned out, then chances are their success will be short-lived. This is a bad sign for potential investors, as the token value increase potential remains limited.

Fund Transparency

By investing into an ICO, you’re basically putting your money to work. Wise ICO investments consist of companies which are transparent about how the funds will be used. This means that they need to share the total number of tokens to be released, how many will be sold during the pre-sale and the coin offering, what percentage will go to the team and brand ambassadors, and how the raised funds will be used to bring the project to life. Serious start-ups will often share all these details, and even state what percentage of the funds will go to marketing, employees, project development, future investments and more.

Good Page And Image Design

Websites represent the company’s face before potential clients and investors. With this in mind, we would recommend taking a close look at how the website is set up, what kind of images have been used, and whether the user interface is easy to navigate through. While you shouldn’t expect a level A+ website, companies need to invest time and money into creating quality websites. In the long run, the quality of their website will have an important role in the success of the company. Therefore, a poorly-designed website shows the company isn’t able to invest enough time and money into smart marketing, and page development. If this is the case, then chances are that they’ll follow the same trend once the ICO funds have been raised.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, keeping these tips in mind will likely lead investors to making smarter investments, hence choosing the right ICOs to believe in. Lastly, if your gut tells you that something isn’t right, perhaps the best choice would be to look for other companies to invest in. There are more than enough choices available on the market. From your point of view, which other factors should be cWhat Successful Initial Coin Offering Tokens Needonsidered before purchasing tokens?

What Do Successfully Launched Initial Coin Offering ICO Token Sales Need?

Initial coin offerings, or ICOs, are an extremely successful and popular method of generating startup capital through the process of tokenization. This method allows innovative startups to avoid traditional venture capital funding methods and bring unique, disruptive products and platforms directly to the industries they target.

The massive amount of growth that the blockchain sector is experiencing is creating a massive amount of innovation, allowing innovators to devise new ways to bring blockchain technology to the world. Launching a successful ICO, however, is not easy. There are a number of factors to consider when beginning a tokenization project.

Tokenization Efficiency

One of the main drivers behind the rapid increase in popularity of tokenization is the extreme convenience it delivers in both quantifying assets and managing them, regardless of the product. When assets become tokenized on the blockchain, they become extremely easy to track and trace. Tokenization makes it easy for new startups and business to administrate.

One specific area in which tokenization has been extremely disruptive is crowdfunding. Token sales, or initial coin offerings, have become the most popular application of tokenization, allowing new startups to raise an extremely large amount of capital fast. This ease of use is primarily due to the lack of regulation surrounding initial coin offerings, and the international nature of most ICO platforms.

There are currently thousands of different initial coin offerings active in the blockchain environment today, with new ICOs launching every day. Some ICOs have generated hundreds of millions in capital in a matter of minutes, while others have struggled. The main difference between successful unsuccessful token sales is the quality of the initial coin offering itself.

The Most Important Factors to Consider When Launching an ICO

The most important element of any initial coin offering is a powerful idea, preferably in the form of a working product. For some projects, however, a proof of concept is enough, which is typically presented in the form of a white paper.

The second most important element of any ICO is the team driving it. The team should be publicly visible, and be supported by a good marketing team and a generous starting budget. These two factors are one of the most reasons less successful ICOs fail.

Aside from the above two factors, it’s also possible that many ICOs fail simply because there is no market or need for their product. Even with the perfect development and marketing team, a poorly designed product with no market will fail to achieve success.

Existing Blockchain Services

The blockchain ecosystem has spawned a number of PR and marketing firms that specialize in blockchain technology and initial coin offerings. Some of these platforms, such as Token Market, ICO Box, and Waves take this concept a step further, offering startups a complete startup package.

The development of these platforms is creating a wide range of opportunities for new startups, removing the barriers to entry that prevent many disruptive concepts from entering the marketplace and thus fostering greater levels of innovation in future.

The Top 12 Least Successful Industries for ICOsTop ICO List

Initial coin offerings, or ICOs, have attracted a significant amount of attention recently for the destabilizing influence this largely unregulated aspect of the cryptocurrency industry has had on the price of Bitcoin, and the crypto market as a whole.

Comparable to traditional IPOs, initial coin offerings have presented entrepreneurs and organizations with a new way to raise venture capital and catalyze rapid growth. The loose and largely nonexistent regulation surrounding the ICO sector, however, has led to a great deal of confusion regarding ICOs.

As a result, many regulatory bodies around the world have taken steps toward creating a framework with which to manage ICOs, with an ongoing debate raging regarding their legislative status. Some countries- such as China, have even gone so far as to completely halt ICO action in their jurisdiction completely, a move that was responsible for a 7.5% total Bitcoin price drop for a number of days until the action was clarified as a temporary measure.

Despite the hysteria surrounding ICOs, they remain a powerful financial tool, and have spawned thousands of success stories featuring developers and investors alike. Despite the extreme popularity of ICOs, however, there are a number of projects that fail to garner any interest whatsoever, for reasons that are difficult to determine.

In this article, we’ll present the ten least successful industries for initial coin offerings and present some key metrics regarding their total penetration into the ICO sector. Take a look at this graph courtesy of ICOWatchlist.com for Total USD Raised Per Category & Projects Per Category in %.

initial coin offering industry success

Content Management/Ownership

Surprisingly, content management is one of the least popular industries for initial coin offerings in 2017. Despite being a highly relevant sector to the blockchain, the content management related ICOs currently present in the market have seen a low adoption rate.

The content management industry has raised just $9.5 million USD throughout 2017 to date, or just 0.4% of all ICO funds raised, which is far lower than expectations. As regulations are developed for the ICO sector, however, analysts expect this figure to surge dramatically.

Real Estate/Land Property Asset

Real estate is traditionally a high value industry, which does not lend itself to the fundamental nature of initial coin offerings. There have been a handful of projects that have attempted to raise capital through ICO platforms, which have as a whole raised just $9.085 USD. The disparity between the expensive real estate industry and the nature of ICOs makes it doubtful that real estate as whole will capture more attention in the ICO sector.


Incumbent industries that are heavily invested in infrastructure have been observed to yield lower than average response rates in the ICO sector. Decentralized communication has struggled to achieve a significant amount of penetration through ICOs to date, gathering just $8.815 million USD throughout 2017. The highly publicized Kik ICO, however, may have a positive impact on the presence of communications in the ICO industry depending on the response it receives.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

There’s no doubt that the cumbersome healthcare can benefit greatly from decentralized blockchain technology. Very few ICOs, however, have focused on the healthcare industry at this point in time. To date, healthcare and pharmaceutical related ICOs have collected just $8.31 million USD. There’s certainly a significant amount of room for growth in the ICO space for healthcare solutions.


The events and entertainment sector doesn't present many opportunities for developers to present innovative initial coin offerings. Despite this disadvantage, the entertainment industry has still somehow managed to gather roughly $8.07 million USD in funding through ICOs in 2017, which is an unexpected turn of events that may be worth tracking.

Social Networks

The social network industry is home to some very well established major players that are extremely resistant to change. Although there have been a number of aspirant ICOs that have attempted to shake up the social network industry, the total volume of capital collected by these ventures have not exceeded $5.625 million USD.

Data Analytics

At a glance, it’s easy to understand why data analytics ventures have failed to raise a significant amount of capital via ICOs in 2017, as the industry lacks any serious relevance to ICOs as a whole. Data analytics offerings have raised just $2.037 million USD in 2017, almost making it into the top three worst performing verticals in the ICO sector.

Utilities & Energy

The obvious link between ICOs and energy presents many opportunities that could leverage the need for a decentralized platform that could be used to trade excess renewable energy, but the ICO sector has seen no strong projects focusing on this line of reasoning. As a result, the energy and utilities industry has gathered just a little under $2 million USD in 2017.

Logistics & Supply

The majority of blockchain-related projects in the supply and logistics are unlikely to utilize ICOs as a method of raising capital, which has seen only a desultory effort exerted in the ICO space by the industry. 2017 has seen only $851,295 raised for logistics-related projects, which is not entirely unexpected.

Betting & Gambling

While it may not be the best industry out of the eleven we have covered, there is no denying the radical shift blockchain distributed ledger technology is having on the cryptocurrency casinos. With the internet enabling gambling, betting, poker and esports to name a few, blockchain's shared accounting system for all records will prove to be much more transparent and efficient in the years to come.

Funding & Venture Capital

Let me introduce you to the newly found concept of I.C.O. aka modern-day crowdfunding campaigns aimed at direct access towards investing into new tokens, services, projects, platforms and programs.


One of the key axioms of blockchain technology is the intent to optimize and transform traditional rules of governance. Despite this, there have been very few ICOs that have attempted to focus on this particular sector in 2017- the total amount of funds raised for governance ICO projects in the year is just $258,645, a disappointing result that will hopefully change in the near future.

ICO Red Flags – 6 Key Signs To Fraudulent Initial Coin Offering?

ICO Red FlagsInitial coin offerings, or ICOs, have made it possible for the general public to invest in a wide variety of innovative blockchain platforms, and provide enterprising blockchain organizations to access alternative methods of generating startup capital outside of traditional avenues.

In the third quarter of 2017 alone ICOs have succeeded in raising more than $1.3 billion USD for a broad spectrum of different blockchain ventures. This astronomical figure is more than five times the amount of capital generated through venture capital investments in the blockchain space.

2017 has seen the launch of more than 200 different initial coin offerings. Assessing each individual offering and performing due diligence on every ICO would be extremely time consuming for even the most attentive and focused analyst, as there are many different factors to consider when determining the value of an ICO.

What would be difficult for a professional analyst is virtually impossible for an amatuer investor. The highly complex nature of blockchain technology means that there is a sharp learning curve when attempting to gain a working understanding of distributed ledger platforms, with many different consensus methods and use cases to learn about in what is a rapidly developing field.

The rapid rise in public interest in blockchain platforms, combined with the technical terminology and regulatory absence have created an environment in which fraudulent initial coin offerings have become extremely common. Throughout 2017 there have been many ICOs that have attempted to defraud investors and separate them from their crypto.

While performing due diligence on each and every investment is essential, there are a number of obvious red flags that can be used to identify fraudulent initial coin offerings quickly and effectively. In this article, we’ll outline the six most obvious signs that an ICO may be fraudulent.

6 ICO Red Flags

1. Empty Repositories

Many initial coin offerings propose an open-source platform that makes its code available to the public. If an ICO proposes an open source platform but doesn’t offer a repository link, such as GitHub- or the repository is empty- this is a key sign that it may be fraudulent in nature.

Open source platforms upload their code to repositories such as GitHub to allow the public to audit their development process. Individuals that possess blockchain programming and development knowledge are able to assess the code published by these platforms and determine whether they are valid or not.

One of the most clear-cut signs that an initial coin offering is a scam is a complete lack of detail on how the underlying technology that drives it operates. It’s not necessary to be a programming guru to assess the veracity of open-source blockchain projects- simply checking whether a project has uploaded files to a public repository is an effective method of determining whether it has a functioning product or not.

If you’re not sure whether the code provided by a platform is legitimate or not, there are many forums- such as Reddit- that provide in-depth discussions on the specifics of open-source blockchain platforms that serve as an accessible entry point to the finer technical aspects of ICO assessment.

2. Use Cases That Don’t Need Blockchain

Blockchain technology, while highly innovative and disruptive, is not ideal for every use case. There are many ventures that have no use for tokenization or distributed ledger technology. While this may seem like an obvious point, the massive hype surrounding blockchain tech can make it easy for unsuspecting investors to be led astray by slick marketing.

Many initial coin offerings present compelling arguments in their white papers, outlining massive markets that could potentially be massively disrupted by blockchain tech. It’s important to assess whether there is a real use case for blockchain technology in any project- even successful platforms like Steemit, which pays users for contributing quality content- could likely function by using an existing cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

When assessing an initial coin offering it’s important to ask yourself whether you believe the project truly needs a blockchain or a native token. If the answer is no, then it’s highly likely that the ICO in question is a prime example of “solutionism”, or using crypto for the sake of using crypto, or potentially a scam.

3. Anonymous Teams

One of the most important steps in performing your due diligence when assessing an initial coin offering is determining who is behind the project. Regardless of how attractive an investment opportunity is or how large the market it targets may be, the success of an initial coin offering hinges on the quality and composition of the team creating it.

Anonymous developers and platform founders is a massive red flag. If an ICO has not named any full-time developers, or if the leaders behind the project have little to no experience in disruptive technology, then it’s likely that the platform will fail. If there is no information available regarding the team at all, avoid the ICO at all costs.

When assessing the experience of an ICO development team, it’s important to take a look at the social links provided by the project, such as LinkedIn profiles. While it is possible to fake these profiles, most LinkedIn users provide details on their prior association with companies and universities that can be independently fact-checked with third party sources.

Many initial coin offerings leverage the knowledge of an advisory board in addition to a development team. It’s essential to check the experience and veracity of these individuals as well to ensure they are legitimate.

4. Mining Structures That Favor the Development Team

The mining structure of an initial coin offering is not a foolproof way to assess the legitimacy of a project by itself, but cross-referencing the data points provided by a project on the supply schedule of tokens can be a powerful method that illuminates the intent of the project leaders.

Premining is a term that refers to tokens that are created and made available to a small group of individuals before a token sale goes live to the public. In some cases, this process is used to reward early investors and developers. If the total amount of tokens reserved for a pre-mine is disproportionately high, however, this is a cause for concern.

Paycoin, for example, was an initial coin offering in which the founder was found guilty of operating a $9 million fraudulent scheme. The majority of tokens in the Paycoin ICO were reserved for the development team.

If an initial coin offering heavily favors the development team, then it’s likely that the true intent of the project is to maximize the personal financial gain of team members from the appreciation of token value, as opposed to maintaining the proposed blockchain network over the long term.

5. No Roadmap

Most initial coin offerings provide potential investors with a detailed chronological list of their development and funding goals. If a project doesn’t provide a clear road map, then it’s likely that the developers and project leaders have no solid plan for the future- which is a key red flag that the project is a scam.

If a project delivers no comprehensive road map and reserves a significant amount of pre-mined tokens for the development team, then it’s almost certain that the project is driven by short-term financial gain. Many initial coin offerings also provide investors with a Telegram or Slack channel that can be used to communicate directly with the development team and ask questions or access periodic updates.

It is possible, however, for scammers to create fictitious timelines or deliver fake updates via chat channels. Always assess multiple factors when attempting to determine whether an ICO is fraudulent to not.

6. No Whitepaper Or Detailed Information

When assessing ICOs, Occam’s razor is a highly effective tool. In most cases, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Applied to ICOs, if something appears to be a scam, it probably is. If you feel as through a platform may be a scam, then it’s probably best to refrain from investing.

In some cases, the website for an initial coin offering may appear under-developed or fail to deliver comprehensive information because it’s still in an early stage. In the earliest stages of an ICO it can be difficult to determine whether it is a scam or not.

Often, these platforms can be both. If you’re unable to find detailed information regarding an ICO, then it’s best to wait until more information becomes available before investing. Often Russia or Asian-based initial coin offerings provide scant information until bounty projects can deliver an English translation, which is an understandable delay.

The most critical source of information on any ICO is the white paper. A white paper should outline the mission of a project, its technical aspects, the details of the team behind the project, token generation and distribution, and any other details that are relevant to the project.

While amatuer investors may find white papers somewhat daunting, it’s not necessary to possess a technical background in order to understand every single line of a white paper to determine whether it is legitimate or not. If you’re investing in crypto, however, it’s important to possess at least a basic understanding of how distributed ledger systems work.

Many high-level projects provide white papers that outline the details of a project in addition to a yellow paper that provides highly technical information. Good initial coin offerings often also deliver a “one pager” that delivers a succinct high-level summary of the project in relatively simple terminology.

Top 6 ICO Fundraisers: EOS, Telegram, Dragon, Huobi, Hdac and Filecoin

Top 6 ICO Fundraisers: EOS, Telegram, Dragon, Huobi, Hdac and FilecoinICOs are the new craze in tech and the business world in general. From startups looking to raise funds to venture capitalist firms and even huge Fortune 100 companies, everyone is jumping on the ICO train.

This is not surprising seeing as it has proven to be one of the easiest and least scrutinized way to raise funds for projects, products and to a lesser extent, personally enrich some shady individuals.

It’s very easy to launch an ICO, thanks to ethereum’s platform which makes it very easy to create ERC-20 tokens. And when you think that in 2017 alone, over $5 billion was raised from ICOs, you’ll understand how difficult it is to pass up the opportunity to get in on it.

Some of the most funded ICOs in the world have attracted a ton of cash from investors. Whether they live/lived up to their hype is an entirely different discussion. Let’s examine them all.


The biggest ICO of them all, the token sales started in June 2017 and lasted a whole year ending in June this year. With a revenue of $4.1 billion, this is by far, the biggest blockchain based ICO in the world.

Launched by Block.one and going head to head with ethereum, this project is poised to be one of the world’s biggest smart contracts platform. The project hopes to become a better version of ethereum by eliminating ethereum’s scalability issues.

In fact, EOS is often referred to as the Ethereum of China. The bulk of the investment was from Chinese residents who figured that a project of that magnitude was sorely needed in the country.

The EOS token, initially created and running on the ethereum platform, now runs on its own blockchain network.


One of the world’s most popular encrypted messaging apps, this ICO raised $1.7 billion for the company. Unfortunately, the ICO was done privately, thus preventing the general public from participating like they did with EOS.

Proceeds from the venture is to be deployed to the Telegram Open Network (TON) and powered by its GRAM token. This blockchain network is hoped to redefine transaction speeds by eliminating scalability problems that will help it process millions of transactions per second.

This ICO was successful in part because Telegram is a well-known company, thus making it very easy for venture capitalists and hedge fund managers to get in on their blockchain project.

However, because the project is a very ambitious one, many seasoned blockchain investment analysts and experts passed on the private sale of the token. Ultimately, this ICO did well because there a lot of big name VCs and hedge funds investing in it. We’ll see what the future holds for the project though.


A gambling based token sale, this ICO raised a whopping $320 million to fund a floating casino in Macau. While the $320 million was short of the $500 million initial target, it was still a huge success considering the circumstances and the selling point.

The token which is called the Dragon Coin token is used by high end gamblers in Macau and appreciates or depreciates based on the success of the gambling enterprise. It’s actually interesting that this project succeeded considering its rumored ties to gambling mafia and shady consulting firms.

Clearly, the appeal of ease of fund transfer and very low transaction fees is irresistible to gamblers who often feel they are being shortchanged and fleeced by money transfer middlemen.

Anyone looking to launch an ICO in gambling space might want to look into some of the key problems and inconvenience that gamblers face, and solve it through their own services.


One of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world, Huobi’s ICO raked in a decent $300 million. This sale was for its own native HT token, and followed in the footsteps of other exchanges that had done the same.

In keeping with similar tokens, its sole purpose is to help reduce transaction fees on the platform. Traders are more than willing to get discounts and save money on trading fees on all exchange platforms.

This is why the HT token enjoyed massive adoption among existing and new users on the crypto exchange.


Launched by Hdac, a South Korean based tech firm in 2017, this ICO generated $258 million. The company hopes to put the funds raised to developing what they call the world’s first blockchain based Internet of Things contract and payment platform.

If this project succeeds, this would see Hdac as the first company in the world to help IoT devices truly connect, by integrating processes like ID authentication, communication, payment processing and data storage.

The company hopes to do this by simply creating its blockchain platform that’s dedicated to smart contracts and improving scalability.


Combined with its initial $52 million cash injection from multiple VCs, Filecoin went on to raise another $257 million when it launched its ICO.

The project’s goal is to build a decentralized, highly secure, p2p cloud storage platform. It was successful because of its initial backers followed by its compliance with SEC regulations on ICOs.

In fact, it is the first ICO to comply with the SEC’s new ICO regulations in the US. This, combined by its real world application and solution to a huge problem that many people face, made it an automatic winner.

It was able to raise the huge sum in just 30 days, which means if it had been allowed to go on for longer, it would have probably raised a lot more.

Final Thoughts

While there are so many more projects including honorable mentioned like Tezos, The DAO, Bancor and Sirin Labs, the aforementioned are really the most impressive.

All of them had great backing, solved real world problems, had massive reach and attained decent adoption. The rest of the somewhat successful ICOs are lacking in one or more of those parameters.

So, if you’re looking to launch your own ICO, make sure that it checks all the boxes. It’s the only way to succeed and raise decent funds.

To-Do & Do-Not-Do ICO Investor Checklist for Traders

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are fast becoming the order of the day. Startups, VC firms and even regular companies are using it to generate extra revenue for their projects.

For investors, ICOs can be a pretty great investment vehicle, often netting them significant returns on investment. However, because of the largely unregulated nature of initial coin offerings and the cryptocurrency market itself, investing in ICOs can be very risky.

As of now, it’s still the wild west, where just about anything goes. Of course, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is doing its best to crack down on some of the scam ICOs available.

But even that isn’t as effective as directly shutting them down. What they are doing is simply notifying the unsuspecting public of the scams and hoping that they pay attention.

Unfortunately, people realize they’ve been duped a little too late, owing to the sheer number of coins the SEC has to vet.

The best solution to not getting scammed is to understand what you should and shouldn’t do. As with all new technologies, cryptocurrency investing is still largely uncharted waters. You don’t know what you’re getting into, you just hope for the best.

Sadly, this approach to investing is defeatist and risky at best. Even shrewd and intelligent people are getting scammed through this strategy. Why would you just give away your money without doing any due diligence?

Yet, this happens every day, with people being scammed and shady ICO founders walking away with millions of dollars.

