CryptoForce is a new company that claims to be the leader in POS mining. CryptoForce is the brand-new passive income stream that is designed to provide members with a simple and easy way to make more money with crypto mining. And as far as CryptoForce goes, they also come in the form of Proof-Of-Stake mining, and it’s said to be readily available for anyone who holds the Crypton Token.

How Does CryptoForce Work?

Like every cryptocurrency that is legit, CryptoForce is operated on the Blockchain Technoloyg, and this is to ensure that the digital data that goes through the platform is protected from hacking, fraud, and technical issues that would cause a loss of information.

With the Proof-Of-Stake system, the mechanism of consensus is used to make a new block that the cryptocurrency runs on. And the technology is said to be completely impervious to attacks. They are said to be outright impossible for hackers to perform in any way shape or form. Also, the POS technology that protects user’s data, also allows for an effective mining operation to run on the platform without the need of a bunch of added equipment. The process is essentially mining made simple for everyone.

You can learn more about the company by watching the video on the company website at And as of now, they claim that a whopping 7,943 investors have started with the company, which is a pretty good amount. Unfortunately, other reviews on the web contain this is a false number, and that CryptoForce is a fraud platform.

As for the company, there are two basic ways you can make money on the CryptoForce website. For one, you can perform the proof-of-stake passive income system, where you are promised to earn up to 30% per month ROI from the investment deposit made to the POS Crypton platform.

The second way to make money with the company is to perform Multi-Level marketing. This is basically an affiliate-based referral system that is designed to attract people and payout affiliates every time they bring people into the company.

The development plan and roadmap can also be seen on the company website. And they have apparently been in operation sine 2016, although there is no actual proof of this being the year they started. Regardless, the company has a created a roadmap that goes from 2016-2020, so you can check out their plan and find out for yourself if they are sticking to the plan, and making deadlines.

What Is The ICO On CryptoForce?

As of right now, there is no ICO for the platform. It’s an investment management platform more than anything. And the Crypton Token goes for the rate of $0.11 USD per coin. Overall, the total market capitalization is currently at $2.4 million USD and climbing, with a total supply of 1 billion CRP.

Who Is Behind CryptoForce?

Unfortunately for everyone who is interested in the company, there has been no disclosure about the founders, investors, or anyone who is running the platform. We really have no way of telling if CryptoForce even has investors who are capable of spending your money appropriately. They do have documents on board, and the location of the company headquarters is said to be in Belize.

This is a little shady because of the lack of regulations and corruption that is all too common in Central America. Even so, you can still see the appropriate information about the company in the appropriate documents that are found on the website. If you feel so inclined, you can even check to verify the company is real and registered in Belize, as well as check the address. Because it’s common for a lot of fraudulent companies to claim they are located at a specific address, and people find out when they search that the address sometimes doesn’t even exist.

CryptoForce In Conclusion

The company has several features for helping people make money with the Crypton Token. For one, they claim to be a successful cryptocurrency mining operation that runs on the PoS method of blockchain operation. And two, they have an affiliate system that allows for people making referrals to profit by bringing other people into the company. Unfortunately, the outrageous claims of a monthly ROI of 30% is unheard of and downright ridiculous, and the affiliate system is likely the only way people are making money.

Ultimately, it’s up to you if you want to invest with the company – but according to a lot of personal reviews online, CryptoForce is a certified scam company. And because of the fact they don’t offer any information on the team, I have to mark CryptoForce as a High-Risk investment company as well.

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