CryptoGaule is a new platform that is one of the first French based cryptocurrencies in pre-ICO. You can get started right away, open a CryptoGaule account and get ten free CGL Tokens immediately.

What Is CryptoGaule?

This is the first independent French cryptocurrency company and is deigned to be the preferred virtual currency that has been specifically designed for the French. The project has one main and very specific goal, and that is to create a platform that is ideal for French and French speaking people all over the world. It’s said to be one of the most important digital transitions the world has ever seen. Evven comparing it to the creation of the internet.

The company uses blockchain technology to power the platform and keep it secure. The platform will basically be an educational platform that can be used by anyone and everyone who needs to deal with different topics related to the cryptocurrency space. You can even use the platform as a payment system through the prepaid debit card they’re going to release with the platform.

About CryptoGaule ICO

The next round of the ICO starts in just 36 days, 05 hours and 51 minutes at the time of this writing. They have a few different steps you can check out, which is considered to be the firs step of the platform and the way you can contribute to the CGL platform. After that there are three more rounds you can count on within the company.

The name of the token is CryptoGaule or CGL and the ICO is set to start on May 1st of 2018. The end of the ICO takes place on Jun 31st, 2018. And there is 300,000,000 for the maximum amount of coins with 60,000,000 f them being pre-mined and a max cap of 28,644,000 Euros. The average coin is going to cost you 0.62 Euros each for 1 CGL. There are a few cryptocurrencies they accept like ETH, BTC, and LTC.

The coin is projected to appear on the cryptocurrency markets on June 30th of 2018. And the prices are a minimum of +-0.15 Bitcoin, +- 2 Ethereum, and +- 7 LTC for trading purposes. You can use BTC direct apparently to make exchanges with the coins as of right now. And if you go to the company website, there is a onepaper and whitepaper, both of them are available in English and French. To learn more, you can sign up to their newsletter and stay up to date from the convenience of your email.

CryptoGaule In Conclusion

The platform has a massive team that is helping with development. If you’re looking for a way to get involved in cryptocurrency, but haven’t been able to because of English and French language barriers, then you may want to take closer look at CryptoGaule, because it may be the only French speaking platform in the cryptocurrency world.

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