This article hopes to show you what you should do and not do when it comes to investing in ICOs. You need to be smart about your investments, learn how to identify real projects, and more importantly, the profitable ones.

Things You Should Do When Investing in ICOs

Real World Application

The first thing you need to check for is the project backing the token sale. Does it have real world application? Is it practical? Can it truly solve a problem? Or is it just hot air? Is the project really viable?

These are the first few questions to ask when you’re thinking of investing in an ICO. You should always verify its real world applicability. Most scam ICOs aren’t very detailed about the projects, so you won’t really find a lot of substance.

The one thing you will find though, is claims that the project will “change the world”, “disrupt sectors”, “is a revolutionary technology” and so much more. Don’t fall for those claims if you cannot identify a tangible real world problem that it solves.

Availability Of Competition

Someone once said that the universe often gives the same ideas to multiple individuals at once in the hopes that at least one of those people gets it done eventually.

The reality is that for every ICO backed project, there’s at least one competitor doing the same thing –or at least one that has attempted it before.

So, do your due diligence and make sure there’s healthy competition geared towards solving the same problem. Competition inspires commitment, drive and completion.

Solid Concept And Idea

The reality is that some projects are just at the idea or beginning stages, and the ICO founders depend on the funds raised from the ICO to initiate and fund the project.

The problem with this is, most newbie investors don’t know how to differentiate a concrete idea from a fluke. Here’s a tip on how to do that: look around and see if someone else is trying to do the same thing, and see how theirs is different from your intended ICO.

As a rule, be extremely cautious about pioneering solutions or tech. While they can be quite profitable if you get in on the ground floor, they are also possible investment black holes.

If you’ll be investing in any tech like that, make sure that you have all the information necessary to make a very informed decision.

Transparency And Verifiability

So many ICOs are lacking in this one characteristic. Little wonder almost all of them are scams and fraudulent schemes.

Many of these have websites that tell you what they want to do, but little or nothing about the person(s) spearheading the initiative, their teams, how they intend to utilize your funds and so much more.

There’s little or no transparency about them and they are also difficult to verify. So, do make sure to check for transparency indicators like the name(s) of the founders, team members, experience and so on.

Also, go check their profile on ICO ratings sites, look for expert opinions, possible whitelisting status and KYC approval.

Team Experience And Pedigree

Who is running the ICO? Who are on the team? What’s their experience or pedigree? How many successful projects have they run? How much industry experience do they have? These are just some of the questions that should be answered on the ICO site.

Please note that some scammers are now using the names and pictures of people with pedigree on their sites and claiming they’re on their team.

So, endeavor to reach out to those “team members” successfully to verify the authenticity of the website’s claims. ICOs are likely to yield higher returns on investment if the teams running them are experienced and qualified.

Legitimacy Of The ICO In Your Country

Do check for the ICO’s legitimacy in your country of residence and familiarize yourself with your country’s regulations regarding ICOs.

The SEC for instance, hasn’t really taken a stance on ICOs and cryptos as securities, and has warned Americans about the possible risks associated with crypto investing. China on the other hand, has placed a ban on ICOs, so their citizens who invest in them, do so at their own risk.

While it hasn’t placed a ban on all ICOs, it has red flagged a few. Go check for SEC releases, reports or notices about your intended ICO. If there’s any negative report, it might be best to skip it.

Detailed Roadmap And Whitepaper

Roadmaps and whitepapers give you an idea of the project’s timeline and information. Whitepapers provide in-depth information about the project, often containing exhaustive details about the project.

You should familiarize yourself with reading interpreting the information in the ICO’s whitepaper. This way, you’ll have a more solid grasp on the project and its potentials.

Possibility Of A Tangible Product/Service

Check to see if there’s already a working product or service. Many of these will probably be in the beta testing stage.

An ICO with a working product is always a safe investment and will guarantee returns on your investment. This is usually the best ICO to invest in as you know the company is serious and the team is committed to seeing the project to completion.

Don’ts Of ICO Investing

These are essentially, the opposite of everything we listed above. But, if you want specifics, the following tips should help:

Inadequate Information And Lack Of Substance

This is the first red flag. Many scam ICOs tend to overhype their projects –that’s if they even exist in the first place- without telling you exactly what it is and what it hopes to achieve.

So, take your time to read the website and see what solution they intend to provide. As a rule, avoid ICOs that sound like they want to do everything. This indicates a lack of direction or project priority.

You want a project that clearly outlines its goals, solutions, projected growth, clear milestones and an indication of what they intend to achieve in the future. Their projects must be tangible and relatable.

Any project that’s outlandish or containing so much fluff should be ignored completely. Those tend to be scams.

Promise Of ROI In A Short Period

ICOs are meant to fund projects, many of which are at best, in their infancy or beta testing phases. This means investing in them should be done with the intention that returns will be a medium to long term thing.

So, if you find ICOs promising quick returns, chances are it is a fraudulent scheme designed to enrich the founders alone. Walk away and forget about it.

Of course, this is not to say that it can’t make you money in a short while, but that should be more of a ripple effect –probably due to market factors or something- and should be a surprise when it happens, rather than it being a key part of the ICO founder(s) selling points.

Investor Checklist For Traders Conclusion

At the end of the day, there are just a handful of worthy ICOs in the market. And even then, they are risky investments at best.

The best thing to do is up the odds in your favor so that you are placed in a position where even if the token depreciates in value, you’re not worried because you know its long term value.

Just make sure that whatever ICO you invest in, meets the minimum established benchmarks. Good luck in your investing.

List of All ICO Scams, Exit Schemes and Ponzi Tokens

As one might imagine, we have compiled over 1,000 initial coin offering token scams and put them all in a list. Below you will find the title of each ICO we had a review up on, and due to the extreme length each of these crypto token overviews were, we decided to put them in a nice deliverable PDF format for you to download to reference and see a list of all the deadcoins, aka shitcoins as many in the cryptocurrency community and industry call them.

