CryptoHawk HAWKS ICO

Cryptohawk’s Ambitious Plan for Crypto Trading

CryptoHawk is a blockchain exchange that is set to have all of the world’s leading digital tokens and currencies. