CryptoGraffiti is a web service which enables people to encode hidden messages into Bitcoin's blockchain using a particular online interface. It has recently added a new and possibly revolutionary functionality – JPG picture writing to the blockchain.

How Does Crypto Graffiti Work?

A guest can type their message into the text area, pay a bitcoin, and after 1-10 minutes view the message decoded from the blockchain and exhibited on the CryptoGraffiti site, along with other messages in the anonymous Bitcoiners.

However, now it is likely to have JPG pictures composed to the blockchain alongside text messages.

The pictures could be up to 50KB in size. And, once the process of publishing into the blockchain is complete, no one on Earth is able to censor, edit or delete the information entered by users – it is stored from the blocks forever.

Millions of folks using Bitcoin customers are storing the very same information on their computers. It is advisable to use Crypto Graffiti responsibly and with caution because all data saved into the blockchain will stay there indefinitely. supplies a performance to encode custom messages since bitcoin addresses and imports them to the wallet for storing text to block series.

This service operates automatically and is not moderated because the blockchain cannot be moderated. Decoding and encoding is performed exclusively from the user's web browser using JavaScript. The authors of this site are not liable for the content it displays. Viewer discretion is advised.

Protocol Specification For CryptoGraffiti

Each Bitcoin trade comprises numerous inputs. Normally we view these addresses within their Base58 format. Nonetheless, in essence they are all only 20-byte binary strings. To save a document on the block series, it needs to be divided into 20-byte chunks (adding zeroes to the end of the previous chunk if needed). Then, to indicate that the end-of-file, one has to append the RIPEMD-160 hash of the original file to the list of document chunks.

The comment should be in UTF-8 encoding and similarly to the document, the comment should be divided into 20-byte chunks. On the other hand, the comment doesn't have to end using its hash. They then concatenate the file chunks, file hash and also remark chunks into one selection. Each one of the chunks need to then be converted into Base58 format. Finally, a normal Bitcoin trade has to be produced, sending the smallest possible number of bitcoins to every one of the Bitcoin addresses in that variety.

Bitcoin Core wallet may not allow duplicate output addresses from its own transaction. A workaround for this is to apply the named remote procedure on a listing of unique addresses at first. Next, after getting the hex string of the raw trade, an individual needs to search and replace those distinctive addresses with the planned and potentially duplicate transaction outputs.

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