  • ClearFoundation ICO: CLEAR Token Blockchain Security Project?
  • Nafen ICO: NFN Token Alumina Nanofibers Backed Cryptocurrency?
  • XBrick ICO: XBC Coin Secure Crypto To Crypto Exchange Services?
  • BitSler: Mathematically Fair Bitcoin Gambling Games Platform?
  • Realty Crypto Investment ICO: RCI Token Backed By Real Property?
  • CodeCoin ICO: CODE Token Buy & Sell Coding Services Market?
  • CoinAdvisor ICO: CADV Token Multi-Broker Trading Platform?
  • ENERGON ICO: ENR Token Anonymous Cryptocurrency Payment System?
  • Cryptron ICO: TRN Coin Secure Online Crypto Blockchain Banking?
  • Konero ICO: XKO Coin Crypto Payment Processing & Sports Betting?
  • Lotus Core ICO: LTS Token Digital Gaming & Trading Platform?
  • MagmaCoin ICO: MGM Token Real Gold Backed Cryptocurrency?
  • Ethoasis ICO: ETHO Token Global Ecommerce Billing Blockchain?
  • Cointify ICO: CTF Token Exchange, Mining & Trading Platform?
  • Crystal Reign ICO: CRS Token Strategy MMO Gaming On Ethereum?
  • UUNIO ICO: UNIF Token Reward-Driven Social Media Platform?
  • StasyQ ICO: SQOIN Token Erotic Adult Content On Blockchain?
  • ArmPACK ICO: ARM Coin Counterfeit Goods Protection System?
  • BitIt: Secure Instant Cryptocurrency Purchases With Low Fees?
  • OKO VR Casino ICO: OKOIN Token Virtual Reality Gambling Project?
  • Slync: Supply Chain Management & Blockchain Technology Platform?
  • Bitsleo ICO: BTSL Token Hybrid PoS Trading Exchange & Wallet?
  • Contract Vault ICO: VLT Token Legal Contracts Marketplace?
  • CryptoForce: Proof of Stake Crypto Mining Crypton Coin (CRP)?
  • Ingeniciel ICO: INGCL Token Medical Records Blockchain Platform?
  • Graz ICO: GRZ Coins P2P Smart Contract Betting Platform?
  • FriendsFingers ICO: Shaka HAK Token Crowdsale DApp Platform?
  • OTI: IoT, Self Service & Wearables Cashless Payment Solutions?
  • B21 ICO: Cryptoasset Investing & Wealth Management Platform?
  • Bitrust ICO: BTF Token P2P Cryptocurrency Insurance Platform?
  • BlockPix ICO: BPX Token Artistic Industry B2C Digital Solutions?
  • VIPE ICO: Cryptocurrency Payment Platform, Wallet & Mobile App?
  • TokenGo ICO: GPT Token Blockchain & Tokenization Platform?
  • VanHealthing ICO: Stoker & Health Token Biotech Cryptofund?
  • ClinicAll: Blockchain Healthcare – BitcoinExchangeGuide.com
  • Sessia: New Generation Social Network – BitcoinExchangeGuide.com
  • BlocNation dICO (BNTN Token): PouchNation & Komodo Blockchain?
  • Universe Of Masters ICO: UMA Token Hand-Made Goods Marketplace?
  • NnBU ICO: Neo Natal Birth Unit's Postnatal Healthcare Device?
  • MasterNode Token: Cryptocurrency Coin For Staking Pools?
  • Modern Finance Chain ICO (MFX Token): Blockchain Smart Contracts?
  • TipBot ICO (TIP Coin): Blockchain Crypto Payment Tipping App?
  • EvoChain ICO: ECHO Token Exchange Crypto For Visa eGift Cards?
  • PATH Network ICO: Web & App Performance Monitoring Blockchain?
  • Goldiam ICO (GOL Token): Gold & Diamond Blockchain Mining?
  • LabStart ICO (LAB Token): Invest & Fund Blockchain Investing?
  • LivingOffSet ICO (LOFF Token): Offset Carbon Footprint Blockchain?
  • WeevoCity ICO (WEE Token): Local Business Marketing Blockchain?
  • Fairgrounds ICO (FGD & FGR Tokens): Fair Blockchain Games?
  • SSOT Health ICO: SEHR Token Healthcare Data Solution?
  • OFNOG ICO: AI Powered Cryptocurrency Auto Trading Algorithm?
  • Subutai ICO: KHAN Token P2P Cloud Computing & IoT Marketplace?
  • Pocketful Of Quarters ICO: George Weiksner's Crypto Game Token?
  • Swift Demand: Swifts Token Attempt At Basic Income Project?
  • GlobelBit ICO (GBNK Token): 4G Banking Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • BCharity ICO: International Blockchain Charity Exchange Coin?
  • TripBit ICO (TBT Token): Decentralized Blockchain Travel Coin?
  • Invest In Brokers ICO (INV Coin): Profitable Investment Trading Token?
  • MillionCoin ICO (MON Coin): Cryptocurrency Token Transaction System?
  • Praetorian Group ICO (PAX Token): Crypto Real Estate Coin?
  • Ethbay ICO (EBAY Token): Ethereum Bidding Marketplace Coin?
  • JustPay Coin ICO (JPC Token): Blockchain Token-as-a-Service?
  • Bills ICO (BLS Token): Blockchain Billboard Ad Placement Project?
  • BeautiQ ICO (BTQ Token): The BEAUTICOIN Cryptocurrency?
  • IVM Token ICO: Decentralized Video Application Media Coin?
  • Lamp Education ICO (LMP Coin): Worthy Cryptocurrency Token?
  • FroshFeel ICO (FROIN Token): P2P Student Network Blockchain?
  • RadioYo ICO (RAO Token): Blockchain Podcast & Broadcast Services?
  • Talenthon ICO: TCOIN Token For Blockchain Work Recruitment?
  • ABM Coin ICO: Decentralized Olympic Sports Betting Blockchain Token?
  • Profyt Pro ICO (PFCT Token): Blockchain Equity Lending Coin?
  • DarcMatter ICO (DMC Coin): Alternative Crypto Investment Token?
  • Adara ICO (AAA Token): Trade, Exchange, Invest & Crypto Wallet?
  • United Fans ICO (GOAL Token): Blockchain Team Manager Coin?
  • HDCoin ICO: Legit HDC Token Crypto-Equity Opportunity?
  • Arcadia ICO (Arcoin Token): Real Estate Investing Opportunity?
  • Lelecoin ICO (LELE Token): Lite Ego Ledger Elements Blockchain?
  • Sol Invictus AgroShare Token: Agricultural Farm Production Coin?
  • SunMoney Token ICO (SMT Coin): Solar Power Plant Investment?
  • Dentix ICO (DNTX Coin): Dental Electronic Health Record Token?
  • R3Sec ICO (R3S Token): Blockchain Cybersecurity Solution Coin?
  • VidGiv ICO (VGV Token): Decentralized Video Creators Platform?
  • Fragments: Low Volatility Stablecoin Cryptocurrency Platform?
  • UberPro ICO: How UBER Cryptocurrency Coin Token Works?
  • CoinCrowd ICO (XCC Token): Blockchain, Exchange & Wallet?
  • Eternal Trusts ICO (ETT Token): Coin Analysis & Blockchain Use?
  • The Coffee Token ICO (TCT Coin): Direct Coffee Manufacturers?
  • Koios ICO (KOI Token): Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Coin?
  • Presale Ventures ICO (EVENT Token): Blockchain Startup Venture Fund?
  • SBC Platform ICO: What Is The System Bit Consulting Token?
  • Rados Saturn Network Token ICO: Radex Blockchain Protocol?
  • CrowdToken ICO (CRTK Coin): iCrowdU Cryptocurrency Uses?
  • Token Changer ICO (TOC Coin): Blockchain Financial Dapps?
  • EtherSpin ICO (SPIN Token): Blockchain Crypto Gambling Network?
  • Qompass ICO (QPS Token): Blockchain Financial Apps & Services?
  • Midex ICO (MDX Token): Legally Licensed Crypto Exchange?
  • Crypto Racing League ICO: Blockchain Racing Car Game Token?
  • Game.Fund ICO (GF Token): Blockchain Gaming Community?
  • Geekzcode ICO (GUT Token): Open Source Blockchain Downloads?
  • Open Product Database ICO (OPDB Token): Crypto Coin Analysis?
  • MEXC Token ICO: Emergency Medical Services Blockchain Coin?
  • TrueGoldCoin ICO (TGC Token): Real Gold Backed Crypto Asset?
  • Toplancer ICO (TLC Token): Decentralized Freelance Blockchain?
  • Musk Project ICO (MSK Coin): Invest & Trade Cryptocurrency Project?
  • SAVE Token ICO: Buy-Back Smart Contract Cryptocurrency?
  • eWin Ethereum Lottery ICO: Smart Contract System Token?
  • Ambit Mining ICO (AMBT Token): Georgia Crypto Mining Farms?
  • APPICS ICO (XAP Token): Smart Social Crypto Rewards Coin?
  • Token Draft ICO (DKD Token): Blockchain Fantasy Sports Coin?
  • Apollo18 ICO (A18 Coin): Renewable Crypto Mining Energy Token?
  • Ecex.Exchange ICO (ZIG Token): The Ziggurat Cryptocurrency?
  • Golden Resources ICO (GDR Token): Gold Mining On ETH Blockchain?
  • xDAC ICO (ZDAC Token): Decentralized Company Management?
  • Okoin ICO (OKO Token): Blockchain Virtual Reality For Adults?
  • DESTO Token ICO (DEO Coin): 2018 Cryptocurrency Analysis?
  • iConsult ICO (Cosmecoin Token): Global Crypto Software & Consultancy?
  • Space.Casino: Reputable Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Gambling?
  • P2pay ICO: Cryptocurrency Payments, Lending & Banking App?
  • Avantgarde Ratings ICO (AVG Token): Blockchain Ratings Agency?
  • MEDIA Protocol ICO: Audience Rewards Cryptocurrency Token?
  • Larecoin ICO: LARE Coin P2P Education Crypto Token & Exchange?
  • Fop Coin ICO: New Future of Payment Cryptocurrency Token?
  • AbacasXchange ICO: ABCS Token Secure Multi Asset Exchange?
  • CRYX ICO: CCX Token Cryptocurrency Market Indexes & Data?
  • ZeroState ICO: ZSC Token Emotional Intelligence Marketing Platform?
  • ChainRepublik ICO: CRC Coin Decentralized Military Game Simulator?
  • Market Space ICO (MASP Token): Blockchain Data Storage Coin?
  • DANK Signals ICO: Automated Crypto Trading Tools Token?
  • Coinseed ICO (CSD Token): Cryptocurrency Analysis Investment App?
  • BitCheke ICO (BCK Token): Social Mining Crypto Coin Rewards?
  • Global Open League ICO (GOL Token): eSports Blockchain Game Coin?
  • Zohem ICO (ZDT Token): Blockchain Behaviour Data Exchange?
  • ZXChange ICO (ZXC Coin): Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange?
  • PeatCoin ICO (PTN Token): Peat Processing Extraction Blockchain?
  • Pool ICO Platform (TON Token): Buy Telegram Open Network's GRAM Token?
  • NoorCoin ICO (NCO Token): Sharia-Compliant Muslim Crypto?
  • Crypterra ICO (CPTX Token): Decentralized Blockchain Islands?
  • Quantm ICO: QuantmRE Real Estate Network Asset Tokens?
  • XchangeRate ICO (XRR Token): Bitcoin Robot Trading Profits?
  • CredibleToken ICO (CET): Trusted Device Identity Blockchain?
  • BitaxCoin ICO: Blockchain Lending Cryptocurrency Token?
  • Inspem ICO (INP Token): Blockchain AI Video Facial Recognition?
  • FansCoins ICO (FANS Token): Decentralized Live Streaming App?
  • Hodler ICO: HDL Coin Secure Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet?
  • AssToken ICO: Adult Cryptocurrency Coin Analysis & Updates?
  • Chek by One ICO: CHEKS Token Charity Global Loyalty Program?
  • Dermavir ICO (DER Coin): Therapeutic Genetic Immunity Blockchain?
  • GIG9 ICO (9Coin Token): Global Freelance Service Blockchain?
  • Ethmoji: Collectible Ethereum Blockchain Emoji Game?
  • Invacio ICO (INV Token): Tamius Blockchain Banking & AI FinTech Coin?
  • VNDC ICO Review: Vietnamese Cryptocurrency USDT Asset Investing Coin?
  • BinCoin ICO (BIN Token): Bank Independent Network for the Blockchain?
  • Ahrvo (RVO Token): AI Powered Decentralized Equity Exchange (DEEX)?
  • AgroDex Decentralized Exchange Platform: Bitagro's AgroCoin Project?
  • ThinkCoin ICO: TCO Token For Blockchain Crypto Asset Trading?
  • AdSigma ICO: ADSi Token For Blockchain Digital Display Ads?
  • JOLYY ICO: Decentralized Online Beauty Booking Service?
  • Tracoin ICO: TCN Token For Land Transport Blockchain System?
  • Smart AIM ICO: IZR Tokens & Sighting System Izubr Platform?
  • GasToken: Tokenize Gas (GST1 & GST2) On Ethereum Blockchain?
  • Eterna Coin ICO: Secure Crypto Business Investment Platform?
  • Credify ICO: Blockchain Reputation Tracker Crypto Protocol?
  • Stocks.Bet ICO : STBT Token & Stock Market Blockchain Betting?
  • Faima ICO: Friendly Artificial Intelligence Medical Assistance Token?
  • PacketMining ICO (PAKT Token): Smartphone Crypto Mining Coin?
  • Gawooni ICO (GWON Token): Crypto Blockchain For Games?
  • Neoterium ICO: Is NTM Coin A Legit Blockchain Crypto Token?
  • Noxbox ICO: NBX Tokens For Blockchain Services Mobile App?
  • Adsily ICO: ASDY Tokens For Blockchain Advertising Network?
  • Bond ICO (BFP Coin): Blockchain Film & Video Platform Token?
  • CoinTrade ICO (CTT Token): Secure Crypto Trading Exchange?
  • Mingo ICO: Hashgraph Blockchain MingoChat Messenging Coin?
  • LibidoCoin LBD ICO: The Adult Blockchain Marketplace Token?
  • Automotive 65 ICO: Make Money Renting & Selling Cars Token?
  • Wownero WOW ICO: Legit Monero Cryptocurrency Hard Fork?
  • Yurix ICO: YRX Coin, Video Ads/Sharing Proof Of View Crypto?
  • Browsers Lab ICO (BAL Token): Blockchain Software Automation?
  • NebliDex ICO (NDEX Token): Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange?
  • What Is KAICO: CryptoKami Initial Coin Offering Token Platform?
  • REGA ICO: RST Token, Risk Sharing Crowdsurance Blockchain?
  • Bitheum BTH ICO: Blockchain Cryptocurrency Payment Token?
  • Bitcoin Empire BEM ICO: Blockchain Collectible Trading Cards?
  • Triggmine ICO: TRG Coin For AI Smart Contract Email Marketing?
  • Age of Rust RustBits Game Token: Blockchain Gaming Coin?
  • BeonBox ICO: BOX Token For Shopping, Exchange & Cashback?
  • Mobilum ICO: MBM Tokens & Cryptocurrency Payment Card?
  • Parachute8 Token ICO: Blockchain Digital Identity Manager?
  • FolleX ICO: SET Token & Regulated Social Crypto Exchange?
  • SpotLight ICO: SLC Coin For Social Influence Marketing Rewards?
  • Vice Industry Token ICO: VIT Coin For On-Demand Adult Video?
  • FTV Coin ICO: Deluxe FashionTV Cryptocurrency Token Uses?
  • B-Umbrella ICO: BUNT Coin Blockchain Security Sharing DApp?
  • Tripago ICO: TPG Token & Decentralized Blockchain Traveling?
  • Roburst Network ICO: ROC Token, Crypto Payments & Trading Bot?
  • BroFistCoin BRO ICO: PewDiePie Blockchain Meme Network & Community?
  • Welltrado ICO (WTL Coin): P2P Lending Aggregator Platform For Investors?
  • Photochain PHT ICO: Photography Blockchain Marketplace DApp?
  • Circle One ICO (C Token): IoT Data Insights & Research Marketplace?
  • CryptoHawk HAWKS ICO: Financial Services & Trading Exchange?
  • Ubonium UBO ICO: Exchange Traded Crypto Funds Marketplace?
  • Hubtrex HUB ICO: P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange With Low Fees?
  • Snatcoin ICO (SNAT Token): What Does This Crypto Coin Do?
  • Cryptoloans LCN ICO: Lending, Trading & Exchange Platform?
  • TroopWork Marketplace: Hire Freelances & Pay With WorkCoin?
  • Galaxy GALA: Zeepin Blockchain Planets In Virtual Universe dApp?
  • Bankorus ICO (BKT Token): AI Blockchain Crypto Wealth Management?
  • SoyCoin ICO (SYC Token): Blockchain Crowdsale Production Project?
  • Sparta ICO Accelerator: Get Help Launching Tokens & Coins?
  • Argo Tokens: Decentralized Augmented Reality Entertainment?
  • London Crypto Currency Exchange ICO: The LCCX LXT Coin?
  • BLOK ICO: BLK Token On-Demand Labor Network Blockchain?
  • Woter.Trade ICO: WOT Token & Hybrid Decentralized Exchange?
  • Likium ICO: Is LKM Cryptocurrency Coin A Legit Lending Token?
  • Arxum ICO: Industrial Supply Blockchain Connection Box?
  • Leons Coin: Blockchain Cryptocurrency Token Game For Adults?
  • BusinessCoin ICO: BNC Token For Blockchain Applications?
  • BitChord ICO: Get Paid BCD Tokens For Guitar Players Blockchain?
  • Bytemine ICO: SITV Cryptocurrency Mining Funding Tokens?
  • CaskCoin Review: Scottish Whisky Production Cryptocurrency Token?
  • CoinZillow Review: Opul ICO Decentralized Crypto Mining & Investing?
  • Enkidu ENK ICO: Decentralized Collaboration With Blockchain DLT?
  • Deep Aero DRONE ICO: AI Powered Transportation System Economy?
  • CDG ICO: Oxalor Group Waste Treatment Management Project?
  • WiryCoin ICO: Smart WRC Token Lending & Crypto Mining?
  • TradeNetCoin ICO: TNC Token For Cryptocurrency Lending?
  • Group Project ICO: GRUP Supply Chain Authentication Blockchain?
  • Coins of Change: Fake Bitcoin Crowdfunding MLM Scheme?
  • VuzzBee ICO: VBEE Token For Blockchain Link Sharing Rewards?
  • Parsec Frontiers PRSC ICO: Virtual Galaxy Blockchain Game?
  • Assistive Reality ICO: Augmented & Virtual ARX Token Blockchain?
  • Gluon ICO: Intelligent Connected Automotive Marketplace (GLU Token)
  • Mobile Smart Coin ICO: MOS SmartX Crypto Mining Blockchain?
  • Nucleus Vision ICO: nCASH Token & ION IoT ID Device System?
  • DigiTelCoin ICO: DGTC Cryptocurrency Coin Benefits & Uses?
  • Global SPY ICO: Cryptocurrency Investor Investigator Platform?
  • Multi Level Token ICO: MLT Coin For MLM Marketing Revenue?
  • myMincome ICO: INC Token, Crypto Investing Fund & Airdrops?
  • BACE Exchange ICO: Bace Coin Simplifies Crypto Asset Trading?
  • Intro ITR Token ICO: Construction Business Blockchain Services?
  • Zonex ICO: ZNX Crypto Token For eSports Bets & Tournaments?
  • Energy Premier ICO: EPC Coin For Blockchain Electricity Trading?
  • Vibeo ICO: VBEO Token For Blockchain Messsaging & Social App?
  • PentaCore ICO: PENT Tokens For Active Crypto Fund Investors?
  • YooPing: YPNG ICO Token, Blockchain ID & Communication?
  • JointEDU ICO: JOI Educational Cryptocurrency Investment Token?
  • Octaneum ICO: High Energy Petroleum Supply Blockchain Token?
  • OneToTwo ICO: OTT Token For One2Two Blockchain Gaming?
  • Plenus Coin ICO: PLNS Token For Derisking Crypto Portfolios?
  • Vacuum (f) Space Energy VfSE ICO: Clean Energy Blockchain Foundation?
  • 2100news NWS Token ICO: Decentralized Blockchain News Network?
  • Trademindx ICO: TMX Machine Learning Crypto Trading Token?
  • Conn3x ICO Review: C3X Token & A Blockchain Job Marketplace?
  • Decibels ICO: DCBL Coin & Secure Blockchain Media Exchange?
  • Pumpkin Pay ICO: PPKC Token For Global PoS Crypto Payments?
  • VTOS ICO: VCT Coin For Decentralized CDN & Social Network?
  • Staking Coin ICO: Legit XTC Cryptocurrency Lending Token?
  • BitStation: BSTN Token & Smart Cryptocurrency Trading System?
  • Fitrova ICO: FRV Token Health & Fitness Blockchain Payments?
  • Invox Finance ICO: Blockchain Invoice Lending Cryptocurrency?
  • CNET Antigua & Barbuda: Promising ICO Development Coin?
  • MrChain MRC ICO: Decentralized Mixed Reality Ethereum Token?
  • myEdge ICO: MET Token Crypto Prediction Market Comparisons?
  • MoviesChain ICO: TVzavr's Blockchain ZVR Crypto Token Uses?
  • Baltic Blockchain Fund ICO: BALT Token Investment Benefits?
  • Cultural Places ICO: CC Coin For Blockchain Tickets, Events & Rewards?
  • Assetereum ICO: ASET Token Asset-Backed Cryptocurrency?
  • Genesis ICO: GES Token Blockchain Real Estate Investing Platform?
  • Universal Labs ICO: YOU Token & Ulabs Ubbey Box & Network?
  • Trastra: IBAN Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain Banking & Card?
  • Eitcoin ETC ICO: Business & Labor Market's Blockchain Network?
  • TravelKoin TKT ICO: Travel Industry's Crypto Loyalty Blockchain?
  • Kakao Coin: South Korean Chat Messenger App Crypto Token?
  • GXShares GXS ICO: Blockchain Credit Data Verification Service?
  • U-Truck UTT ICO: Trucking & Cargo Service Logistics Blockchain?
  • Profede PATO ICO: Decentralized Professional Data Protocol?
  • BitFort BTF ICO: Secure Cryptocurrency Lending Investments?
  • SafeCrypt SFC ICO: Secure Instant Cryptoexchange Platform?
  • Kosher Factor Authentication (KFA): Biometric Authentication?
  • Yoritex YRX ICO: Online Cryptocurrency Banking & Wallet Token?
  • SilverBit SLV ICO: Digital Silver Cryptocurrency A Legit Token?
  • MetaTip META ICO: Faster Transactions With Metaverse Blockchain?
  • THOR Token: Blockchain-Based Contractor Gig & Task Economy?
  • Lescovex LCX ICO: Digital Crypto Asset Token Trading Platform?
  • Ping Chain PNG ICO: Developers Smart Contract Trigger Tools?
  • Paynext PET ICO: E-Commerce Crypto Shopping Payments?
  • Laya Lending Project: Is Project Laya Lending A Real Start Up?
  • Driiven BAC ICO: HODL5 Crypto Index Fund Beta Access Token?
  • Boocash BOO ICO: Book Hotels Worldwide Using Cryptocurrency?
  • iCloudSec CLOUD ICO: Blockchain Cloud Security Token?
  • QWIQQ QIQ ICO: Mobile, Social Commerce Blockchain Network?
  • TradePlayz TPZ ICO: Fantasy Crypto Investment Trading App?
  • Troy Payment Gateway TRY ICO Token: Blockchain For Merchants?
  • Sexolete Xolo Coin: What To Make Of This Adult Crypto Token?
  • CryptoLux CLX ICO: Legit Lending & Trading For Earning Crypto?
  • Altumea MEA ITO: Buy High Performance GPU Computing Power?
  • Robotix RBTX ICO: Reliable Blockchain Medical Solutions Token?
  • DigitalBank DGBK ICO: Legit Offshore Cryptocurrency Banking?
  • SprintX SPX ICO: ICO Startup Maker & Crypto Exchange Blockchain?
  • RoleCoin ROLE ICO: STEAMRole Career Development Currency?
  • CarVDB CAR ICO: Automotive Industry Blockchain Platform?
