cryptodelics is one of the new high yield investment programs currently available in the cryptocurrency investment market. High yield investment programs, or HYIPs, can be an effective way to generate a speedy and generous return on investment. Most HYIP platforms allow you to deposit your funds into a managed account that returns profits daily, either indefinitely or for a preset period of time.

As is still new to the market, we have not invested with them as yet. As soon as we have done so, we will post an update on the paying-status and validity of the platform. In the meantime, there are a number of verified HYIP sites on our blog that you can peruse through and select from.

Is Paying?

We will know in the near future whether is a paying site or not. Unfortunately, one can never believe testimonials posted on the platform without personally investing with it. Once we have validated their authenticity, we will post an update on our blog, allowing you to make an informed decision about using

Is Risky?

A large number of HYIP platforms are risky, with some of them being outright scams. That being said, there is also a substantial number of platforms that are completely genuine and deliver on their end of the agreement. The problem in most cases is simply knowing which category an HYIP site falls into.

For sites that have been around for awhile, there will most likely be information on them on HYIP monitors. These listings should be enough to assist you in deciding whether or not to invest with the platform. They contain crucial information such as the paying-status and validity of the site.

In the case of new sites that have not yet been marked “safe,” a general guideline would be to avoid them, instead making use of one of the tried and trusted sites. Investment Plans offers the following three different investment plans:

  • 10% daily forever
  • 12% daily forever
  • 15% daily forever

Cryptodelics Conclusion

It is always in your best interests to use extreme caution with investing with a new HYIP site. For the safety of your own funds, we would strongly discourage you from using until we have verified its paying status. Feel free to visit different HYIP monitors to follow up on its latest status should you wish to invest there.


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