What Is CryptoGladiator Blockchain Game?

Cryptogladiator is one of a popular game which runs on HTML platform. In this game, the players have to collect all the gladiators with unique appearances and abilities. The process of getting these gladiators is through the market transactions and cloning. The players have the option to take their gladiators to the arena and enroll them in fights to win fantastic prizes.

This game is being developed by NewEconoLabs (NEL), a Chinese based Company. This company has been working on the alertness of the gaming community platform. Cryptogladiator runs the traditional game elements with blockchain technology and that is why you have the option of trading or unique character in the game marketplace. Apart from these options, this game has a function of invites friends with various multiple modes of war community elements.

CryptoGladiator Game GAS Token Rewards Features

It impresses the gamers by the technology it uses, which is the blockchain that combines with this game, which is not only an innovative concept but also one that enjoy the originality of the game.

Character System

The creator of the character is made by the blockchain technology, but the gamers have the 100% ownership. Each gladiator is unique and they cannot be copied, destroyed or carried away by any external parties. There has been a detailed attribute provided to each gladiator in terms of skills, weapons, appearances, and features.

Trade System

Players have the option of selling their gladiators on the market and one with the better attribute is easier to sell.

Clone System

This function helps to combine the two gladiators to create a new one. Players can also lease their gladiators which have better attributes to earn GAS.

Competition System

Players can enroll themselves into the battle with a small amount of GAS and can win battles to earn a heavy amount.

Battle System

The battle is the key to the outcome of fights which will give you a better team configuration.

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