  • Cubo Lodge Club GO ICO: Loft Accomodation IoT Blockchain?
  • LamboX Club LOBX ICO: Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Exchange?
  • Pycoin PYC ICO: Secure Decentralized Python Protocol Platform?
  • UFAN8 ICO: Decentralized Live Streaming Entertainment Platform?
  • WorldBit WBT ICO: Augmented Reality Economics Blockchain?
  • Nocta ICO: Blockchain-Based Adult Leisure Entertainment Project?
  • DiVinumCoin DVC ICO: Honest Cryptocurrency Lending Token?
  • TimeBox TB ICO: Decentralized Digital Asset Custody Service?
  • CryptoWolf: European Cryptocurrency Exchange For Trading?
  • Irene Energy Tellus TLU ICO: Stellar Blockchain Electricity Supplier?
  • My Crypto Reports: Coin Tracking Signals & Trading Manager?
  • Galaxis XLS ICO: Private & Scalable Customized Blockchain Token?
  • Businefy: Decentralized Business Management Enterprise Software?
  • Zombi Coin: Real Zombie Cryptocurrency Game Tokens ICO?
  • LiteConnect LCN ICO: Safe Cryptocurrency Lending Program?
  • CloudBounce dBounce ICO: Decentralized AI Audio Blockchain?
  • Orbeum OBM ICO: OrbStick Online Media Sharing Social Network?
  • GPCC GPCCT ICO Review: The Global Protected Crypto Copyright Coin?
  • LSD ICO Token: Love, Sex & Drugs Adult Entertainment Coin?
  • ITOB ITEX ICO: Convenient Cryptocurrency Payment Platform?
  • HitStake HITS ICO: Crypto Lending Automated Trading Program?
  • Miroskii ICO: Fake Cryptocurrency Site Uses Ryan Gosling Image?
  • Stellite STL: IPFS & ZeroNet Blockchain Cryptocurrency Cash?
  • Dafzo DFZ ICO: Global P2P Blockchain Logistics Platform?
  • YouRa YRC ICO: Social Network Communication Blockchain?
  • IvyKoin: Know Your Transaction Blockchain Cryptocurrency?
  • Samy SMY ICO: Social Media Ambassadors Marketing Token?
  • Aurus AWG ICO: Tokenized Gold Coin Certificate Blockchain?
  • ReceiptCoin RC ICO: Identity Of Things Blockchain Organization?
  • PICOPS Parity ICO Passport Service: Ethereum Network Support?
  • Halykcoin HLC ICO: Republic Of Kazakhstan Cryptocurrency?
  • StealthCrypto QMN ICO: Stealth Grid Blockchain, Pay & Wallet?
  • Blind Croupier WIN ICO: Casino Gambling Software Blockchain?
  • Rate Date RDT ICO: Online Blockchain Dating Network Token?
  • DracarysCoin DRX ICO: Game Of Thrones Fantasy TV Project?
  • TokenLend TLN ICO: Real Estate Secured Loan Investments?
  • Coinzai CZI ICO: Where Did This MyGoldBlocks POST Wallet Go?
  • SmartO STO ICO: Super Boost Your Personal & Business Life?
  • BREM Token ICO: TheHome.Today Blockchain Real Estate Market?
  • Qwasder QWS ICO: Ethereum Blockchain Internet Connectivity?
  • MarineCoin MTC ICO: AI Machine To Machine Crypto Payments?
  • CirrusCoin: Green Energy Compute Capacity Blockchain Token?
  • XAOS Cryptocurrency: Fast Performance For Instant Payments?
  • CoreCoin CRN ICO: Worthy Loyalty Rewards Cryptocurrency?
  • BaapPay BAAP ICO: Fiat & Cryptocurrency Merchant Payments?
  • Fiduxa FDU ICO: Recruitment Process Transactions Blockchain?
  • Reference Line Coin: Germany Crypto Software Development?
  • ESCoin: What Kind Of Cryptocurrency Token Program Is This?
  • Crypto.Porn: Smart Contract Pornstar Cards Adult Marketplace?
  • StarLight Coin SLC ICO: BitGo Cryptocurrency Payment Partner?
  • Lendium Tech LEM ICO: Corporate Crypto Lending & Banking?
  • SmartGold SGT ICO: Blockchain-Based Real Gold Mining Assets?
  • Valid Coin VAC ICO: Instant Arbirtrage Cryptocurrency Platform?
  • WATERCoin WAT ICO: Cryptocurrency For Clean Drinking Water?
  • FreeZone FRZ ICO: Blockchain Business & Crypto FinTech Heaven?
  • Invesmtent Platform Of Nigeria: Diamond Backed IPN Fund Token?
  • Staps STB ICO: Steps Converted In Earning Cryptocurrency?
  • Saxo Coin: Special Cryptocurrency Token Or Just Another ICO?
  • Coinnec COI ICO: Useful Blockchain Business Platform Token?
  • Fachain FAC ICO: Non-Profit Blockchain Education Foundation?
  • Privelege Coin XPV ICO: Secure Blockchain Transaction Ledger?
  • Zeew ZEW ICO: Fast Drone Courier Delivery Services Blockchain?
  • Excash EXH ICO: Another Crypto Fraud Website Disappears?
  • RAR Tokens ICO: How RAX, AVY & RAZ Coins Work Together?
  • BlockBits BBX ICO: Crowdfunding Project Investment Platform?
  • Mercedez Coin MDC ICO: Is This A Legit Cryptocurrency Token?
  • BitSchool BSCH ICO: Personal Educational Learning Blockchain?
  • PrimeLend PML ICO: Transparent Crypto Lending Investment?
  • Yield Coin YLD ICO: Multi-Purpose Backed Diverse Project Token?
  • SpeedUp Coin: What We Know About This New Cryptocurrency?
  • CryoCloud ICO: Safe Cloud Based Blockchain Data Storage?
  • Safein SFN ICO: Single Sign-On Digital ID & Payment Wallet?
  • SILO ICO: Algorithm-Based Crypto Index Token Trading Network?
  • Florafic FIC ICO: Smart Commercial Artificial Intelligence Token?
  • Nimbus Token NIM ICO: NIMx Blockchain Product Exchange?
  • eCoinomic CNC ICO: Honest Cryptocurrency Loans & Hedging?
  • LanceChain LANC ICO: 0% Commission Freelance Marketplace?
  • IIoT I2 ICO: Industrial Internet Of Things Telecom Blockchain?
  • LiveContracts LTO ICO: LegalThings One For Justice & Security?
  • Smart Realty RLTY ICO Review: Rent, Buy & Sell Real Estate Blockchain?
  • Boolean BOOL ICO: Accurate News With AI & Blockchain Platform?
  • Global Mining Token GMT ICO: OR-RealBit Hash Rate Marketplace?
  • RIPP Token ICO: Poker & Sports Betting Blockchain Platform?
  • Quifas QFS ICO: Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange Built For Users?
  • Social Media Income SMI ICO: Real-Time Work From Home Platform?
  • Goodwill Protocol ICO: Crowdsourced Funding For Causes & Ideas?
  • Wealth Initiative WIT ICO: Non-Bankable Assets Blockchain?
  • Yoo-Mi UME ICO: Virtual Personal Health Assistant & Marketplace?
  • CharitySPACE CHT ICO: Decentralized Donation & Fundraising?
  • Cubaaz CC ICO: Tourist Search Engine For Travel Experiences?
  • UltraYOLO YOLO ICO: Crypto Lottery Using Proof-of-Randomness?
  • Bitnexa BNX ICO: AI DApps, Exchange & Wallet Ecosystem?
  • MediumPlatform Coin: Crypto Business Innovative Payback Project?
  • Crypto Angel ICO: Virtual Life AI Assistant Blockchain System?
  • RuneCoin RUNE ICO: Crypto Lending Capital Trading System?
  • Bitron BTN ICO: Crypto Network Marketing Lending Coin Token?
  • AusCoin ICO Scam: Another Fake Cryptocurrency Token Project?
  • Lightcash LCSH ICO: Gold Backed Cryptocurrency Blockchain?
  • Ethereum Funding Token: Collectible EFT Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • Trial Token: Trial Funds Society Plaintiffs Litigation Financing?
  • MaxData MXD ICO: Matchmaking Service Economy Blockchain?
  • Crestonium CXS ICO: Legit Decentralized Cryptocurrency Bank?
  • MoBee MBE ICO: Mobile Virtual Cryptocurrency Operator Token?
  • TokenHome TH ICO: Promising Real Estate Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • World Coin Network WCN ICO: Middle Eastern Cryptocurrency?
  • CellBlocks CLBK ICO: Correctional Institution Inmate Prison Crypto?
  • ArchiCoin ARCHI ICO: Decentralized Distributed Storage Token?
  • Swarm Fund SWN ICO: Security Token Blockchain Investments?
  • Digitize Coin DTZ ICO: Token Rewards, Payments & Exchange?
  • TrustedHealth TDH ICO: Patient & Doctor Medicine Blockchain?
  • Fillit FILL ICO Coin: Multi-Currecy Fiat Wallet, App & Debit Card?
  • Original Crypto Coin: Special OCC Cryptocurrency Features?
  • UnicornGO CandyCoin: Online CryptoCollection Asset Game?
  • WeatherBlock WXB Token: IoT AI Weather Data Exchange?
  • Digrate: Professional Crypto Market ICO Rating Provider?
  • Ceyron CEY ICO Token: Cryptocurrency Fund Manager Coin?
  • Fractal Token FTO ICO: MC Fractal Fund Technical Analysis Trading?
  • BullPay: Crypto Crowdfunding Tool, ICO Consulting & Blockchain Solutions?
  • Pingvalue PCO ICO: Smart City Advertising Services Blockchain?
  • MedicorumCoin MCC ICO: Multi-Sig Health Platform As A Service?
  • Quantocoin QTC ICO Token: Crypto Exchange For Fiat Currency?
  • UnA Project ICO: Blockchain Based Cryptocurrency For Africa?
  • AxTrust TRU ICO: Smart Cryptocurrency Buys Goods & Services?
  • BeeCash BEH ICO: Cryptocurrency Lending MLM Ponzi Scheme?
  • QatarCoin QTC ICO: Multi-Level Marketing Crypto Lending Deal?
  • Ufoodo UFT ICO: On-Demand Food Delivery Service Blockchain?
  • CoinDemo.io: Simple How Bitcoin Transactions Work Guide?
  • MUNCoin: GPU Mining Coin & Blockchain Masternode Network?
  • ShopCorn: Encrypted Consumption-Based Mining Blockchain?
  • PutinCoin PUT: Russia's Cryptocurrency Development Token?
  • CryptoBite CBC ICO: Smart Earning Gold Asset Trading Platform?
  • ICO Plex: Private Initial Coin Offering Token Sale Marketplace?
  • Global ICO Fund GLIF Token: Crypto Asset Initial Coin Offering?
  • GramGold GGT ICO: Gold, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Trading?
  • Traceto.io T2T ICO: Decentralized Know Your Customer App?
  • Fysical FYS ICO Review: Decentralized Location Data Market Exchange?
  • Cold Coin GOLD: Best Physical Cold Storage Bitcoin Wallet?
  • Dubailancers DXBC ICO: On-Demand Freelance UAE Help?
  • UKEY ICO: Honest Crypto Lending, Staking, Trading Profits?
  • L-Pesa LPK ICO: Kripton Microfinance Loan FinTech Blockchain?
  • Pincoin PIN ICO: AI Blockchain Investment Opportunity Coin?
  • Sintez SINT ICO: Global Digital Economy Blockchain Platform?
  • BLAQ BLQ ICO: Premium Blockchain Chauffeur Service Token?
  • PharmaBit PMBT ICO: Pharmaceutical Healthcare Blockchain?
  • PornX ICO: Adult Lightning Network Cryptocurrency Payments?
  • TLC Secure NVIS ICO: SafeConnect VPN Invisible Internet Network?
  • Etherniton ENN ICO: Cryptocurrency Communication Monetizing?
  • Paymium: Bitcoin Payments App To Buy, Sell, Trade & Bank?
  • BASIS BSS ICO: Construction Building Material Technology Token?
  • Cascadia Block: Reliable Complete ICO Launch Advisory Service?
  • eKash EKH ICO: Cryptocurrency Email Wallet Address Blockchain?
  • MOG ICO ICO: Massive Online Gambling Blockchain Project?
  • ECOS ICO: Food Industry Quality Control Inspection Blockchain?
  • Kelta KLT ICO: Computing Cryptocurrency Farm & Data Center?
  • MJCoin MJC ICO: Marijuana Market Payment Blockchain Token?
  • Realista Token RET ICO: Global Real Estate Blockchain Platform?
  • Volans VOL ICO: Decentralized Financial Credit Payment System?
  • Bloomatch BLM ICO: Decentralized Matchmaking Blockchain?
  • Rocketlend RCKT ICO: Crypto Coin To Lend, Trade & Invest With?
  • Xentavo XEN ICO: Nation, Country or State Blockchain Framework?
  • Akaiito AIC ICO: Crypto For Rent, Map Location, Jobs & Market?
  • CoinPoint: ICO Token, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Agency?
  • Honor HONR ICO: Decentralized On-Demand Work Crypto Coin?
  • Red Lanterns REDL ICO: Anti-Sexual Harassment App Project?
  • NynjaCoin NYN ICO: Blockchain Messenger App & Crypto Wallet?
  • PetCoin PCN ICO: Decentralized Pet Care Blockchain Solution?
  • BlockFood BFT ICO: Blockhain Food Ordering & Delivery Coin?
  • DeepWater Treasure Recovery & Exploration DWT ICO Token
  • Bronix BRNX ICO: Cryptocurrency Investment Trading Exchange?
  • DEVNetwork DEV ICO: Decentralized HR Job Board Network?
  • House Coupon Token HCT ICO: Real Estate Property Investing?
  • DRIVR Network DVR ICO: Advanced AI Car Rideshare Blockchain?
  • HPlus H+ ICO Review: Blockchain Health Record Management System?
  • DeedCoin DEED ICO: Blockchain Real Estate Sector Benefits?
  • SmartGenie SMAG ICO: Decentralized Network Sharing Blockchain?
  • AB-Chain: Online Digital Advertising Blockchain Network Token?
  • BDXCoin BDX ICO: BDSwiss Financial Market Cryptocurrency?
  • Myriads MRDS ICO: GPU AI Machine Learning Blockchain Coin?
  • Canabio CNB ICO: Europe's Healthy Cannabinoid Oil Producing?
  • Krypton Capital Crypto TV: Bitcoin, FinTech & Blockchain News?
  • EthicHub ETHIX ICO: Capital & Credit Blockchain Crowdlending?
  • HashToken ICO: Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Investment Token?
  • ICO Marketing Playbook: Proven Ways How to Attract Investors?
  • CryptoTrust Network CTN ICO: Fraud-Free Wallet Payments?
  • Bitsale BSL ICO: E-Commerce Drawing Lottery Blockchain Token?
  • Lode Network LDG ICO: Gold Spot Trading Cryptocurrency?
  • ZeroSum Platform ZFX Token ICO Review: Fantasy Trading Exchange?
  • CoinCasino CAS ICO: Blockchain Casino Cryptocurrency Token?
  • Kleos KLS ICO: Website Q&A Blockchain Rewards Monetization?
  • Blockchain Technology Research Innovations Corporation BTRIC BFD ICO
  • Scam ICO Killer SIK ICO: Coin Investment Refunds Protection?
  • CryptoXpress XPT ICO: Mobile Crypto Trading Exchange App?
  • Attention Network ATTN ICO: Online Advertising Auction System?
  • EOZ: Artificial Neural Network Cryptocurrency Lending ICO?
  • MOSCoin MOS ICO: Stock Market Lottery Blockchain Tokens?
  • NuHelp NHT ICO: EOS Blockchain Home Services Marketplace?
  • HighCastle AIM ICO: Blockchain Asset Investment Marketplace?
  • PentaXCoin PTX ICO: Legit Cryptocurrency Coin Worth Buying?
  • WindMiner ecoToken XPS ICO: Green Energy Wind Crypto Mining?
  • Accord ARD Token ICO: Minimal Risk Cryptocurrency Trading?
  • GivaCoin GVC ICO: Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding Contributions?
  • Tipper TIPR ICO: Blockchain Content Investing Network Economy?
  • Mining Now MNW ICO: Smart Cryptocurrency Mining Token?
  • EtherLend ELEND Tokens: Ethereum Cryptocurrency Lending?
  • Raison RSN ICO: Artificial Intelligence Cryptocurrency Investing?
  • Sphinx SPX ICO: Cryptocurrency Lending Exchange Platform?
  • Atari Token & Pong Token ICO: Game Maker's Cryptocurrency?
  • RentyCoin RTC ICO: Decentralized Online Renting Platform?
  • CottageCoin CTG ICO: Another Failed Initial Coin Offering?
  • Ethereum Sweepstakes SWEEP ICO: Blockchain Jackpot Token?
  • GlobeTrotter GTT ICO Review: Vacation & Travel Cryptocurrency Token?
  • Hyde & Co HYD ICO: Collective Hedge Fund AI Trading System?
  • Lytictail LYT ICO: Tax-Deductible Cryptocurrency Charity Token?
  • MyOddz ODDZ ICO: Legit Crypto Casino & Betting Game Tokens?
  • ThunderCoin TUC ICO: Unique Cryptocurrency Token Or Bust?
  • VOXXO ICO: Music Player, Concert Investing & Licensing App Coin?
  • CorexCoin ICO: Cryptocurrency Lending & Forex Trading Token?
  • Mavatar mCart Token ICO: Shopping Cart Blockchain Payments?
  • Asseta AST ICO Review: JSC Crypto Bankas Online Banking System Token?
  • Stubba STUB ICO Review: Commission-Free Blockchain Event Ticketing?
  • Agrivita AGR ICO: Ecological Agricultural Organic Farm Project?
  • Corl CRL ICO: Revenue-Sharing Equity Owner Investing Token?
  • CCA Composite Cylinders Advanced ICO: Unique Crypto Token?
  • CoinSpark ICO Review: Digital Crypto Asset Token Trading Exchange?
  • ASSPACE ASP ICO: Adult Social Space Cryptocurrency Network?
  • Citicoin CTI ICO: Citify Shopping Marketplace Cryptocurrency?
  • LucisDollar LUCD ICO: Crypto Lending & Exchange Blockchain?
  • OpenAssets OPA ICO: Open Investment Blockchain Trading?
  • Velper VLP ICO: Instant Help To Earn & Exchange Crypto Coins?
  • RealCasino CHIP ICO: Ethereum-Based Casino Gambling Games?
  • ENET Network Review: ETH & IPFS Smart Decentralized Marketplace?
  • AFSecurity AFS ICO: Reliable AI Cyber Security Service Platform?
  • PinkDate PDP ICO: Blockchain Matchmaking Escort Service Coin?
  • Trevi Token TT ICO: Decentralized Micro-Transactions Saving App?
  • Rutheneum RTH ICO: E-Payment Cryptocurrency Blockchain?
  • ZilBerCoin ZBC ICO: Cryptocurrency Wallet, Exchange & Explorer?
  • Cryptobontix: Unity Ingot UNY & Dignity DIG Cryptocurrency?
  • SeigneurCoin SEI ICO: Legit Cryptocurrency MLM Coin Token?
  • VendiCoins VENDI ICO: VIP Cryptocurrency Advertising Token?
  • iP2PGlobal TWQ ICO: Tawarruq Cryptocurrency Financing Coin?
  • Styras STY Token Qwasder ICO: Mobile Global Internet App?
  • Kora Network Token KNT ICO: FinTech Community Systems?
  • Open Collectors Network ECTO ICO: One Of A Kind Token Exchange?
  • Mossland MOC ICO: Augmented Reality Real Estate Game?
  • CorusBlock CBC ICO: Another Cryptocurrency Lending Scheme?
  • ERPCOIN ERP ICO: ERPBlock Ecommerce Business Blockchain?
  • KeepPet PET ICO: International Pet Passport & Data Storage?
  • Zaaica ZIC ICO: Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Crypto Wallet?
  • Atrox Coin ATR ICO: Lending, Mining, Staking & Trading Platform?
  • Discoveroo DCO ICO: Trusted Global Travel Reviews Blockchain?
  • Crystals Coin CTC: What To Think Of This Cryptocurrency Token?
  • Noke Coin XNK: Legit Cryptocurrency Lending Token Or Bust?
  • CareX CARE ICO Token: Blockchain Healthcare Ecosystem?
  • Kahnchat KCH: Crypto Payments & Social Networking Blockchain?
  • GB Systems GBCN ICO: GBCoin Cryptocurrency For Banking?
  • Property Coin PCX ICO: Aperture's Real Estate Backed Token?
  • Tubig TUB ICO: Blockchain Water Infrastructure Service Tokens?
  • Crowd-Up CDU ICO: Crowdfunding Cryptocurrency For Business?
  • Fiancia FIN ICO Reivew: Copy Trading Cryptocurrency & Investor News?
  • Ricona RCA ICO: Multi-Cryptocurrency Switch & Lend Token?
  • Thought Network THT ICO: Live Actionable AI Data Network Tokens?
  • BuzzShow GLDY ICO: Social Media Video Network Rewards?
  • KALI Coin ICO Review: Unique Fiat-To-Crypto Exchange Business Token?
  • Pumped MulTra Token MTT ICO Review: Crypto Content Economy?
  • Epocum EPM ICO: dLink Incentivized Website Connectivity Coin?
  • Odyssey OCOIN ICO: Decentralized Sharing Economy Rewards?
  • PerksCoin PCT ICO: CannaSOS Cannabis Transaction Platform Resources?
  • Coinsurance COS ICO: Insured Lending Contact Investments?
  • Symatri: Core, Reach & Kala Cryptocurrency Rewards Token?
  • Bigbom BBO ICO: Decentralized Advertising & Marketing Token?
  • Escroco ESC ICO: Escrow & Insurance For Online Investments?
  • CryptoKami KAMI ICO: Decentralized Financial Reserve System?
  • NiQBiX NQBX ICO: Optimizing Smart Grid City Software Tokens?
  • Brickspool BRICK ICO: Real Estate-Backed Cryptocurrency Token?
  • MindLink ML ICO: E-Learning Knowledge Exchange Blockchain?
  • EthPyramid EPY ICO: Ethereum Network Pyramid Scheme Coin?
  • Hush USH ICO: Regulated, Tokenized Crypto Compatible Bank?
  • MaxBull Coin MBULL ICO: Crypto Investing & Trading Exchange?
  • Iticoin ITI ICO: Ideology Technology Individual Crypto System?
  • QYKbar QYK ICO: Personal Alcohol Bar Cloud Trade Blockchain?
  • AdBlurb ADBL ICO: Blockchain Advertising & Marketing Coin?
  • DiamondHandsClub Token: Worthwhile Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • HODL Coin: Secure Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scheme Token?
  • Helium HLM ICO: Private Global Payment Network & Mobile Wallet?
  • SnapCity SNPT ICO: Geo-Location Tourism Adventure Game?
  • Bitcoin Parallel BCP ICO: BCPC Clearing Blockchain Token?
  • DextronCoin DTC ICO: Real Utility Token Or Potential Scam?
  • CoinFabric: Promising Full-Service ICO & ITO Launchpad Group?
  • ECoinmerce ECN ICO: Secure Marketplace & Tokenized Rewards?
  • Supreme Power Coin: Legit Cryptocurrency You Should Buy?
  • Neurogress NRG ICO: AI Neurocontrol Brain Waves Software?
  • Erotix ERX ICO: P2P Adult Entertainment Industry Token Project?
  • Lipcoin LIPC ICO: Surfing Cryptocurrency DLT Blockchain Coin?
  • Dagaz DAGZ ICO: Global Blockchain Internet Payment System?
  • RibbonCoin RBC ICO: Social Fundraising Rewards With A Cause?
  • Keen Platform ICO: Autonomous Ride Hailing Blockchain App?
  • New Level Coin NLC ICO: Legit Crypto MLM Lending Platform?
  • Mokenex MONKS ICO: Cryptocurrency Payments & Swapping?
  • Sun Fund: Stable Renewable Energy Blockchain Investing ICO?
  • Renta City REC ICO: Rent & Keep Goods And Equipment Token?
  • SHIFT.cash SCASH ICO: Smart Car Title Lending Contract Tokens?
  • Hicky HKY ICO: Online Blockchain Dating Relationships Coin?
