CryptoGo is a newly developed platform that was launched for trading various cryptocurrencies by way of Fiat. With so many new ICOs and startups, it’s easy to pay less attention to them and let quality ones slip through the cracks, but CryptoGo is a platform that should definitely not be allowed to just slide on by. The platform has a lot of different enhanced features not see on other cryptocurrencies.

CryptoGo started their operations very recently, so it’s not exactly an exchange. The platform operates as more of a medium of sorts, but it’s still ideal for people who find most of the exchanges in the industry hard to setup, navigate and manage.

It basically operates as a system that functions between the exchanges and the user. And that is why they offer a massive number of cryptocurrencies to purchase on it. You can also deposit money in several ways, like with a deposit directly from your bank or from regular fiat money, debit card, etc. The platform even accepts payments from PayPal and Neteller as well. The company is based out of London by the Investoo Group. And they are veterans when it comes to trading, investing and broking, as well as analytics.

Not only that, but they are extremely passionate about blockchain technology and crypto, which is as of now are their two primary focuses. They are absolute experts in the space and have great insights for anything related to cryptocurrency or blockchain.

How Does CryptoGo Work?

The platform is unique as in it has a massive number of advantages when compared to other exchanges. And these benefits are what sets CryptoGo aside from the other competition. For one, they accept all forms of currency, including fiat money of every type, so no matter where you are on the globe, you’ll always be able to contact them and make a purchase. Some of the more popular fiats are the; USD, GBP, EUR, INR, AUD, RUB, and CAD – of course, these are just the larger currencies I’ve decided to list.

Another aspect that is attractive, the company can be accessed from anywhere in the world. There are no compliance issues to ever worry about. And you use their operations in every country except the USA, like normal.

The minimum trade amount is only a dollar, so you can trade one-dollar worth of any currency on the platform. And there is no limit to how big a deposit can be, meaning deposit as much as you like at any time. You can even go so far as to deposit $100,000 worth of cryptocurrency and then go straight out any buy $100K worth of cryptocurrency.

The website also has some of the bests sources for info on the different cryptocurrencies, with the aim of helping you make money. Even though they are not an exchange, they still work with them and want to see you make money on them.

One of the best parts of the company is there is a very friendly to use interface that is so easy a child could operate on it. The simplicity helps eliminate the factor of messing up a purchase because of confusion.

The web design is easy to use and understand. There are pretty much only a few screens you need tous to make all your transactions – it’s kept very straightforward and simple at its core.

CryptoGo in Conclusion

CryptoGo is a highly unique platform that is better than most actual exchanges on the market, even though its not one. And it’s the fact that it is a medium and not exchange that gives it the ability to operate a little differently. It’s mostly aimed for people new to the industry who need a platform that is easy to use and simple, while being trustworthy as well.

The platform is also ideal for investors from actual institutions because of the cap policy on deoposits and investments, first time buyers will also like this feature. You don’t need any experience when trading on CryptoGo or any weird verification processes either. More often than not, a person has to worry about losing money because of a mistake they made due to a complex system. But CryptoGo has changed that by keeping the platform easy to use.

If you’re new to industry, CryptoGo is ideal for you, because you don’t have to worry about a learning curve to get around, all you need is sign up with the company, deposit some currency and then start trading. It’s still new and has a long way to go until it’s complete, but CryptoGo is still one of the best startups we’ve seen in the cryptocurrency space in months.

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