The publisher describes CryptoFisher as a content aggregator that focuses on bringing the user news, useful information, expert and user analysis and reviews about major cryptocurrencies. The app is built with the purpose to provide the user with the best, latest, and most relevant news articles, select cryptocurrency content such as charts and analyses, in the most detailed and analytical way.

Why Use CryptoFisher

According to user and critic reviews, one of the best things about the CryptoFisher news aggregator that makes it different from the rest of blockchain and cryptocurrency news apps on the play Store is that it focuses on bringing the best content only for the top cryptocurrencies. This not only improves the quality of the content gathered, it also makes it easier for the user to keep track of and get updated on specific coins or from specific sites.

CryptoFisher is designed to be seamlessly functional on devices with limited processing capacity, memory, and even in locations where the network connection is poor. The application uses a cutting-edge algorithm that gathers, curates, and presents news pieces in different formats to suit the needs of the user.

It is also worthwhile to point out that CryptoFisher collects news and event information from top-tier news sites including CoinDesk, Reddit/r/Bitcoin, BitcoinMagazine, CryptoInsider,, EthereumWorldNews,, CryptoCoinNews, BTCNews, Bitcoinist, NewsBTC, Altcoinpress, and among others.


Presently, the CryptoFisher application is in Beta stage and supports these cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, NEM, Ethereum Classic, and Monero. If you are interested in any of these cryptocurrencies, you should consider trying out the CryptoFisher app.

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