  • Plentix PTN ICO: Blockchain Based Referral & Reward Network?
  • Crymix CRX ICO: Creamics Cryptocurrency Exchange Token?
  • VARcrypt VAR ICO: Virtual Reality Hardware & Content Platform?
  • Proxy Card PRXY ICO: Cryptocurrency Wallet & Blockchain App?
  • Bioritmai RITM ICO: Personal Biorhythm Monitoring Device?
  • Binkd BDEX ICO: New Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange?
  • Dinero One DIN ICO: All-In-One Cryptocurrency Payment System?
  • HACK ICO: Accelerated Liquidity Venture Fund For Investors?
  • Cool Cousin CUZ ICO: Decentralized Blockchain Travel Agency?
  • EPOS: ​​Initial Coin Offering Shut Down By Legal Regulations?
  • BitProperty BTP ICO: Tokenized Real Estate Cryptocurrency?
  • Kryptonite1 KR1 ICO: Blockchain CryptoAsset Investing Company?
  • Concierge CGE ICO: Decentralized Travel Booking Marketplace?
  • Cryptonod CNOD ICO: Neural Networks Cryptocurrency Trading?
  • DIG Coin DIG ICO: Earn Tokens From Cryptocurrency Mining?
  • Blend BLE ICO: Cryptocurrency Lending Investments Platform?
  • CartelCoin CC ICO: E-Commerce Exchange Blockchain Service?
  • BitazaPay BTX ICO: Secure Mobile Financial System Wallet?
  • Menuva MENU ICO: Secure Escrow Cryptocurrency Payment Platform?
  • TOSS ICO: Smart Betting, Gambling & Proof Of Toss Blockchain?
  • GectaCoin GCT ICO: Big Data High-Performance Computing?
  • FarmaTrust FTC: Tracking Blockchain Removes Counterfeit Drugs?
  • Garlicoin: Reddit Shitpost Cryptocurrency Coin & Token Spoof?
  • Handelion HION ICO: Crowdfunding Ecosystem For SME Businesses?
  • VICoin VIC ICO: Virtonomics Virtual Economic Strategy Game?
  • Majato MJT Coin: Cannabis Tokenization For Related Projects?
  • AchieveCoin ACH ICO: Radial Code Blockchain QR Code Alternative?
  • Garnet GNC ICO: Blockchain Venture Fund Startup Cryptocurrency?
  • Recereum RCR ICO: Recycling Waste Cryptocurrency Rewards?
  • Checqit CQT ICO: Honest Cryptocurrency Lending Coin Token?
  • LoopX LPX ICO: Advanced Loop Auto Trading Bot Software?
  • Incremint MNTS ICO: Smart DAICO Decentralized Escrow Platform?
  • Denaro DNO ICO: Cryptocurrency Liquidity Payments Token?
  • Take Profit XTP ICO: Crypto Expert Trading Signals Platform?
  • Gelios GLS ICO: P2P Lending Marketplace Helps Reduce Risk?
  • Monaco Estate MEST ICO: Cryptocurrency Real Estate Investing?
  • BeEasy ETKN ICO: Cryptocurrency Mining, Trading & Investing?
  • Grain Blockchain ICO: Work Order Agreement Payment Tokens?
  • BlockMaker BMIO: EOSIO Blockchain Tokens & DAC Producer?
  • XRPC ICO: Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Trading & Investing Token?
  • STARCRO XCS ICO: New PoX Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • Genevieve GXVC ICO: Venture Capital Blockchain & Exchange?
  • LIX Platform: Decentralized Gaming Economy Blockchain?
  • CloudMoolah MOO ICO: Cryptocurrency Gaming Payments?
  • Tatti Coin: Worthy Cryptocurrency Token & Blockchain Project?
  • Finamatrix FIX ICO: AI Risk Cybernetics Reduces Uncertainty?
  • EyGex ICO: 3 vs 3 Multiplayer Online Battle Game & Marketplace?
  • Qonexa QNX: Trusted Cryptocurrency With Real Purpose?
  • Chain ID CID ICO: Credentials & Diplomas On Blockchain?
  • BitRootZ BRZ ICO: Legit Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding Platform
  • Buron BURC ICO: Mining Software Monitors GPU & ASIC Hardware?
  • LIKE ICO: Crowd-Investing, Booking Real Estate Marketplace?
  • Kruptocoin KPX: Cryptocurrency Trading, Staking & Lending?
  • Winnercoin WNR ICO: No BS Parity Cryptocurrency Worth Trading?
  • FutureWorks FTW: Movie Cryptocurrency Donation Blockchain?
  • Foodimus FDM ICO: AI Food Inspiration & Recipe Tagging App?
  • Acquaint QAT ICO: P2P Real Estate Asset Exchange Platform?
  • PORN-X ICO: X-Q Payment System & X-Wallet On Lightning Network?
  • Crafty CFTY ICO: AI Crypto Platform For Self Employed Workers?
  • Zonto ICO: Social Network & Digital Payment Ecosystem?
  • Smart Node SMT ICO: Masternode Cryptocurrency Investment Fund?
  • Cryptoverse CVS: Crypto Version Of Million Dollar Homepage?
  • KaratCoin KTC ICO: Karatbars ETH Gold-Traded Certificates?
  • NEX ICO: High Volume Crypto Payment & Trading Platform?
  • CrowdCoinage CCOS ICO: Token Sale Crowdfunding Platform?
  • CVProof INK ICO: Blockchain Notarized Credential Validation Data?
  • Magnus MGS ICO: AI Automation, Robotics & Sensors Network?
  • BitHub BHT Coin: Nasdaq of Cryptocurrency Blockchain Assets?
  • AffiliateCoin AFL ICO: Affiliate Marketing 3.0 On Smart Contacts?
  • Bitpark BPC: Mutual Aid & Crypto Insurance Services Platform?
  • eCharge ECH ICO: Electric Car Recharging Station Crypto Network?
  • mCoin MCN ICO: ONEm's Unconnected Mobile Cryptocurrency?
  • Bitrace BRF ICO: Tunisia Racing F1 City Center Project?
  • TRU Reputation Network ICO: Digital Transaction Feedback?
  • Fox Trading FXT Token: Legit Cryptocurrency Trading Service?
  • BlockSims SIM ICO: Decentralized Telecommunication Industry?
  • Mavro MVR ICO Coin: Trusted Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program?
  • Jizzcoins JCN: Adult Entertainment Cryptocurrency Token?
  • AMSYS AMCHART AMC ICO: Electronic Health Record Blockchain?
  • ZeroEdge Casino ZERO ICO: No House Edge Gambling/Betting?
  • Democracy Earth Vote ICO: Online Voting Blockchain Token?
  • GN Compass GNCT ICO: Cryptocurrency Backed Loans Lending System?
  • Cryder CDT ICO: Freelance Driver & Rider Matching Taxi Platform?
  • Gas Files ICO: Blockchain File Storage For Secure Digital Data?
  • HERO ICO: Personal Cryptocurrency Tokenization Platform?
  • Zubicoin ZBC ICO: Anonymous Gaming & Adult Content Network?
  • MyDFS ICO: Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Platform & Mobile App?
  • Pujada PJD ICO: Global Blockchain Smart Island Development?
  • Netwex NXE ICO: Waste-to-Energy Crypto Mining & AI Trading Bot?
  • Forge Network FRG ICO: All-Inclusive Cryptocurrency Ecosystem?
  • Vesa VSA ICO: Crypto Copy Trading Blockchain Investor Service?
  • The World News TWN: Anti-Fake Blockchain News Network?
  • Ugandan Knuckles UKN: What Kind Of Ethereum Token Is This?
  • FTB Bank: FinTech Bank Coin Cryptocurrency Token Project?
  • Wikibits WIKI ICO: Community Knowledge Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • Realty Coin RTC ICO: Global Real State Crowdfunding Investing?
  • Bittoch BTH ICO: Gambling, Lending, Mining & Trading Platform?
  • ArbitraCoin ATC ICO: Arbitrage Cryptocurrency Investing Coin?
  • Xmoneta XMN ICO: Social Network Encrypted Messenger App?
  • Whitestone WHS Coin ICO: Art Gallery Trading Blockchain?
  • Dorado DOR ICO: On-Demand AI Robots & Drones Delivery?
  • Miner One MIO ICO: Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Mining Crowdfund?
  • POCAGA PCG ICO: Online Casino Gambling Coin Blockchain?
  • Luxcess Group: LXC Initial Coin Offering Tokens For Exchange?
  • BchConnect Coin: Bitcoin Cash Model of Bitconnect Scam?
  • Arsenal Signs Gaming Deal Partnership With CashBet Cryptocurrency
  • Vertcoin VTC: Decentralized Currency Built By Its Community?
  • Monyx MYX: Trustworthy Crypto Lending MLM Affiliate Deal?
  • Eroiy ICO: Anonymous Adult Entertainment Industry Payment Token?
  • Tux Exchange: Low Fee Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange?
  • Expread EXC Token: Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange ICO?
  • Bidda BDC ICO: Cryptocurrency Auction Lending Marketplace?
  • Internet Of People IoP ICO: Blockchain Cryptocurrency App?
  • BGC Token Review: Waves Blockchain Birmingham Gold & Silver Tokens?
  • BITLUXE BTL ICO: Flexible Fee Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange?
  • DeepRadiology: Medical Imaging/Radiology Health Token?
  • PeerDax PEDX ICO: Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange Platform?
  • Havven HAV ICO: Decentralized Stable Coin Payment Network?
  • RevizoR: How The RR Coin ICO Cryptocurrency Token Works?
  • Brick & Mortar BMT Tokens: Real State-Backed Assets Project?
  • OILSC ICO: Decentraized Oil & Gas Waste Management Token?
  • WinFlow WIN ICO: Non-Profit ETH Sports Betting Blockchain?
  • xBOUNTY ICO: Decentralized Anonymous Tipster Informant?
  • Etcetera ERA ICO: Physical Cryptocurrency Wallet Card & App?
  • MDCM Coin ICO: Real My Daily Cash Machine Cryptocurrency?
  • Keyrpto KYT Coin: Blockchain Ecommerce Income Platform?
  • Tech Trade Coin: E-commerce Services Decentralized Platform?
  • Velocity Token VTN ICO: Clean Cryptocurrency Lending Platform?
  • Lendex Coin LDX ICO: Fake Lending Cryptocurrency Token MLM?
  • Cryptoneum Coin CRP: Cryptocurrency Lending Trader Bot ICO?
  • PonziCoin Review: Legitimate SEC Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme Token?
  • GymCoins GYM ICO: Decentralized Fitness Payment Blockchain?
  • Cointopia: Cryptocurrency ICO Token Community Marketplace?
  • HeliCoin HLC ICO: Cryptocurrency Lending Payment Network?
  • Teno Coin TNC ICO: Smart Cryptocurrency Lending Network?
  • Otho Network OTH ICO: Exchange, Wallet & SmartPay System?
  • CryptoStarter CST ICO: Tokenizable Crowfunding Blockchain?
  • eHealth First EHF ICO: AI Decentralized Health Management?
  • BCASH Games ICO: Decentralized Gambling Casino Coin Token?
  • Moria Token ICO: Precious Metal Extraction Investment Platform?
  • Bizcazh Coin BZZ ICO: Cryptocurrency Lending Profits Token?
  • Vestopia VTP ICO: Wealth Management Investment Platform?
  • Datocoin DTCN: Social Network & Sports Betting Datosphere?
  • Captivate ICO: Neil Patel's Cryptocurrency Advertising Coin Token?
  • SnagRide MILE ICO: Long Distance AI Ride Sharing Application?
  • Cyber Credit CYB ICO: Reliable Credit Rating Lending Agency?
  • Quasar Coin QSR: Dynamic Cryptocurrency Lending Assurance?
  • AIDA AID ICO: Decentralized Automated Sales Market Service?
  • Current CRNC ICO: Incentivized Blockchain Streaming Media?
  • Flying Money FML ICO: Digital Fiat-Backed Blockchain Assets?
  • ThornCoin THRN ICO: Self-Managing Lending Platform With Low Fees?
  • E-ticket4 ET4 ICO: Decentralized Blockchain Ticket Marketplace?
  • EZPOS EZT ICO: Cryptocurrency Marketing & Loyalty Program?
  • Stockchain Global STOK ICO: Asset Trading & Management Platform?
  • NKOR NKR ICO: Secure Digital Data Verification & Distribution?
  • Falcon: Real Bitcoin Blockchain Backbone Nodes Network?
  • MultiGames MLT ICO: White Label Online Gaming Casino Service?
  • Shopin ICO: Personal Online Retail Shopping Cryptocurrency?
  • UFO Coin: Uniform Fiscal Object NeoScrypt Hard Fork Crypto?
  • OrionCoin ORC ICO: Decentralized Loyalty Marketing Coin?
  • Kerberos KRC ICO: Africa's Industrial Cryptocurrency Mining Coin?
  • NODE ICO: Powerful Decentralized Wireless Energy Technology?
  • Tipity ICO: Ethereum Blockchain Decentralized Digital Currency?
  • clickableTV CTV ICO: Decentralized Interactive TV Ad Network?
  • VectorZilla VZT ICO: Decentralized Stock Graphics Marketplace?
  • Otcrit OTC ICO: Selective Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange?
  • Corvus Coin CRVS ICO: Decentralized Digital Assets & Identities?
  • Cibus World CBT ICO: Trusted Fresh Food Blockchain Tokens?
  • Dolos ICO: Decentralized Automated Cryptocurrency Trading?
  • Dole Coin DOLC ICO: Heart Of Gold Philanthropic Charity Token?
  • Luven ICO: Accurate Cancer Diagnostic Technology Project?
  • Bitcoinj: Bitcoin Blockchain Network Protocol Java Tools Library?
  • Robinhood Crypto: Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange?
  • Super Cool Awesome Money (SCAM): Better Than Bitcoin?
  • Falcon: Real Bitcoin Blockchain Backbone Nodes Network?
  • MultiGames MLT ICO: White Label Online Gaming Casino Service?
  • Shopin ICO: Personal Online Retail Shopping Cryptocurrency?
  • UFO Coin: Uniform Fiscal Object NeoScrypt Hard Fork Crypto?
  • DocCoin DOC ICO: Medical Health & Telemedicine Blockchain?
  • XTRADE XTRD ICO: Professional Cryptocurrency Exchange?
  • Spacesuit X: Accurate Open Source Crypto Assets Analysis?
  • Radar Relay: Trustless ERC20 Token Trading On 0x Protocol?
  • Elementh EEE ICO: Smart eCommerce Blockchain App System?
  • LINA ICO: Credible Review Ecosystem On Blockchain Platform?
  • ICOO Initial Coin Offering OpenLedger: Crowdfunding Tokens?
  • Acorn Collective OAK Token: Free Crowdfunding Worldwide?
  • Sintec PBB ICO: Industrial Polymer Bituminous Binders?
  • Synthium Health SHP ICO: Healthcare Supply Chain Manager?
  • Elpis ELP ICO: Decentralized AI Crypto-Assets Investment Fund?
  • Setcoins SEG ICO: Zero Commissions Service Exchange Token?
  • Hadron ICO: AI In-Browser Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining?
  • Krops KRO ICO: Blockchain Crypto Equity Agriculture Marketplace?
  • NovaLend NLC ICO: Cryptocurrency Lending MLM Platform?
  • Zapit ICO: Blockchain Verified Product Review Token Platform?
  • Docademic MTC ICO: Medical Token For Telemedicine Platform?
  • Evitan EVN: Global Money Transaction Cryptocurrency Token?
  • BitLendCoin BTL: Trusted Cryptocurrency Lending MLM Deal?
  • Velix ID VXD ICO: Easy Blockchain Identity Verification Token?
  • Optonium Coin OPO ICO: Enterprise Energy Efficiency Token?
  • PegToken PEG ICO: Digital Cryptocurrency Asset Creation?
  • Cointed CTD ICO: Trade Fiat Into Cryptocurrency Exchange?
  • Betex ICO: Cryptocurrency Binary Options Trading Options?
  • KryptoBonds KBS ICO: Decentralized Blockchain Bonds Market?
  • GoNetwork GOT ICO: Off-Chain Ethereum Transaction Infrastructure?
  • Pinnacle Brilliance BRIL ICO: Stellar-Based Cryptocurrency?
  • Unilot UNIT ICO: Honest Decentralized Betting Gambling Platform?
  • A-ADS Bitcoin Advertising Network: Create Ads To Earn Crypto?
  • CCG Mining: Professional Cryptocurrency Mining Services?
  • Bitpays: Legit Profitable Cryptocurrecy Investment Program?
  • PagareX PGX: Cryptocurrency Lending, Mining, Trading & Affiliate?
  • Finix Coin FNX: Decentralized Autonomous Cryptocurrency?
  • TopiaCoin SDFS ICO: Decentralized File Sharing Infrastructure?
  • Crypto N Kafe CNK ICO: African Coffee Trading Cryptocurrency?
  • Bittrado Coin: Wise Cryptocurrency Lending & Trading MLM?
  • HunCoin HNC: What Is The Hoon Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • Coinformer: ERC20 Altcoin Creation & ICO Launch Service?
  • CinemaWell APLC ICO: Online Cinema Social Network Platform?
  • 3D Token 3DT: Blockchain Powered 3D Printer Network Workforce?
  • ZoneCoin ZNE: Here Today Gone Tomorrow Cryptocurrency?
  • BridgeCoin: High Liquidity Decentralized Digital Currency?
  • Swiscoin SCN: Honest Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Project?
  • BUY&SELL BAS ICO: Secure Classified Platform For Trading Goods?
  • FundFantasy FUNDZ: Financial Fantasy Trading Platform?
  • Ethearnal ERT ICO: Smart Contract Freelancers & Employers?
  • PlanCoin PLAN ICO: Staking, Lending, Mining & Trading Crypto?
  • Bitcoin Faith BTF: Hopeful BTC Hard Fork Coin Worth Keeping?
  • AstorGame: eSports Betting & Online Gaming Casino Token?
  • BlockFood BFT: Decentralized Food Ordering & Delivery Token?
  • TriStar Coin TSTR: Accept Cryptocurrency Payments & Wallet?
  • PlayerCoin PLACO: Cryptocurrency Reward Tokens For Gamers?
  • FinaCoin FNC: Cryptocurrency Coin To Reduce Airline Fraud?
  • ETHMS Ethereum Shares ICO: Smart Contract Trading Platform?
  • Monetize Coin MNZ ICO: Smart Cryptocurrency Lending MLM?
  • ENS.BID ESB ICO: Ethereum Domain Name Service Trading?
  • Monetize Coin MNZ: Cryptocurrency Network Marketing Coin?
  • 300 Token Sparta ICO: Hodlers Cryptocurrency Destroys FUD?
  • ValueCash XVL ICO: E-Commerce Cryptocurrency Investment?
  • Acomobase ACO ICO: Blockchain Hospitality Accommodations?
  • Start Trust STC: Network Marketing Cryptocurrency Lending?
  • BitGlare BGC: Safe Network Marketing Cryptocurrency Lending?
  • BitcoinStake: Proof Of Stake Cryptocurrency Coin With PoW?
  • Baikalika BKL Coin: Baikal Water Mining Cryptocurrency Tokens?
  • Patriot Crypto Mall PPMY ICO: Mall Construction Project Token?
  • Kinetic Union KNTU ICO: 401K Cryptocurrency Lender Investing?
  • Xaurum XAUR ICO: Gold-Backed Digital Asset Cryptocurrency?
  • Atlas WORK ICO: Decentralized Freelancing Cryptocurrency?
  • Benja Coin ICO: Ambisafe Online Display Ad Cryptocurrency?
  • WELL ICO Token: Quality Decentralized Healthcare Platform?
  • InvaCoin IVA ICO: Cryptocurrency Gaming Lending Program?
  • Eristica ERT ICO: Win Decentralized Challenges For Crypto?
  • Sooloox CAK ICO: Cash Account Key Earns From Personal Data?
  • Reporter Community NEWS ICO: Blockchain Fake News Killer?
  • RKOI ICO: Rich Kids Of Instagram Cryptocurrency Token Sale?
  • Kill Yourself Network KYS Coin: Decentralized Suicide Requests?
  • Adverx AVX ICO: Real Time Bidding Digital Ads Crypto Coin?
  • Secular Coin SECU ICO: Legit Cryptocurrency Lending MLM?
  • AlphaCoin ALP ICO: Trusted Cryptocurrency Trading Platform?
  • Areszcoin ARC ICO: Honest Peer 2 Peer Cryptocurrency Token?
  • DubTokens: Interactive Video & Experience Protocol DApp Store?
  • R2B Coins: Asian Cryptocurrency Token For Affiliate Marketing?
  • Blockbank BBRT: Licensed Blockchain Bank For Cryptocurrency?
  • BitPlus Network BPNT ICO: Smart Point Of Sale Crypto System?
  • Oalend Coin OAC ICO: Safe Cryptocurrency Trading & Lending?
  • Superbloom SEED Token ICO: Crypto Asset Coin Sale Manager?
  • Janus JNS ICO Token: JNSHash Mining & Business Blockchain?
  • Cryptectum TECTUM ICO: Blockchain Real Estate Company?
  • CryptoHunt CH ICO: Earn Cryptocurrency Augmented Reality Game?
  • OnPlace OPL ICO: Private Asset Tokenization Protocol Investing?
  • Bitcomo BM ICO: Performance Marketing Digital Advertising?
  • CryoGen CRYO ICO: Buy Cryonics Medicine Company Tokens?
  • Fynance FYG ICO: Digital Crypto Insurance Brokerage Company?
  • Bitcoin Candy CDY ICO: Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Blockchain?
  • Bitt X Coin: Worthwhile Decentralized Cryptocurrency ICO?
  • ALMBank AALM ICO: Cryptocurrency Job Market & Labor Pool?
  • Cederis Ceder ISP ICO: Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP?
  • DiamondReward DMR ICO: New Type Of P2P Blockchain Or…?
  • Bitcoin Latina BCL: Blockchain Driven Latin America Community?
  • BitCoin Rhodium BTR: Limited Cryptocommodity Community?
  • EMCoin EMC: Emerging Market Coin For Smart Crypto Lending?
  • KitKatt KKT Coin: What Kind Of Cryptocurrency Token Is This?
  • GTurbo GTR ICO: Invest In Gas Turbine Production Business?
  • Mango Startups: Latin America Decentralized Seed Capital Fund?
  • CriptoReal CRS: Decentralized Brazilian Coin Transfer Platform?
  • ZoukCoin ZUK ICO: Smart Cryptocurrency Lending Exchange?
  • VibeHub VIBE: Virtual & Augmented Reality Marketplace?
  • STREAM STC: Decentralized Online Video Streaming Token?
  • BitconnectX BCCX ICO: Legit MLM Cryptocurrency Deal Or Scam?
  • Capital Expanse CPX ICO: CapX Mining, Lending & Investing?
  • MoxyOne SPEND ICO: Secure Company Payment Infrastructure?
  • XRPconnect XRPC ICO: Fake Crypto Trading & Lending Token?
  • Relicoin BID – Trading & Bidding Cryptocurrency Token Network?
  • What Is EthereumBitcoin eBitcoin BTCE – Bitcoin On Ethereum?
  • Taurus Coin – TRC ICO Bitcoin Trading & Cryptocurrency Lending?
  • PhosCoin – PSC ICO Low-Fee Fast Cryptocurrency Mobile Payments?
  • EthAce – ETA ICO Ethereum Casino, Wagering & Card Gambling Bets?
  • Mobilink – MOBI Coins ICO Mobile Service Telecom Company?
  • Healthureum HTH ICO – Healthcare Blockchain Cryptocurrency?
  • LuxuryCoin – LXC ICO Smart Cryptocurrency MLM Program To Join?
  • IbisCoin – IIC ICO Legit Cryptocurrency Lending, Trading & Mining?
  • Bitbound – Peer-To-Peer Profitable Global Small Bitcoin Loans?
  • Bitcoin-Realestate.com – Worldwide Bitcoin Real Estate Listings?
  • Amor – Ethereum Based Credible Decentralized Dating Platform?
