The cryptocurrency market is rife with investment opportunities. It’s possible to generate income through a wide range of different cryptocurrency investment strategies, such as crypto mining, investing in initial coin offerings, or simply holding cryptocurrencies for a long time in anticipation of a dramatic rise in value.

All of these strategies share one thing in common, however- they can be complex, and can be risky. Without a significant amount of preparation, or a significant amount of startup capital, it can be nearly impossible to find an investment strategy that delivers a guaranteed return on investment.

A new type of investment opportunity that has recently become extremely popular in the cryptocurrency market, however, appears to do just that. High yield investment programs, or HYIPs, offer cryptocurrency investors the opportunity to deposit cryptocurrencies into a managed fund that delivers daily return on investment.

High yield investment programs are not without their own risks, however. While there are many reputable and reliable HYIPs, there are many that collapse at later stages of their operation, causing all investors to lose their funds. As a general rule it’s best to adopt a policy of “get in early, get out fast” when it comes to HYIP platforms.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at a new high yield investment program called We’ll assess the platform and find out what it offers to help you determine whether it’s worth considering investing in.

What Is is a new high yield investment platform that offers cryptocurrency investors the opportunity to invest in a range of different investment plans. accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, and is backed up by a professional team of experts that possess decades of experience in the investment sector. Investment Plans offers three different investment plans that are divided by the type of cryptocurrency that is invested in:

  • The Dash plan offers a 10% daily return on investment, with a maximum investment amount of 5 BTC
  • The Ethereum plan offers a 12% daily return, with a maximum investment of 10 BTC
  • The Bitcoin plan offers a massive 15% daily return on investment, with an unlimited investment amount. Conclusion is a straightforward high yield investment plan that doesn’t raise any specific red flags. If you’re considering taking a gamble on an early-stage HYIP, is worth considering.

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