New Cryptocurrency Blockchain Game Cryptofights Uses Proof of Stake Capabilities with the New ERC-1155 Token

The new game created by Globalcoin, CryptoFights, is said to be extremely fun. CryptoFights is a fighting/role-playing game and will use Enjin's Token platform. Not only that, but it will be using the new gaming platform built by Enjin on blockchain technology.  Also, CF will incorporate the powerful ERC-1155 Token for all standard purposes. Cryptofights runs on a decentralized delegated proof of stake system.

Enjin's system operates with a democratic consensus, said to create some of the most realistic gameplay ever seen online. All this works on blockchain technology and requires no centralized server type to function.

CryptoFights is a roleplaying game, created by Thoughts In Motion, stores all needed information and game assets on specific blockchain technology. Since there is no server required, the game has excellent seamless graphics and solid gameplay that operates at the highest levels of performance on a side chain of Ethereum. The blockchain it is built on allows for real-time development and realistic fights that are turn-based. Along with that, players can instantly change weapons and armor to create new types of strategy against different opponents.

Because of CryptoFights infrastructure, gameplay is incredibly authentic and transparent, making cheating and possible.  Enjin's game is being called, by many Publications, the most ambitious blockchain gaming project ever to be developed.

CryptoFights is groundbreaking, especially considering the use of the ERC-1155 cryptocurrency token standard. There's a lot of talks that the new standard token will replace all existing soon. Enjin Coin created the ERC-1155 token rule, it is incredibly flexible. You can operate it as a fungible or nonfungible and semi fungible coin – leaving its applications endless. Smart contracts are used to determine the purpose of the currency and create the infinite possibilities there for using the coin.  The code inside the ENJ Token is extremely simple and straightforward making it cheaper to operate when distributing the currency inside games.

Each item in CryptoFights will have its worth in ENJ tokens. Players trade tokens, as well as objects, weapons, and armor. CryptoFights will include a peer-to-peer market, for exchanging goods, services, and ENJ. Smart contracts operating around ENJ can be created to incorporate gas prices, exchange fees, making the coins extremely easy to use. Enjin's currency is the first token to include multiple token classes on one single chain. The game will also add at least 100 unique artifacts or items to make gameplay more realistic.

Will you play CryptoFights? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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