  • Carcoin CAR ICO – Smart Car Sharing Community Built On Blockchain?
  • Joy Token ICO – Casino Gaming Industry Infrastructure Protocol?
  • Tradingene TNG ICO – Investors & Traders Algorithm Marketplace?
  • Pincoin Community – PIN ICO Global Blockchain Sharing Economy 2.0?
  • BeConnect – BCT ICO Lending Platform On Ethereum Ecosystem?
  • MoneyTrade Coin MTC – Secure Real Estate Backed Cryptocurrency?
  • WERAISE – Maketing & Advertising Solution For ICO Promotions?
  • Meridian ICO – Digital Collateral Bitcoin Loans & Meridian Tokens?
  • Escape Token ICO – Virtual Reality Game Booking Service Blockchain?
  • Fan-Controlled Football League – MicroVentures Sports Blockchain?
  • BCash – BCS ICO BeCash.org Is Not Bitcoin Cash BCH Token Launch?
  • BitConnect BCC Cash – BCCH ICO Cryptocurrency Lending MLM?
  • Regen Coin – RGN ICO Powerball & Lottery Gambling Blockchain?
  • Retainly – RETN ICO Cash Back Loyalty Marketing Blockchain?
  • NileCoin – NIL ICO Legit Cryptocurrency Blockchain Network?
  • MyMEDIS – MDC ICO MediCoin Medical Health Data Blockchain?
  • Bitocrypt – Trusted & Secure Bitcoin Exchange With Small Fees?
  • Karma KIT ICO – Decentralized Smart Community Membership Network?
  • Vega AI – Automated Intelligent Cryptocurrency Trading ICO Token?
  • Stamps – STAMP ICO Cryptocurrency Equity Tokens Platform?
  • BCX BitcoinX – Upgraded Bitcoin Blockchain Network ICO Tokens?
  • Broad Financial Ethereum Self-Directed IRA – Compliant Investing?
  • Accelerator Network – Renewable Cryptocurrency Mining Energy?
  • AgreCoin – UpStart1K Trading Crypto Assets Management ICO?
  • CryptoPets – Trading Cryptocurrency Collectibles For Digital Pets?
  • Tutor Ninja – NTOK ICO Peer To Peer Online Learning Platform?
  • Cryptopus Review – CPP ICO Blockchain Investing Brokerage Marketplace?
  • DemiCoin – DEC ICO Worthy Digital Shopping Cryptocurrency Token?
  • DVLP Coin ICO – Decentralized Real Estate Investment Fund?
  • Fair Trade Cab – FTC ICO On-Demand Car Sharing Rides Blockchain?
  • GiftCoin – GIFT ICO Charitable Cryptocurrency Giving Donations?
  • Currensee – Gold Backed Remittance & Lending Cryptocurrency ICO?
  • RxEAL – RXL ICO Profitable Rental Real Estate Blockchain Investing?
  • SQUAREX – SQEX ICO Square Exchange Real Estate Blockchain?
  • Neuron Platform – Why Is Neuron Network ICO Website Down?
  • Viola.AI ICO – A.I. Love Advisor Dating & Relationship Marketplace?
  • Bezop – BEZ ICO Blockchain E-Commerce Website Store Business?
  • IndieGoGo Cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offerings & Blockchain Investments
  • MCPay – MCP ICO Multi Crypto Pay Tokens For Tech Investments?
  • United Emirate Coin – UEC ICO Safe Arab Lending Cryptocurrency?
  • CryptoBnB ICO – CryptoDNA Vacation Rental Blockchain CBnB Tokens?
  • Exacoin – EXA ICO Reliable AI Cryptocurrency Lending & Trading?
  • BaseCoin – Algorithmic Central Bank Project For Cryptocurrency?
  • ENET ICO – User-Friendly Open Sourced Decentralized Network?
  • SALPay – SAL ICO Cryptocurrency Remittance Payroll Blockchain Bank?
  • Gold Mine Coin – GMC ICO Real Cryptocurrency Secured By Gold?
  • AltCoin Trends – Legit Alternative Cryptocurrency Trading Software?
  • Ititanium Coin – ITC ICO Safe Decentralized Cryptocurrency Tokens?
  • CopyTrack – Decentralized Global Copyright Register CPY ICO?
  • OjuT – Travel Coin Hospitality Intelligence System ICO Coin Tokens?
  • RepuX – Decentralized Data & Reputation Blockchain Protocol ICO?
  • BitCaptera – BITCAP Cryptocurrency Lending & Trading Platform?
  • SciCom ICO – Scientific Research & Development Crypto Exchange?
  • Benebit – BNE ICO Customer Loyalty Cashback Currency Blockchain?
  • BarCoin – BRC ICO Lend & Trade Cryptocurrency Blockchain MLM?
  • Paygine – PGC ICO Best2Pay Financial Payment Engine Platform?
  • Unix Coin – Safe Cryptocurrency Lending MLM Affiliate Program?
  • Zerocoin Project – Real Bitcoin Payment Protocol Privacy Extension?
  • StockBet – Free Gambling On Real Stocks, IPOs & Cryptocurrencies?
  • CryptoCopy – COPY ICO Top 100 Cryptocurrency Investors Analysis?
  • Dogezer – DGZ ITO Software Development Collaboration Platform?
  • Evopass – Secure Digital Ticketing Platform TicketChain ICO?
  • Hybrid Betting – HYB ICO Ethereum Betting & Gambling Games?
  • VR OKO Virtual Reality Helmet – OKOIN ICO Real Adult Show Tokens?
  • IronBlock – IRB ICO Construction, Mining & Machinery Blockchain?
  • FiCoin – FIC ICO Fibo Trading Bot & Crypto Investing Network?
  • SonoCoin – SNC ICO Audible Cryptocurrency Blockchain Enabled?
  • OKOIN – VR OKO Adult Virtual Reality Content, Media & Films?
  • Sintec – SINT ICO Polymer Bituminous Binders Blockchain Investing?
  • Herdius – HER ICO Financial Cryptocurrency Blockchain Platform?
  • International MultiModal Logistic Application – How IMMLA Works?
  • Shagle Coin – Peer To Peer Video Chat Blockchain Technology ICO?
  • ARC Reserve Currency – Dr. Garrick Hillman's Stablecoin ARC ICO?
  • Arbi – Expert Initial Coin Offering Legal Services For ICO Tokens?
  • MASS Cryp – Blockchain Advertising & ICO Cryptocurrency Token?
  • Weekend Millionaires Club WMC: Cryptocurrency Membership?
  • The Coin Bull – Legit Gold, Silver, Bitcoin & Litecoin Trading Platform?
  • Synthium Health – SHP ICO Healthcare Supply Chain Management?
  • PM7 ICO Booster – Decentralized MLM Affiliate Marketing Platform?
  • HotCrypto – HCR ICO Safe Crypto Lending & Trading MLM Business?
  • EigenCoin – EIGC ICO Cryptocurrency Lending MLM Earns Bitcoin?
  • Cypherium – CPH ICO Smart Contract Blockchain Cypher Tokens?
  • ClickAuto – AutoCash ICO Car History Blockchain Cryptocurrency?
  • Potentiam – PTM ICO Social Media Music Rewards Blockchain Network?
  • Triple Alpha – TRIA ICO Cryptocurrency Asset Algorithm Manager?
  • EtherFlyer – TCASH ICO Decentralized Ethereum Exchange Tokens?
  • VRT World ICO – Virtual Reality Tokens Entertainment Technology?
  • Anti-Bureaucracy Coin – ABC ICO OriginalMy Blockchain Cases?
  • Digital Currency Index – XEX ICO Exchange Coin Investing & Trading?
  • Private City – PCT ICO Anonymous Investment Blockchain Tokens?
  • VCXCoin – VCX ICO Cryptocurrency Lending Exchange & MLM Biz?
  • Martcoin – MART ICO Global Blockchain Betting Platform System?
  • 1Protocol – CRED ICO Ethereum Staking Protocols For Workers?
  • CrowdPainting – Decentralized Art Collaboration Project INK ICO?
  • BeefCoin – Organic Beef Production From Farm To Table BEEF ICO?
  • Sorbase – SOR ICO Europe Crypto Liquidity Aggregator Exchange?
  • Epsilon – EPS ICO Target Search & Task Solution Blockchain Platform?
  • Cypherium – CPH ICO Smart Contract Blockchain Cypher Tokens?
  • ClickAuto – AutoCash ICO Car History Blockchain Cryptocurrency?
  • Potentiam – PTM ICO Social Media Music Rewards Blockchain Network?
  • Triple Alpha – TRIA ICO Cryptocurrency Asset Algorithm Manager?
  • EtherFlyer – TCASH ICO Decentralized Ethereum Exchange Tokens?
  • VRT World ICO – Virtual Reality Tokens Entertainment Technology?
  • Anti-Bureaucracy Coin – ABC ICO OriginalMy Blockchain Cases?
  • Digital Currency Index – XEX ICO Exchange Coin Investing & Trading?
  • Private City – PCT ICO Anonymous Investment Blockchain Tokens?
  • VCXCoin – VCX ICO Cryptocurrency Lending Exchange & MLM Biz?
  • Martcoin – MART ICO Global Blockchain Betting Platform System?
  • 1Protocol – CRED ICO Ethereum Staking Protocols For Workers?
  • CrowdPainting – Decentralized Art Collaboration Project INK ICO?
  • BeefCoin – Organic Beef Production From Farm To Table BEEF ICO?
  • Sorbase – SOR ICO Europe Crypto Liquidity Aggregator Exchange?
  • Epsilon – EPS ICO Target Search & Task Solution Blockchain Platform?
  • AlchemyByte – ALB ICO All In One Cryptocurrency Asset & Wallet?
  • PureAir Coin – AiRC ICO Clean Air Pollution Investment Tokens?
  • BergmannOS – BERG ICO Linux-Based Cryptocurrency Mining OS?
  • Deco Currency Another Failed Cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offering Token
  • Tether Gold – GLDT ICO Limited 1-to-1 Gold Bullion Reserve Token?
  • KR80S – MAT ICO Marketing Analytics Tokens & AdTech Data System?
  • Blunner – BLUN ICO AI Website Design Blockchain & Marketplace?
  • NEDVIGA – NDV ICO Real Estate Cryptocurrency Crowdinvesting?
  • Fortitude Ranch ICO – Initial MemberCoin Offering FR Tokens?
  • DIMPAY – Decentralized Cryptocurrency Payments Blockchain?
  • PopulTrade – PCP ICO Circul, Mercato, Linum & Denario Tools?
  • GODcoin – GodCoin.Gold Gold On Demand Cryptocurrency ICO?
  • Infinity Crypto – Legit Investing In Bitcoin, Blockchain & ICO Tokens?
  • Bitfinite – BFC ICO Safe Cryptocurrency Coin Lending MLM Deal?
  • Bitcoin Bubble Burst – Blockchain Apocalypse Crash Checking App?
  • Wiser ICO – Top Initial Coin Offering Token Sale Data & Dates List?
  • Arker – ARKER ICO Online Roll Playing Game With Crypto Rewards?
  • Multibot – MBT ICO Cryptocurrency Trading Cloud Platform Tokens?
  • FIC Network – FIC ICO Fixed Income For Blockchain Crypto Assets?
  • Bitugene – TBP ICO Decentralized Petroleum Blockchain Tokens?
  • Descrow – DES ICO Decentralized Escrow Platform Blockchain?
  • The Deep Virtual World – How Deep.Gold Crypto Token Works?
  • Deluge Network – DBTC ICO Bitcoin Token Investing Contribution?
  • BiafraCoin ICO – BFC ICO Bitcoin Lending Cryptocurrency MLM?
  • AriseBank – Decentralized Cryptocurrency Banking Platform?
  • Follow Coin – App To Follow Top Performing Investors & Trades?
  • Billpoker – Decentralized Blockchian Based Poker Room BPT ICO?
  • AssetBase – PDT ICO Redeemable Ethereum Blockchain Assets?
  • BICO – Ultimate Comprehensive ICO Funded Guidebook?
  • Atompay – Decentralized Land Transport Service Provider ATM ICO?
  • Block Bank – Decentralized Blockchain Bank BBRT ICO?
  • Tetarise – Blockchain For Booking Hotels & Apartments TTR ICO?
  • EDU Crowdsale – Open Source University Platform EDU ICO Tokens?
  • Darenta ICO – PROD ICO Decentral P2P Car Sharing ProducToken?
  • Budbo – Blockchain Based Global Cannabis Bubo Token ICO
  • MyMazzu – MZC ICO Promising Cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offering?
  • AdMine – MCN ICO MediaCoin Social Brand Network Blockchain?
  • TEKY – TKC ICO Kids Toys Ecommerce & Education Cryptocurrency?
  • Giga Giving – Blockchain-Based Charity Fundraise Project GC ICO?
  • TRP Token – TRP ICO Travel Related Purchase Tourism Cryptocurrency?
  • CryptF – CPTFP ICO Stock & Bond Backed Cryptocurrency Tokens?
  • Jobeum – JBT ICO Professional Blockchain-Based Jobs & Work Network?
  • Casagram – Personalized Social Network CAC ICO?
  • ZoZo Coin – ZZC ICO Cryptocurrency Exchange, Wallet & Trading App?
  • BEST1COIN – B1C ICO Blockchain Asset Crypto Trading Platform?
  • MeetnGreetMe – Travel Concierge Service WelcomeCoin WEL ICO?
  • Liveshow – LST ICO Live Show WebCam Video Blockchain System?
  • Immortal Coin – BIotechnology Immortality ICO Project IMO?
  • The Holy Coin – Humanitarian Fundraising Amazon Based ICO?
  • Mold Coin – MLD ICO Decentralized Gaming Rewards Blockchain?
  • EMU – Multi-language Menu Service Sector App EMU ICO?
  • UniGame – Blockchain Based Betting Game Platform UniCoin ICO?
  • Sudan Gold Coin – Blockchain Based Gold Mining Business SGC ICO?
  • Swisstok – Decentralized Blockchain Based E-mail System SWS ICO?
  • ReB Rinascimento Project – Secure Artwork Restoring ReB ICO?
  • SpaceICO – Just Another Failed Initial Coin Offering Token Project?
  • Digital Funds Services – DFS ICO Legit Cryptocurrency Mutual Fund?
  • Crowd Genie – CGCOIN ICO Cryptocurrency Asset Lending Exchange?
  • TeamHODL – THODL ICO A Hold On For Dear Life Token Sale?
  • CNT Future – Centurion Lab Green Cryptocurrency Mining Tokens?
  • FUELDApp – Global Automated Service For Car Refuel FUELD ICO?
  • Vice – Get Paid To Watch Adult Entertainment Cryptocurrency?
  • GoldCoin – GLD ICO Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency Asset Standard?
  • Cryptics – CRP ICO A.I. Cryptocurrency Analytics Assistant Tech?
  • Vionex – Smart Home System Blockchain Technology Apps VOIX ICO?
  • ExcambioRex – Secure Multiple Cryptocurrency Token Exchange?
  • Wealthium – WTH ICO Decentral Investor Intelligence WealthStore?
  • Aenigma Capital – Cryptocurrency Economics Investing Leverage?
  • HullCoin – Decentralized Community Loyalty Point HC Token ICO?
  • Truckcoin – Decentralized Multi-Modal Global Market GH ICO?
  • Brisk Pass – BSK ICO Decentralizing Transporation Blockchain Token?
  • GetGame REALITY Tokens REA ICO – Gaming Developer Platform?
  • BeeSocials ICO – BEE ICO Social Meetups Blockchain Platform?
  • YObank – YOB ICO Cryptocurrency Card, Wallet & Banking App?
  • Morphx – MX ICO Social eCommerce & e-Shopping Blockchain?
  • DutyCoin – DTC ICO Duty Free Travel Zone Cryptocurrency Tokens?
  • Pokereum – SUP ICO SuperDAO Decentralized P2P Poker Games?
  • Etheroji – Buy & Sell Ethereum Emojis To Share & Profit?
  • Rexpax – REXX ICO Lend, Borrow & Share Home Items With Neighbors?
  • ICO List King – Initial Coin Offering Token Sales, News, Results & Stats?
  • Betstreak – Live Bitcoin Betting Casino & Cryptocurrency Gambling?
  • Dome Platform – DME ICO Private WiFi Sharing Network Site Down?
  • AsapCoin – ASAP ICO As Soon As Possible Blockchain Explorer?
  • Trender Foundation – TDC ICO Trendercoin Blockchain Tokens?
  • BitLending – BLD ICO Crypto Trading, Mining, Lending Earns Bitcoin?
  • AGT Token – Taxi, Drivers & Gov Security Agencies Blockchain ICO?
  • Obizcoin – OBZ ICO Smart Process BOT For Organized Business?
  • Apollo Capital – Australia's Cryptocurrency Asset Fund Investing?
  • Family Points – FPT ICO Value Driven Ecommerce Parenting Token?
  • DigitCoin – DIGIT ICO Digital Marketing & Advertising Blockchain?
  • Izibits – IZI ICO Chat-Bots Services For Daily Cryptonomy Usage?
  • Votem – VAST ICO Mobile Voting Blockchain Tokens For E-Voting?
  • Synapse AI – SYN ICO Decentralized Content Data AI Marketplace?
  • Kala Token – People-Powered Inherent Value Cryptocurrency ICO?
  • Angel Token ICO – Cryptocurrency Investing & Trading In AltCoins?
  • Visacoin – VCX ICO Crypto Blockchain Exchange & Lending System?
  • SFIcoin – Legit Cryptocurrency Lending & Exchanger Affiliate MLM?
  • Goldea – GEA ICO Decentralized Gold Mining Charity Project Token?
  • TravelChain – TT ICO Smart Travel Tourism Blockchain Exchange?
  • CryptoTenge – Kazakhstan's State-Issued Cryptocurrency Tokens?
  • TEX – TEXcoin ICO Crypto Lending & Trading Exchange Platform?
  • Steneum – STN ICO Cryptocurrency Wallet, Mining & Lending MLM?
  • Eshal Coin – EHL ICO Eco System Hassle-Free Logistics Vehicle Blockchain?
  • Legacy Network – LEG ICO Wills, Memories & Data Token Platform?
  • iPronto ICO – Blockchain Technology Investors Incubator Coin ICO?
  • Silvertoken – SLVT ICO Cryptocurrency + Physical Silver Investing?
  • IdeaCoin – IDEA ICO Crypto Mining, Trading, Lending & Staking MLM?
  • AvatarCoin – AVC ICO MLM Cryptocurrency Payment System?
  • Crypto Newsletter – Legit Cryptocurrency News & ICO Tips Emails?
  • GoldGate – BGG ICO Network Marketing Investment Opportunity?
  • ICO Token Fund – ICOT Cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offering Investing?
  • Legend Coin – LGC ICO Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Lending Exchange?
  • Moms Avenue – Reward-Based Social Entrepreneurship MOM ICO?
  • Tigereum – Instant Messaging Crypto Token Swap AI Chatbot ICO?
  • Crypto Credit Card – CCCR ICO C3 Cryptocurrency Aggregator App?
  • TrueDonate – TDN ICO Blockchain Fundraising Donation Platform?
  • Global Crypto Bank – Financial Cryptocurrency Card Blockchain ICO?
  • Foreground – Decentralized Advertising Affiliate Marketing DEAL ICO?
  • Vyral – First Incentivized Viral Marketing Sharing Advertising Token?
  • UpTick Trading Review – Intuitive Cryptocurrency Exchanging Application?
  • Kochava – Digital Advertising Mobile Audience Analytics Blockchain?
  • Realisto – REA ICO Asset-Backed Real Estate Blockchain Investing?
  • Tokenza – TKZ ICO Decentralized Crowdfunding & Freelancing?
  • Athena Coin – ATN ICO Neural Cryptocurrency Trading Network?
  • Goatse – GTC ICO Incentivized Meme Creation Crypto Blockchain?
  • BitChamps – BCS ICO Reliable Bitcoin Cryptocurrency MLM Business?
  • SpaCoin – SPA ICO Beauty Care Cryptocurrency Blockchain Token?
  • Whizz Coin – Practical CryptoInvestments & Payments ICO Token?
  • Atrix – Unique Safe Crypto Project Buyback Guarantee ATRIX ICO?
  • CyberTrust – CABS ICO Cryptocurrency Financial Security Blockchain?
  • Geostellar – Zydeco ICO Cryptocurrency Solar-Powered Energy System?
  • BCShop – BCS/BCB ICO Buy & Sell Digital Goods Marketplace App?
  • DigiToken – DIGI Initial Coin Offering Failed To Raise Enough Funds?
  • Dimnd – Diamond Carats For Ethereum Cryptocurrency Blockchain ICO?
  • Bit4G – B4G ICO Legit Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading & Lending?
  • ICO Governance Foundation – IGF Initial Coin Offering Protocols?
  • MAVO – Entertainment MVT ICO Token For Filmmaker & Advertising?
  • UbiquiCoin – Asset-Backed Cryptocurrency Rev Share Blockchain?
  • Token Lab – Initial Coin Offering Rating Agency For ICO Token Sales?
  • Magnum Link – Buy & Trade Precious Metals Tokens Company?
  • Tokenator – Initial Coin Offering Token Sales & ICO Discount Deals?
  • Behaviour Exchange – BEX ICO Website, Visitors & Ad Blockchain?
  • Knowledge – KFI Social Sharing For Players & Users To Earn Tokens?
  • DeHedge – DHT ICO Risk Hedging Crypto Trading For Investors?
  • Safinus – SAF ICO Cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offering Investing?
  • Hearthy – Universal Digital Health Care Personal Health Records?
  • Razoom – RZM ICO Smart Contract Project Management System?
  • HoldMe Review – HME ICO Social AI Live Chat Bot Blockchain Platform?
  • Envion Cryptocurrency Mobile Mining Unit For Blockchain Energy
  • Spot Me Coin – Hidden USB Thumb Drive Crypto Treasure Hunt?
  • Zabercoin – ZAB ICO Real Estate Cryptocurrency Blockchain Assets?
  • Ad Pump Review – ADP ICO Affiliate Marketing & CPA Network Blockchain?
  • Karma – KRM ICO Trusted Borderless Crypto Lending Platform?
  • Gilgamesh Review – GIL ICO Social Knowledge-Sharing Network Platform?
  • Game Protocol – GPT ICO Game Building & Playing Community?
  • Kela – KELA ICO IDEX Composite Index Blockchain Financial Exchange?
  • eHarvestHub – EHH ICO Global Food Supply Economy Blockchain?
  • Zangll – ZNGL ICO Real Estate Vacation Rentals e-Travel Market?
  • SISA – Strategic Investments in Significant Areas & DPF Pool Fund?
  • VVTokens – VVChain, Smart Invest Protocol & CyberBank Cards ICO?
  • xCHAINge – XCH ICO Bitcoin Banking App & Crypto Token Storage?
  • Loomia – Tile Electronic Layer Blockchain Technology Products?
  • Ankorus – ANK ICO Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Futures Trade Securities?
  • Bitcoin Silver – BTCS Ethereum Blockchain Crypto To Fiat Tokens?
  • Balehu Bucks – BUX ICO Local Commerce Rewards Blockchain?
  • Forzacoin – FRZ ICO Secure Cryptocurrency Safebox Blockchain?
  • Pressco – PRO ICO Personal Clothing & Merchandise E-Commerce?
  • SUGAR Social Network – LGBiT ICO For The LGBT Community?
  • Signals – SGN ICO Cryptocurrency Trading Signals Strategy Network?
  • Pryze – PRYZ ICO Automated Sweepstakes Blockchain Protocol?
  • CamX – Adult LiveCAM Cryptocurrency ICO Token Sale Website?
  • Picax – PIC ICO Sell Instagram Photos For Photographers & Users?
  • DavorCoin – DAV ICO Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Lending Project?
  • Styras – STY ICO Global SmartPhone Internet Access WiFi Router?
  • Satan Coin – What Kind Of Initial Coin Offering Token Sale Is This?
