A lot has been going around the Cryptocurrency circles lately, lack of proper banking facilities, complications in the Cryptocurrency exchange procedures, among other issues. All these need solutions such as the ones CryptoGlobal promises to offer.

What Is CryptoGlobal?

CryptoGlobal is an online site that is focusing on the formation of a peer to peer decentralized Cryptocurrency marketplace for all crypto investors. Through the platform, users can participate in buying and selling activities, quickly exchange their fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies. All this will take place in an enclosed ecosystem with comprising of verifiable traders and brokers.

How CryptoGlobal P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Works

To thoroughly enjoy the functions of CryptoGlobal, interested platform users have to invest in the CryptoGlobal token (CGXX Token). The tokens help users to gain unlimited access to both crypto and fiat currencies on the platform. Additionally, the platform promises to offer a wide range of integrated support for over 40 fiat currencies on the decentralized ecosystem. Through this, both buyers and sellers on the platform get to trade using their local currencies, thus saving on unnecessary transaction costs.

Consequently, the site gives its users the opportunity to create their personalized profiles and get to participate in selling and buying activities without relying on middle-persons that tend to hike/ manipulate prices. The move is to improve on Cryptocurrency user experiences that have been on a centralized impact for so long. There are also multiple payment methods in place to suit the needs of each user. The platform has in place over 20 payment models that would encourage investors in the traditional banking systems to invest more in the Cryptocurrency ecosystem, thus maximizing profits.

Also, the platform design takes into consideration user expectation. Thus, it’s easy to use, and with the standardized feature of setting onboard prices, investors engage in fair competition, which is vital in any successful marketplace. The additional feature of fast fiat-Cryptocurrency conversions makes it even better with a 30 minute waiting time.

Should I Join CryptoGlobal?

The platform comes with an excellent number of flexibility features for its users. And apart from the earlier on mentioned benefits, the site has in place a personalized dashboard that comes with a public profile option. Here you get the chance to edit and input whatever you want members of the community to see about you/business. Also, the site is already working as the developers invest in product development using their funds. Therefore, you can be more confident of the long-term sustainability plans in place.

Additionally, information on the white paper reveals that the company plans to engage in marketing and promotional activities to bring more investors onboard. Hence, you will be working in a full house with a ready market. Also, the fact that the site is already receiving support without marketing gives it some credibility.

However, as much as there is so much information going around concerning this ICO, we cannot ignore the fact that some have come with similar ideas with no much of a triumphant ending. Therefore, you should choose to invest because you see potential benefits and not because of the luring marketing pitch.

CryptoGlobal CGXX Token ICO Details

CryptoGlobal will be launching their ICO in 3 separate token sales each offering it's own bonus. The CGXX token is ERC-20 token compatible. You can purchase CGXX with Ethereum.

  • Private Sale: 04/15/18 thru 04/30/18 at 50% bonus
  • Pre-sale: 05/10/18 thru 05/20/18 at 30% bonus
  • Main-ICO: 6/1/18 thru 6/10/18 at 10% bonus

Allocation Of Funds

  • Marketing: 30%
  • Blockchain & App Development: 30%
  • Talent & Recruitment: 10%
  • Development Of Crypto-Fiat Debit Cards: 10%
  • Legal & Admin: 10%
  • Partnerships & Acquisitions: 5%
  • Development Fund​: 5%

CryptoGlobal Conclusion

CryptoGlobal strives to bring solutions to the thriving Cryptocurrency industry, by offering a trustworthy marketplace for crypto assets. The platform claims to offer fast fiat- currency exchanges for its users without a compromise on their security details.

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