Today we are going to review a platform which promises to give you Bitcoins. Its name is Crypto Gain Online. Is this company legitimate or is it another scam that is only trying to steal your money? Read our review and you will have the answers.

What Is CryptoGain?

Crypto Gain is an online site which promises a lot of money. You have probably seen a lot of these lately, have you not? Because so much of these sites are scams our blog has the mission to review them and decide whether or not you should invest in these companies.

This company offers a way for you to mine Bitcoins and start whenever you want. You pay the company a certain quantity of money and then you will be able to get money without having to mine yourself. This basically makes Crypto Gain a mining company from which you buy mining power and then reap the rewards later (if what the company states is actually truth).

We did not find much information about the people who manage this company on its site.

How Does CryptoGain Bitcoin Mining & Trading Work?

Basically, the Crypto Gain company mines Bitcoin and then use its personnel to invest the money and make it grow. Crypto Gain makes a market research and uses cryptocurrency trading for arbitration to get even more money from your investment and make it profitable for you. The company also states that it offers 24/7 support for its users.

The trouble is: is this information even true? We visited this company’s site and, unfortunately, we are not completely convinced that Crypto Gain is not a scam because of what did or did not find. The company’s site lacks some information about the company which could have made it more believable and trustworthy.

The main issue that we have found on this company’s site is that the part of the site that has testimonials is clearly fake. Not only the profile pictures of the customers of the company are completely fake, the text is also a placeholder. This company looks like a scam and it is not even a very good one.

How To Invest In CryptoGain?

To invest in this company you have to create your account, which will be free. After that, you will be able to deposit funds into your account to pay for the mining services that you require from this company. You can invest as much as you want (but, as we stated above, you should not invest in this company, so do it at your own risk if you really want to).

The rules of the company state that people from any country which are 16 or more years old can invest in the company without having legal problems. Multiple accounts for a single member are forbidden, but people from your house can use the same account that you use.

When you withdraw the money (if you actually manage to do it), you will be charged a small fee.

CryptoGain Verdict

Is this company a scam? We are not 100% sure that Crypto Gain is definitely a scam but we have some strong indications that this company is either a scam or a very poorly made company. The lack of information about the people who created Crypto Gain is one of our biggest indicators that this company might not be as legitimate it wants to make you believe it is.

Another factor that can be quite bad is that the company has fake testimonials. Sure, many companies fake their testimonials, sometimes because they are just starting out, but this is dishonest and it makes you think twice about anything that the company states. If the company is actually lying about this, it could be lying about any other point.

We have to advise you against investing in this company for the current moment. If it certainly not a great idea to invest in Crypto Gain in the best case scenario and you can be prey to a scam in the worst one. You should really just find another company that will make you have fewer problems with it instead of this one.

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