  • Falcon Coin – FFC ICO Cryptocurrency Fund Lending For Profits?
  • Moirai – MOI ICO Decentralised Future Prediction Market Bets?
  • Lendoit – LOAN ICO Smart Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Lending Platform?
  • CareerXon – CRN ICO Career Skills Business Training Blockchain?
  • PressCoin – PRC ICO HigherOrderVC Independent Media Relations?
  • TokenBnk – TBK ICO Ethereum CryptoAsset Savings Bank Account?
  • Carblox – CRX ICO Decentralized Vehicle Blockchain Platform?
  • MoneyTree – TREE ICO User-Paid Social Media Blockchain Network?
  • ExsulCoin – XUL ICO Refugee Nanowork Blockchain Technology?
  • TechBench – Social Ethereum Network For Developers & Investors?
  • PodOne – Qubicle ICO One Demand Call Center Service & Staffing?
  • Global Jobcoin – GJC ICO JobsToday Employement Services Coin?
  • Bytether – BTH ICO Bitcoin To Ethereum Blockchain Network?
  • Jincor – JCR ICO Smart Business Cryptocurrency Payment Contracts?
  • ARena Space – ARE ICO Augmented Virtual Reality Amusement Parks?
  • Hamster Marketplace – HMT ICO Decentralized Trading Blockchain?
  • KYC Legal – Know Your Customer Blockchain Identity Verification ICO?
  • Astrcoin – ASTR ICO Asteroid BlockClaim Mineral Mining Blockchain?
  • Mainasset – MAS ICO Earn Cryptocurrency Playing Mobile Games?
  • Satoshi Brewery – SBL ICO Russia's Craft Beer Network Tokens?
  • XMAS Token – Santa Claus Cryptocurrency Christmas Gift ICO?
  • BitCloud – BTDX ICO Anything Special About This Cryptocurrency?
  • Stars Group – Sports Franchise-Backed Football Marketplace ICO?
  • ConnectJob Review – CJT ICO Geolocation Jobbers For Jobs & Services?
  • Cooonet CoooCoin – COOO ICO CoooSession Service Marketplace?
  • Freedom Streaming – FDM ICO Safe Secure Online Video Platform?
  • ScriptDrop Review – AHC ICO Healthcare Adherence Blockchain Tokens?
  • Perfect Coin Review – Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Lending Program ICO Token?
  • Almora – Legit Initial Coin Offering Business & ICO Token Services?
  • Demeter – DMT ICO Rent & Farm Agriculture Blockchain Community?
  • ecoNAN – Clean-Tech Minerals Processing Blockchain Technology?
  • Vimarket – VIT ICO ViTokens For Real-Life Like Virtual Shopping?
  • Sharpe Capital Review – SHP ICO Financial Markets Investment Platform?
  • HashHive Review – CELL ICO Buy Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Hash Power?
  • Numiv Review – NUM ICO Trade, Mine, Stake, Lend & Affiliate Crypto MLM?
  • Vetro Exchange Token – VXT ICO Money Transfer Platform?
  • Swapy Network Review – Universal Access to Credit Exchange Blockchain?
  • Airfio – ARF ICO Crypto Banking, Card & FinTech Neural Networks?
  • Habibi Coin – Cryptifi's Middle East Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Token?
  • BitBoost – BBT ICO The Block Decentral E-Commerce Marketplace?
  • StopTheFakes – STF ICO Anti-Counterfeit & Copyright Blockchain?
  • RightMesh – Wireless P2P Mesh Apps Blockchain Network ICO?
  • ConsultEth ConsulTX – CTX ICO Ethereum Blockchain Consultancy?
  • Remechain – iRMC ICO Buyer-Supplier Precious Metals Marketplace?
  • Naked Technology – NKD ICO Asset-Backed Cryptocurrency Dollars?
  • MindSports – MIND ICO Decentralized Social Gaming Network?
  • Arbitrage Crypto Trader – ACT ICO Multi-Exchange Terminal?
  • Algo.Land – PLM ICO Autonomous Algorithmic Trading Blockchain?
  • Florio – FLR ICO Gamified Healthy Lifestyle Wearable Tracking App?
  • Mavin – MVN ICO Influencer Marketing Rewards Blockchain?
  • UcoinCash – UCH ICO Digital Cash As Global Money & MLM Affiliate Lending Token?
  • Brainy – Artificial Intelligence Cryptocurrency Trading System ICO?
  • Finom – FIN ICO A.I. Trading & Mining Financial Banking Blockchain?
  • NAU – Social, Local, Mobile Digital Business Coupons ICO Tokens?
  • Render Payment – RPM ICO High-Risk Merchant Payment System?
  • CamX – Adult LiveCAM Cryptocurrency ICO Token Sale Website?
  • NaPoleonX – NPX ICO Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Asset Manager?
  • Crypto20 – C20 ICO Tokenized Cryptocurrency Index Fund?
  • POW Token – ETH-Blockchain Social Media Airdrop Cryptocurrency?
  • HomeBlockCoin – HBC ICO Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Lending MLM?
  • Mark.Space – 3D Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality MRK ICO?
  • RHOVIT – Rbit ICO Hybrid Cloud Blockchain For Users Content?
  • Etherecash – Peer Lending Cryptocurrency Money Transfers ICO?
  • Xred – London Real Estate Cryptocurrency Funding & Investing ICO?
  • LH Crypto – LHCoin ICO Larson&Holz Cryptocurrency Forex Tokens?
  • Telegraf Money – Blockchain Mobile App, Messenger & Cards?
  • HCash – Decentralized Cryptocurrency Hyper ash Blockchain DAG?
  • RxSmartCoffee – RXSC ICO Coffee Company Blockchain Tokens?
  • EtherSport – ESC ICO Ethereum Online Sports Lottery Platform?
  • Human Discovery Platform – HD ICO Personality Analysis Tokens?
  • Kudos – Trusted Ratings & Performance Rewards Blockchain ICO?
  • Rafl- RFL ICO Smart Ethereum Raffle Token Blockchain Network?
  • Heardbeats – HBT ICO Virtual Reality Live Concert Headsets?
  • Terciv – ICO Fake News Fighting Public Anonimity Blockchain?
  • Lynx Network – LNT ICO Business Social Networking Organization?
  • Monaize – MNZ ICO Mobile Finance Accounting Bank Blockchain?
  • Priority Token – Initial Coin Offering ICO Cryptocurrency Investing?
  • Moya Networks – MTK ICO Africa Broadband Internet Access Tokens?
  • Energi Mine – ETK ICO Energi Token For Global Energy Rewards?
  • WishFinance – WISH ICO Small Business Lending Loans Blockchain?
  • WaBi – Anti-Counterfeit Safe Consumer Products In China ICO?
  • Blockchain Board of Derivatives – BBD ICO Crypto Derivatives Trading?
  • BinaryCoin – BRC ICO Cryptocurrency & Binary Options Investing?
  • CopiCo – Private Cryptocurrency Proof Of Stake Masternode Coin?
  • Digi India Coin – DGI ICO Cryptocurrency Wallet & Marketplace?
  • Oyster Web Storage – PRL ICO Computer Power Revenue Profits?
  • ICO Unlimited – Profit Bitcoin Daily From Initial Coin Offerings?
  • Udiar – IAR ICO Intellectual Property & Copyright Blockchain?
  • HostCoin – HOSTC ICO Blockchain Website Hosting Service?
  • JBOX Coin – Crytpocurrency Video Streaming Blockchain ICO?
  • SportyFi – SPF ICO Sports Investing & Funding Cryptocurrency?
  • EtherCash – Ethereum Lending Cryptocurrency Money Transfer ICO?
  • EtherDoge – EDOGE DOGETH Ethereum & Dogecoin Wowpaper?
  • iComply ICO – Launch Legally Compliant Initial Coin Offerings?
  • Appian – APP ICO Ethereum Dapp Store For Users & Developers?
  • Off Exchange – OTC ICO Private BTC Cryptocurrency Marketplace?
  • Yetta – Global Cryptocurrency Money Transfer Blockchain ICO?
  • Injii Access Coin – IAC ICO Content Creators & Charities Collaboration?
  • BitComo – BM ICO CPA Performance Marketing Blockchain?
  • Genesis WATER Token – Quality Drinking Water Tracking System ICO?
  • Golden Gate Investments One Coin ICO – GGI OFC Initial Coin Offering?
  • Ethconnect – ECH ICO Trusted Ethereum Blockchain Bank Lending?
  • Lendex – Central & Southeast Asia Lending Finance Blockchain ICO?
  • Flipz – FLZ ICO Decentralized Smart Contract E-Commerce Platform?
  • Inspeer – INSP ICO Peer To Peer Cryptocurrency Finance Lending?
  • Token Report – EDGE ICO Cryptocurrency Coin Investing Analysis?
  • CryptoRuble – Russia's Vladimir Putin On New Blockchain Cryptocurrency?
  • CoinLaunch – Initial Coin Offering Assets, Tokens & Funding Market?
  • Pave Loan – GCAT ICO Affordable Global Credit Profile Bureau?
  • Handelion – HDLT ICO International Trading Speed & Transparency?
  • GoMineWorld – GMW & GMW PRO ICO Crypto-Earning Bracelet?
  • Secure Identity Ledger – SILC Digital Identity Blockchain ICO?
  • Mirocana – MIRO ICO Artificial Intelligence Investing Products?
  • Fairloris Review – LORI ICO Online User Comment Blockchain Browser Plugin?
  • Rilcoin – RIL ICO Crypto Investment Asset Management System?
  • ICO Backers – Initial Coin Offering Launch Software & Marketing?
  • Feeed – FXX ICO Cryptocurrency Fundraising Debit Card & App?
  • Apollo DAE ICO – Cryptocurrency Trading Digital Asset Exchange?
  • Positive ICO – Initial Coin Offering Token Cyber Security Protection?
  • Mithril Ore Review – MORE ICO Ethereum-Based Cryptocurrency Tokens?
  • Earth Token – Natural Asset Exchange Marketplace Business ICO?
  • Guardium – Guardian Circle Intelligent Emergency Response App ICO?
  • Crush Crypto Challenge – Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Research?
  • Jury.Online – JOT ICO Blockchain Dispute Resolution Applications?
  • Dala Wala Financial Platform – Financial Banking Utility Token d ICO?
  • GoldReward.io – GRX ICO Crypto Trading CATA-E Gold Reward System?
  • Horyzon – ZON ICO Decentralized Crowd Mapping Blockchain?
  • StartMining – STMG ICO Russia & Europe Cryptocurrency Mining?
  • PrideCoin – XPR ICO LGBTQ Social Network Community Members?
  • Xronos – XPO ICO Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Aggregator System?
  • EtherBTC – Hybrid Bitcoin & Ethereum Cryptocurrency ETHB ICO?
  • AcademyCoin – ACAD ICO Online Education & Currency Blockchain?
  • Tmrrw – Time Token ICO Los Angeles Housing & Living Blockchain?
  • Crypto Apartments – CAA ICO Residential Crowdfunding Buildings?
  • Peerity Review – PEER ICO Social Media Network Community Rewards?
  • Strim Review – STR ICO On-Demand P2P Video Streaming Sensor Mining?
  • Coinoor – CNR ICO Luxury Diamonds, Watches, Cars & Products?
  • DeepOnion – Protection Anonymity Guard For Initial Coin Offerings?
  • CoinLancer – CL ICO Cryptocurrency Freelance Jobs Blockchain?
  • VaultBank – VB ICO Global Investment Blockchain Bank & Card?
  • ThreeEmu 3EMU ICO – TLC Secure Network Blockchain Community?
  • Artex – ART ICO Buy/Invest Global Art Provenance Blockchain?
  • Cryptex Network – XET ICO 2BA Two-Biometric Authentication?
  • Salt Coin – SCOIN ICO Europe's Salt Commodity Cryptocurrency?
  • Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah Launches C.R.E.A.M. ICO Cryptocurrency
  • IndiCoin Review – INDI ICO India's Social Services Blockchain App?
  • Clout Review – CLC ICO Decentralized Social Media Crypto Blockchain?
  • TriForce Tokens Review – TFT ICO Gaming Cryptocurrency Blockchain?
  • First Crypto ETF Review – FCTF ICO Tokens Black Card Cryptocurrency?
  • HomeToken Review – HOME ICO Asia Real Estate Investment Profits?
  • AAA Coin Review – Profitable CPU Mining PoW/PoS Blockchain ICO?
  • Qvolta Review – QVT ICO Peer To Peer Cryptocurrency Fiat Exchange?
  • EZMarket Review – EZM ICO Trade Digital Assets Marketplace Blockchain?
  • The Tulip Auction – TLP ICO Token Artwork Ownership Blockchain?
  • DealHub Network – DEAL ICO Passive Renting Income Mining Coins?
  • SmartBillions – PLAY ICO Blockchain Lottery Smart Contracts?
  • Munchee – MUN ICO Social Food Blockchain Review Platform App?
  • ExHasta – EXH ICO Catalyst & Meridian Moonshot Blockchain Projects?
  • CopPay – COP ICO Multi-Cryptocurrency Payment For Business?
  • düber Coin – DBR ICO Cannabis Business Blockchain SAFT Tokens?
  • WesternCoin – WNC ICO Crypto Lending, Trading & Staking MLM?
  • Fiinu – FNU ICO FinTech British Bank of England BIO Blockchain?
  • PallyCoin PAL ICO Decentralized Social Travel Blockchain Network?
  • HextraCoin – HXT ICO Cryptocurrency Trading & Profit Sharing MLM?
  • Wyrify – WYR ICO Points Of Sale Mobile Payments Blockchain?
  • Ushba Technologies – Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange Platform?
  • Bookira – BKT ICO Online Booking Services Blockchain Tokens?
  • Snip – SNP ICO Snip Coins Blockchain News Snippets Network?
  • Bodhi – BOT ICO Decentral Prediction Market Tokens Network?
  • Rpay – RTK ICO Retail Shopping Cryptocurrency Payment Tokens?
  • ListICO – LIP ICO Initial Coin Offering Listing Service Tokens?
  • SaharaChain ICO – AI Cryptocurrency Exchange Payment Gateway?
  • ICOMG – 100% Anonymous Initial Coin Offering Token Investing?
  • AmberPort – AMBR ICO Duty-Free Zone Jewelry Chain Stores?
  • BioCoin – BIO ICO Local Farmers & Natural Producers Loyalty?
  • J-Coin ICO – Japan Bank To Issue Own Cryptocurrency Tokens?
  • Titus Community – Is Titus Coin Blockchain Cryptocurrency Legit?
  • SqPay – SQP ICO Cryptocurrency Real Estate Investment Blockchain?
  • Hagglin – RNT ICO Ribbits Blockchain Peer 2 Peer Marketplace?
  • Fizcal – FIZ ICO Fizcal Accounting Blockchain Software & App?
  • BitAir – BTCA ICO Travel & Tourism Blockchain Payment App?
  • Proteania – PRN ICO Cryptocurrency Exchange & Wallet Tokens?
  • DLS Academy – DLT ICO Decentralized Learning System Academy?
  • OREN Platform – OREN ICO Gaming Cryptocurrency Blockchain?
  • GameCoin – GMC ICO Gaming Cryptocurrency For All Games?
  • Digmus – DGM ICO Anti-Counterfeit Goods Tracking Blockchain?
  • Circles – CRC ICO Social Media Content Appreciation Project?
  • Sunlight Coin – SUN ICO Charitable Cryptocurrency Donations?
  • TingoCoin – TCN ICO Africa's Agricultural Blockchain System?
  • Mingo Coin – MGT ICO Cryptocurrency Messenger Tutor Tokens?
  • VirtuTV – VRTU ICO Video Consumption Monetization Virtucoins?
  • Open Money – OPEN ICO Blockchain Software Application Stacks?
  • ICOBox ICOS Token – Initial Coin Offering Blockchain Growth Aid?
  • Hackspace Capital – HAC ICO Cryptocurrency Blockchain Crowdfunding?
  • Aimwise AIM ICO – Initial Coin Offering Token Hosting System?
  • Galactikka – GALA ICO Paid Content Social Network Ad Platform?
  • CryptoChat App Review: New Crypto Community For Bitcoin and Altcoins
  • FaceCoin – FC ICO Friendly Social Networking Blockchain Tokens?
  • Cryptonomos – Top Initial Coin Offering Market Platform?
  • Sand Coin – SND ICO High Quality Real Sand Blockchain Option?
  • All In One Coins – AIO ICO Cryptocurrency Investment Tokens?
  • Commodity Ad Network – CDX ICO Content Creators/Advertisers?
  • Metamo – MTM ICO Encrypted Workers Platform Cryptocurrency?
  • Rent Token – Landlord/Tenant Real Estate Renting Blockchain ICO?
  • Crypto Reports – Bitcoin & Altcoin Cryptocurrency Evolution Guide?
  • Commerce Coin – COM ICO Cryptocurrency Payment Blockchain?
  • V-Coins – Global Hybrid Cryptocurrency With Real Value Deposit?
  • Giftz – Waulit & ItCoin ICO BTC Gifting Network Loyalty Rewards?
  • PlexCoin – Bitcoin Ethereum Cryptocurrency Investment Scam?
  • Luxico – Rich & Famous Luxury Cryptocurrency LUX Coin Token ICO?
  • Latium – Ethereum Blockchain Microtasking LAT ICO Token Sale?
  • Golden Fleece – Profitable Altcoin Cryptocurrency Mining GFL ICO?
  • PayperEx – Alternative Share Blockchain Network PAX Token ICO?
  • Hubii Network – HBT Hubiits ICO For Blockchain Content Marketplace?
  • ICOSHIP – New Initial Coin Offering List & Cryptocurrency Projects?
  • AlpenCoin – ML Invest German E-Commerce ALP ICO Tokens?
  • Rocket ICO – ROCK Token Initial Coin Offering Start-up dApp Service?
  • 1000BTCEZY – Legit Way To Make Bitcoin Virtual Currency Program?
  • SGAT Token ICO: Custom Blockchain & Smart Contrat Solution?
  • SleeCoin ICO (SLEE Token): Short-Term Blockchain Real State Rental Project?
  • TAChain ICO (TCHN Token): Targeted Advertising Blockchain System?
  • Mediex ICO (MDX Token): Blockchain Medical Device Development?
  • Cindx ICO (CINX Token): Blockchain Crypto Asset Investment Manager?
  • SyntheticsAI ICO (SYNT Token): Blockchain AI Market Business Reports?
  • MozoCoin ICO (MOZO Token): Indoor Positioning Sysem For Offline Traffic?
  • ACESO ICO (ASO Token): Decentralized Internet Cybersecurity Project?
  • Harbour – Ethereum-Based DAO HRB Token Asset Management?
  • OmniBazaar (OmniCoin): Blockchain Ecommerce CrytpoBazaar Network?
  • Exceed IO ICO (EXC Token): Blockchain-Based Data Management?
  • MySmartProperty ICO (MSPT Token): Real State Smart Contracts?
  • Marqyt ICO (MRQ Token): Brand Protection And Authentication?
  • Teledactyl ICO (TDCL Token): Healthcare Records On Blockchain?
  • Lendelta ICO (DLTA Token): AI Powered Crypto Trading Platform?
  • GreenEMiner ICO (GECO Token): Eco-Friendly HydroElectric Miner?
  • Stealth Project ICO (STELZ Token): Coin Mixing Crypto Wallet?
  • Electrominer ICO (ELM Token): Solar-Powered Blockchain Crypto Mining?
  • CustomCoin ICO (CC Token): Construction Financing Platform?
  • Rateonium ICO (RTC Token): Anonymous Blockchain Rating Service?
  • TradeTex ICO (TDX Token): Legit Commission Free Crypto Exchange?
  • UNCHAINET ICO (UNET Token): Blockchain Cloud Computing Network?
  • ADAB Token ICO: Shariah Compliant Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange?
  • eTolar ICO (ETL Token): Digital Currency, Asset And Utility Platform?
  • Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT Coin): Gold & Silver Crypto Monetary System?
  • ClearCost ICO (CCWT Token): Blockchain Travel Agency Membership?
  • Scorpio Protocol ICO (SPC Coin): Blockchain Protocol & App Layer?
  • Zillios (ZLST Token): Blockchain Smart Contracts For Real Estate Properties?
  • Re:factor ICO (REFT Token): Blockchain Trade Receivables Platform?
  • Gramarye Media Lumiere Token ICO: Legit Crypto Asset Security System?
  • HubCoin – Ethereum Startup Cryptocurrency HUB ICO Blockchain?
  • DT Coin – Diamond Temple Cryptocurrency Business Opportunity?
  • Soarcoin – Ethereum Blockchain Instant Payment Money System?
  • Ethereum Plus – ETHP ICO Token For Decentralized Blockchain Apps?
  • A2B Direct – Online Cargo Logistics Delivery ICO Token Sale Blockchain?
  • Callibeaz Mining Company Token: CMC Crypto Mining Business?
  • Starta ICO – Cryptocurrency Asset Accelerator Portfolio Investment?
  • UEToken – Useless Ethereum Token Initial Coin Offering UET Tokens?
  • Briastorm ICO (BST Token): Blockchain Advertising & Marketing Platform?
  • Rivetz ICO – Rivetz Decentralized Mobile CyberSecurity RvT Token Sale?
  • Digital Developers Fund – DDF ICO Cryptocurrency Asset Investing?
  • Royal Kingdom Coin – Dubai RKC Smart Contract Blockchain Technology?
  • DEX ICO – Ethereum Classic ETC Commonwealth Token Fund Raiser?
  • Postalgia ICO – Prints Photo Sharing Applicaton Using Blockchain?
  • Ojooo ICO (OJX Token): Blockchain Project For Advertisers & Investors?
  • BigONE ICO (ONE Token): Blockchain Crypto Trading Exchange App?
  • GSTAR Token ICO: Automated AI Algorithmic Trading System?
  • GNOBNT Token Changer – Gnosis & Bancor Liquidity Pool Smart Token?
  • Bloch Exchange – Australia's Real Estate Identity Property Investing?
  • Janus – Nxt Blockchain Crowdfunding Business Token Profit Sharing?
  • Diamond Horse Performance (DHP Token): Performance Trading Investment?
  • Crypviser CVCoin ICO – Social & Business Blockchain Network?
  • Kibo – Ethereum Smart Contracts Cryptocurrency Lottery Gaming?
  • Orocrypt – Ethereum Blockchain OROC Tokens For Precious Metals?
  • Starbase – Blockchain Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding ICO Tokens?
  • Exotic Coin ICO (EXC Token): CryptoStrip Entertainment Blockchain?
  • Mazebits (MZBC Token): Legit Crypto Investment Liquidity Pool?
  • PROCHAIN Prabox: Blockchain Smart Contract Data Tracking System?
  • ADZBuzz (ADZ Token): Earn Cryptocurrency Browsing Web Content?
  • SONM – Fog Cloud Supercomputer Network Mining Services?
  • MinexCoin – MNC ICO Cryptocurrency Global Payments System?
  • LetItPlay ICO: PLAY Token Content To Audio Rewarding System?
  • CoinDirect – Decentralized Peer To Peer Bitcoin Casino Gambling?
  • Distrage: Distributed Arbitrage Tools For Crypto Asset Trading?
  • Adel – Adelphoi ICO Cryptocurrency Community Funding Platform?
  • iCash Token ICO: Proof-of-Trust Smart Contract Crypto Coin?
  • SuperFruit ICO (SFT Token): Blockchain Superfruits Production?
  • Storj – Growing Decentralized Cloud Storage ICO Token Sale?
  • Mysterium Network – Blockchain-Powered Decentralized VPN?
  • Tokenizer: Legit Blockchain Token Crowdfunding Investing Platform?
  • IDM Token ICO Review: Secure Ideal Data Memory Storage Service?
  • LoanDex ICO (LDX Token): Crypto Margin Trading Exchange?
  • Myriad Coin (XMY Token): Cryptocurrency For Everyone?
  • Omelette Du ICO (ODU Token): Breakfast Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • NextStepCrypto: Trusted Next Step Crypto Trading Accounts?
  • Du It Bitcoin Network: Are DuItMyself Cryptocurrency Products Legit?
  • Crosspays ICO (CPS Token): Blockchain Crypto Social Network?
  • chiliZ ICO (CHZ Token): Fair Gaming & Esports Tokenized Voting Blockchain?
  • URAllowance ICO (URA Token): What Are Family Smart Contracts?
  • TrustedCars ICO (FLEX Token): Blockchain Car Ownership Coin?
  • Citizenship Coin ICO (CTZ Token): CBI & RBI Cryptocurrency?
  • Ethersoft ICO (Industria Token): Sustainable Crypto Mining?
  • VenusEnergy ICO (VENUS Token): Buy Ethereum Mining Power?
  • Goldma ICO (GMA Token): Gold Mining Assets Cryptocurrency?
  • SpringRole ICO (SPRING Token): Education, Skills & Work Coin?
  • Hive Power ICO (HVT Token): Eco Energy Sharing Community Marketplace?
  • VectorSpace ICO (VEC Token): Smart Crypto Basket Trading?
  • Cryptons Game ICO (QST Token): Blockchain Collectibles Game?
  • Cetex Online: ICO Financial Analytics For Investment Profits?
  • Cryptto (TTO Token): ATTO's Cryptocurrency Trading Platform?
  • ShowCoin ICO (SHC Token): Show Business Entertainment Crypto?
  • Ethereum Slot Machine ICO (EST Token): eSlots Blockchain Mobile Game?
  • Zupply ICO (ZUP Token): Industrial Supply Blockchain Network?
  • Railz ICO (RLZ Token): Blockchain Machine & Robot IoT Device Protocol?
  • Patron's PAT Cryptocurrency Token ICO For Social Media Influencers Goes on Public Sale May 9, 2018
  • HumanixR ICO (HNX Token): Blockchain Human Interaction Rewards?
  • Crystal Reign ICO (CRS Token): ETH-Blockchain MMO Game?
  • Yolo Exchange ICO (YLX Token) Review: MetaMorph.pro Crypto App?
  • Burgerdock Token ICO (BDT Token): Fast Food Restaurant Coin?
  • Playtness ICO (PT Token): Fitness Rewarding Cryptocurrency?
  • Blockchain Traded Funds ICO (BTF Token): Investment Club?
  • JioCoin ICO (JIO Token): Blockchain Mobile Telecom Crypto Network?
  • Nodelancer ICO (RDI Token): Blockchain Micro-Job Freelancing?
  • Petsource ICO (PTS Token): Blockchain Pet Registry Data Coin?
  • Red Pill Coin ICO (RPIL Token): Legit Mobile Cryptocurrency?
  • Global Shrimp Coin ICO (GSD Token): Blockchain Food Farming?
  • XRT Cryptocurrency Token ICO: Blockchain Food Foundation?
  • 22xFund ICO (22x Token): Venture Capital & Angel Investors Coin?
  • H2SOL ICO (H2PWR Token): Hydro Solar Energy Crypto Mining?
  • TransCrypt ICO (TSR Token): Decentralized Blockchain Payments?
  • TwinToken ICO (XTW Coin): Blockchain AI Healthcare Crypto?
  • Whyral ICO (WRL Token): Viral Social Influencers & Brands Coin?
  • Presiam ICO (PSRM Token): Blockchain Social Networking App?
  • NTOK ICO: Blockchain Educational Learning Crypto Token?
  • Bonkers.io ICO (BNKR Token): Safe Crypto Gambling & Casino?
  • GlobeToken Project ICO (GLO Token): Crypto Reward Points?
  • ZeCash ICO (ZCH Token): Next Cryptocurrency Digital Solutions?
  • HUYUcoin ICO (HUYU Token): Blockchain Ancestry Family Tree?
  • Nezly ICO (NEZ Token): Blockchain Cannabis Dispensary App?
  • Punta Cana Trading ICO (PCT Token): Latin America Crypto Exchange?
  • Workchain ICO (WCH Token): Blockchain Freelance Workforce?
  • GHM ICO: Grun Haus Maschinen Pure Organic Agro Tech Appliances?
  • Karmashares KarmaCoin: Worthy Cryptocurrency Token?
  • NCrypto ICO (NCR Token): Crypto Asset Blockchain Network?
  • New Royals ICO (NRG Token): Luxury Digital Crypto Club Coin?
  • OTOL Token ICO: Internet of Actions & Goodomy Cryptocurrency?
  • Uunio Token ICO: UNIFUL Coin For Social Media Marketplace?
  • VIREO Token ICO: Smart Green Blockchain Economy Solution?
  • CorruptionCoin ICO (CRTC Token): Most Popular Cryptocurrency?
  • 1KCoin ICO (1KCoin Token): Private Crypto Club Crowdfunding?
  • Equadex ICO (EDEX Token): Cryptocurrency Investor Index Fund?
  • YouToken ICO (YTN Token): Blockchain Human Intelligence Coin?
  • Quarteria ICO (XQT Token): NEO Blockchain Real Estate Coin?
  • Posya Token ICO: Proof of Stake Energy Efficient Crypto Coin?
  • CAR Project Token ICO: Luxury Cars Blockchain Marketplace?
  • Jointly ICO (JPT Token): Blockchain Group Investment Platform?
  • Exaking ICO (EXA Token): Crypto Exchange & Social Network?
  • Smart Little Machine ICO (LMS Token): Adult Content Web System?
  • Nuvus ICO (GETX Token): Cannabis Hemp Blockchain Exchange?
  • BlockBits ICO (BBX Token): Decentralized Investment Blockchain?
  • Drivero ICO (DRV Token): Blockchain Car Sharing Platform App?
  • India Stocks Coin ICO (INSC Token): Equities & Stock Investing?
  • EcoStart ICO (ECT Token): TerraEcocoin (TECO) Cryptocurrency?
  • InsCoin ICO (INSC Token): Knox Project Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • NutrioCoin ICO (NTRC Token): Fitness, Nutrition & Health Crypto Coin?
  • Vendoreum Cryptocurrency ICO (VENDO Token): Store & Service Payments?
  • Union ICO (UNI Token): Collective Crypto Lending & Savings Investment?
  • ZetoChain ICO (ZETO Token): Blockchain Food-Safety Project?
  • Forever Has Fallen ICO: FC Coin (Forever Coin) Cryptocurrency?
  • NuMoney Exchange ICO (NMX Token): Local Currency Trading?
  • Onstellar ICO (ONST Token): Blockchain Social Media Rewards?
  • CryptoGaule ICO (CGL Coin): Litecoin Fork Blockchain Token?
  • ROSCAcoin ICO (RCA Token): Rotating & Saving Credit Associations?
  • Lyves ICO (LYV Token): Blockchain Cryptocurrency Payment App?
  • CroByte ICO (CRO Token): Secure Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet?
  • MONVID ICO (MVID Token): Blockchain Proxied Video Streaming?
  • AXenS ICO (AXS Token): Blockchain Supply Chain Finance Trading?
  • Africunia Bank ICO (AFCASH Token): African Crowdfunded Bank?
  • Safe.ad ICO (SAFE Token): Encrypted Email File Storage Mail Coin?
  • Uprightly ICO (UPT Token): Decentralized Reputation Blockchain?
  • SuperStock ICO: Blockchain Applications For Small Businesses?
  • Valena ICO (SVC Token): Is The SVCoin Cryptocurrency Legit?
  • DapCoin ICO: Best Decentralized Blockchain Applications Store?
  • eUAH Token ICO: Ukraine's Electronic Hryvnia Cryptocurrency?
  • All Public Art ICO (APA Token): Blockchain Art Trading Market?
  • Leonardian ICO (LEON Token): Digital Assets & Services Marketplace?
  • NWP Solution ICO (NWP Token): Blockchain Healthcare Network?
  • Invictus Capital Titan: Professional Invictus Capital Titan?
  • B.Sure ICO (BST Token): Crypto Asset Insurance Protection?
  • Productivist ICO (PROD Token): Smart Blockchain Manufacturing?
  • All Me ICO (ME Token): Social Cryptocurrency Trading Network?
  • CryptoGlobal ICO (CGXX Token): P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange?
  • ethPoker ICO (EPX Token): Live P2P Blockchain Poker Games?
  • EIP Platform ICO (EMP Token): eSports Interactive Blockchain?
  • Asia Coin Market: Reliable Cryptocurrency Investing Platform?
  • AntiDepress Project ICO (ANDT Token): Real Crypto Coin Use?
  • Viva ICO (VIVA Token): Home Loan Financing Blockchain Network?
  • Kasko2Go ICO (K2G Token): Blockchain Motor Insurance Coin?
  • Helex ICO (HLX Token): Luxury Blockchain Token Creation?
  • LifeTask ICO (JIBS Token): Human Potential Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • United Crypto Mining Group ICO (UCMG Token): Legit Coin?
  • IdomCoin ICO (IDOM Token): Trade & Exchange Cryptocurrency?
  • Alchemint ICO (SDT Token): StableCoin Cryptocurrency System?
  • Gmine ICO (GNM Token): Crypto Mining Hardware Hosting?
  • WavesGo: Official Waves Blockchain Explorer For Tokens?
  • Investa ICO (INV Token): Cryptocurrency Investing & Banking?
  • Coupit ICO (COUP Token): NEO Blockchain Cryptocurrency?
  • Blackfolio ICO (BLACK Token) Review: Social Crytpo Trading Blockchain?
  • Kelta ICO (KLT Token): Crypto Mining Farm Data Center Coin?
  • Rise Housing ICO (RSE Token): Crypto Real Estate Funding?
  • Allvor ICO (ALV Token): XRP Ledger E-Commerce Cryptocurrency?
  • Rate ICO (STR Token): Trusted Initial Coin Offering Rankings?
  • Tradelize ICO (TDZ Token): Cryptocurrency Trading For Investors?
  • Swachhcoin ICO (SCX Token): Blockchain Waste Management System?
  • Vaynix ICO (VNX Token): Quality Cryptocurrency & Wallet?
  • Blockchain Technology Foundation (BCTF Token): Worthy ICO?
  • UEC ICO (United Energy Coin): BlockChain Photovoltaic Assets?
  • Emotiq ICO (EMTQ Token): Smart Contract Blcokchain Platform?
  • BitUN ICO (BUC Token): Private Blockchain Crypto Asset Bank?
  • DataVLT ICO (DVT Token): Blockchain Data Analytics Crypto Coin?
  • Vernam ICO (VRN Token): Blockchain Insurance Cryptocurrency?
  • Linda Healthcare ICO (LNDA Token): Virtual Medical Assistant?
  • Emyron Coin ICO (EMY Token): Lend, Stake, Trade & Mine Crypto?
  • Big Bitcoin (BBC Token): BTC Hard Forked Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • Entry ICO: Cryptocurrency Money Token For People's Banking?
  • CryptoNationZ ICO (CNZ Token): Blockchain Real Estate Coin?
  • Xsearch ICO (XSE Token): Blockchain Research Engine System?
  • Nimses Coin ICO (NIM Token): Blockchain That Pays Crypto For Living?
  • FolmCoin ICO: Open Source Decentralized Masternode Token?
  • Cryptagio ICO (CPG Token): Crypto Exchange & Bitcoin Trading?
  • Papereum ICO (PPRM Token): Blockchain CryptoCollectible Art?
  • Suite Autonomy ICO (RICO Token): ETH Trading Escrow Platform?
  • HUB Token ICO: Human Trust Protocol Blockchain Reputation Data?
  • Arqute ICO (AGAS Token): Quality Blockchain Animation Studio?
  • BlockFollow ICO (BFN Token): Social Crypto Community Service?
  • Lightning Crypto ICO (LNC Token): Fast Crypto Spot Trading?
  • SelfieYo Gold Token ICO (SGT Coin): Crypto Social Network?
  • Greek Food Corridors ICO (GFC Token): Greece's Food Auction?
  • SpotCoin ICO: NEO Crypto Exchange, OTC Trading & Payments?
  • Crypto Cashback Rebate ICO (CCR Token): Earn Trading Rewards?
  • CryptoPolice ICO (OFCR Token): Blockchain Commmuity OfficerCoin?
  • IQuiCoin ICO (IQI Token): Blockchain Cloud Storage Service?
  • KeepSafePay ICO (KSP Token): Cryptocurrency Gambling Coin?
  • MyBtcFx ICO: One Crypto Economy's 4xBit Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • NyronChain ICO (NYR Token): China's Blockchain IoT For Cities?
  • Raptor ICO (RTR Token): Monthly Dividends Paid In Ethereum?
  • Autoria (AUT) Cryptocurrency Coin: What Is Autorium Token?
  • Creator.AI ICO (CR8 Token): Content Creation Blockchain Service?
  • Evident Proof ICO (EVP Token): Blockchain Data Verification Proof Services?
  • Peur ICO (PURC Token): Blockchain Marketplace Cryptocurrency?
  • Deconet ICO (DCO Token): Blockchain Software Code Marketplace?
  • NickelCoin ICO (NKL Token): Blockchain Customer Loyalty Rewards?
  • Superium ICO (SUM Token): Play, Win & Earn Video Game Coin?
  • Bitimage ICO (BIM Token): Blockchain Media Marketplace App?
  • Tiberius Coin ICO: Physical Metal-Backed Cryptocurrency Token?
  • EHO Token ICO: Smart Textiles Company & Horse Saddle-Pads?
  • HorseCoin ICO (HC Token): Crypto Coin & Blockchain Analysis?
  • All Of Art ICO (AllOfArt Token): Artwork Blockchain For Artists?
  • Coinquiztador ICO (CQR Token): Blockchain Knowledge Game?
  • Avaqva ICO (AVQ Token): Healthy Functional Water Benefits?
  • B2AND ICO (B2C Token): Decentralized Viral Marketing Coin?
  • CoinOil ICO (COIL Token): Cryptocurrency Backed By Oil Reserves?
  • Solomonstouch ICO (MIL Token): Blockchain Donation Coin?
  • Monanex ICO (MNX Token): Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange?
  • Banano Coin ICO: Banana-Themed Cryptocurrency Meme Token?
  • RusGas ICO (RGS Token): Russia's Blockchain Coin For Gas & Fuel?
  • TINK Token ICO: Blockchain Human Social Platform Network?
  • Higher ICO (HGR Token): Blockchain Cannabis Delivery Coin?
  • Crypto Galaxy ICO (GALA Token): Virtual Blockchain Universe Gme?
  • Bunz BTZ Cryptocurrency Coin: ICO Token Details & Use Cases?
  • Taylor ICO (TAY Token): Smart Cryptocurrency Trading App?
  • BINEX.TRADE ICO (BEX Token): Cryptocurrency Coin Exchange?
  • WeiCrowd ICO (WEIS Token): WeiX Coin Exchange Marketplace?
  • Marcelo ICO (MRL Token): Smart Ethereum Crypto Mining?
  • SapphireCoin ICO (SPH Token): Jackpot Game Cryptocurrency?
  • Ardent ICO (AUN Token): Crowdfunded Blockchain Esports Coin?
  • BitPenta ICO (PENTA Token): Smart Bitcoin Investment Plans?
  • Nami.Trade ICO (NAC Token): Blockchain Forex Trading Coin?
  • BiteCoin Network ICO (BITE Token): Blockchain Food Delivery?
  • CryptoScene ICO (CTS Token): Professional Crypto Traders?
  • Bundle Network ICO (BND Token): Multi-Crypto Trading Exchanges?
  • Checkitsreal ICO (CIR Token): Blockchain Counterfeit Medication?
  • CoinTour ICO (COT Token): Blockchain Tourism & Travel Coin?
  • Luckchemy ICO (LUK Token): Fair Online Gambling Blockchain?
  • Nuka ICO (NKT Token): Legit Cryptocurrency With Real Cause?
  • Stargram Coin ICO (SGC Token): Secure Global Crypto Exchange?
  • PrimeStar ICO (PRC Token): Hollywood Movie Crowd-Investing?
  • Decibel ICO (DCBL Token): Secure Blockchain Media Exchange?
  • Crypto Fitness Club ICO (GYM Token): Social Media Exercising?
  • Cryptonia Poker ICO (CPC Token): Fair Online Gaming Platform?
  • Deflationcoin ICO (DFX Token): Waves Blockchain Cryptocurrency?
  • Noscam Token ICO (NSC Token): Trustworthy Alt Crypto Coin?
  • Sentigraph ICO (EMOT Token): Emotional Volatility Prediction?
  • SHOP Token ICO: Online Retail Shopping Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • Worbli ICO (WBI Token): World Blockchain Initiative Platform?
  • Liger ICO (LIC Coin): Blockchain Sports Betting Online Casino?
  • Crudecoin ICO (WCC Token): Wellsite's Oil & Gas Drilling Blockchain?
  • INTRO ICO (ITR Token): Blockchain Apartment Real Estate Coin?
  • Pallium ICO (PLMT Token): Crypto Coin Analysis & Outlook?
  • Orozu ICO (ORO Token): Real Blockchain Crypto Lending Coin?
  • Whalesburg ICO (WBT Token): Cryptocurrency Mining Platform?
  • Citereum ICO (CTR Token): Crypto Coin Of City Staking & Lending
  • APO ICO: Advanced Parimutuel Options Betting Derivatives?
  • JoshuaCoin ICO (JSHCN Token): Jspace Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • SME Banking Platform ICO (SME Token): Small & Medium Enterprise Blockchain?
  • NewCurr ICO (Pallas-Athena Token): Promising Cryptocurrency Coin?
  • Rocati ICO (RCT Token): Buy Real Estate Property With Crypto?
  • SwissRealCoin ICO (SRC Token): Switzerland Real Estate Crypto?
  • I Am A Coin (IAMA Token): Blockchain Cryptocurrency Art Project?
  • FireToken ICO (FPWR Coin): Crypto Investing Community Votes?
  • Tip Blockchain ICO (TIP Token): Crypto Wallet & Messaging App?
  • AllStocks ICO (AST Token): Global Stock Exchange Network?
  • BitFence ICO (HNY Token): Blockchain Hacker Threat Intelligence?
  • Jimat Coin ICO (JMT Token): Ecommerce Cryptocurrency Analysis?
  • Hazeian ICO (HZN Token): Decentralized Crypto Trading Exchange?
  • Siglo Token ICO: Digital Blockchain Finance Cryptocurrency?
  • BizShake ICO (BZS Token): P2P Blockchain Renting & Pawning?
  • Epiphany ICO (EPNEX Token): Blockchain Trading Exchange Market?
  • HashMonster ICO (HMC Token): Verifiable Bitcoin Cloud Mining?
  • Xatra Coin ICO (XTR Token): Cryptocurrency Analysis & Blockchain Use?
  • 8th Continent Social Marketplace ICO (ECB Crypto Token)
  • HashBux ICO (HASH Token): Blockchain Gaming Cryptocurrency?
  • RinggCoin ICO (RINGG Token): Another Cryptocurrency Gone?
  • CubeBucks ICO (QBX Token): Quality Cryptocurrency Coin Uses?
  • MarketCash ICO (MKT Token): Brazilian Payment Gateway & Exchange?
  • Leap With Alice ICO (ALICE Token): Blockchain Education Tools?
  • Tobigca ICO (TOC Token): Blockchain Social Casino Platform?
  • Pointium ICO (PNT Token): Blockchain Loyalty Points Program?
  • BSBCoin ICO (BSB Coin): Cryptocurrency Lending & Trading?
  • Saascoin ICO (SAAS Coin): Software As A Service Payment Gateway?
  • Shih Tzu ICO (SHT Coin): PoOP Asset Tokenization Or April Fools?
  • Odyfund ICO (ODY Token): Blockchain Fundraising Odytokens?
  • EtherPayToken ICO (EPT Token): Easy Ethereum Crypto Payments?
  • Sheikh Coin ICO (SHK Token): Luxury Car Rentals In Dubai?
  • AX1 ICO: Capital Appreciation Mining Token Cryptocurrency?
  • eXer VIP Club Review: Earn Profits From Cryptocurrency Mining MLM?
  • World Bit Bank ICO (WBB Token): Legal Crypto Bank & Wibcoin?
  • Moneda ICO (MND Token): Mobile Crypto Investment App?
  • BeLotto ICO (BEL Token): Honest Decentralized Lottery Blockchain?
  • Drgnfly ICO (DFLY Token): Direct Cannabis To Consumers Project?
  • Gese ICO (GSE Token): Counterfeit Alcohol Protection Blockchain?
  • Bountie ICO (BNE Token): Get Paid Cryptocurrency To Play Games Coin?
  • Datareum ICO (DTN Token): Blockchain Data Marketplace Coin?
  • BitEsprit ICO (BEC Token): All-In-One Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange?
  • CryptoPicture: Decentralized Crypto Ad Space Placement?
  • ALLN ICO: Airline and Life Networking Token Cryptocurrency?
  • Syntera ICO (SSC Coin): Decentralized Sharing Coin Blockchain?
  • TokenGen: Easy To Use Smart Contract Cryptocurrency Creator?
  • OYO Smart Coin ICO (OSC Coin): Cryptocurrency Token Analysis?
  • Altindex ICO (ADEX Token): Automated Crypto Index Funds?
  • NagriCoin ICO (NGR Token): Smart Organic Fertilizer Blockchain?
  • Kinguin ICO (Krown Token): Online Blockchain Marketplace?
  • Tonestra ICO (TNR Token): Biometric Healthcare Blockchain?
  • Super Ethereum ICO (STH Token): Decentralized Trading Exchange?
  • Libra Credit ICO (LBA Token): Crypto Blockchain Lending?
  • Equitybase ICO (BASE Token): Blockchain Crypto Asset Investing?
  • BHOM ICO (BHM Token): Blockchain Home Investment DApp?
  • PrivacyStake ICO: PIVS Token Anonymous Staking Platform & Casino?
  • Nexusless ICO (NXLS Token): Earn Crypto For Content Delivery?
  • Cardium ICO (CAD Token): Cardio Activity Cryptocurrency?
  • Eniac Network ICO: ENC Token Facial Recognition Blockchain Data?
  • VirUS ICO (VIS Token): Aggressive Token Sale Cryptocurrency?
  • Liberdy (LIB Token): Blockchain Data Trading Network Rewards?
  • SpaceKim ICO: KIM Token Fake North Korean Space Program Project?
  • ALFA ICO: Crowdfunding, Lending, & Saving Crypto Market?
  • Potion Owl ICO: PTN Token Digital Healthcare Services Ecosystem?
  • AnimeCoin ICO (ANIM Token): Decentralized Crypto Market?
  • Thorentium ICO (XTRT Token): Earn Bitcoin From Cloud Mining?
  • BitRadio (BRO Token): Web Radio Earns Crypto For Listening To Music?
  • COTI ICO (XTC Token): Cryptocurrency Blockchain Payments?
  • Zeex ICO (ZIX Token): No Fee Online Shopping Cryptocurrency?
  • Coinnup Coin ICO (CU Token): FinTech Ecommerce Cryptocurrency?
  • BidiPass ICO: BDP Token BidiKey Digital Identity Authentication?
  • AliCoin ICO (ALI Token): AligatoCoin Ecommerce Cryptocurrency?
  • Mobilink Coin ICO (MOBL Token): Earn Crypto From Mobile Phone?
  • Casper API ICO (CST Token): Decentralized Blockchain Storage?
  • AntiqMall ICO (AMT Token): Antique Blockchain Marketplace?
  • Safcur ICO (SFR Token): Crypto Coin Analysis & Blockchain Uses?
  • Decentralend ICO (DLD Token): Decentralized Crypto Lending?
  • W12 Token ICO: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Marketplace?
  • Smart Startup Token ICO (SMRT Token): Blockchain Contract Templates?
  • Minery ICO (MNRY Token): Turnkey Eco Russian Mining Solution?
  • TradeFinex: Smart Blockchain Payments & Contracts Network?
  • Ebanker ICO (EBC Token): Crypto Staking & Lending Exchange?
  • VenVici: GToken Incentivized Affiliate Marketing Cryptocurrency?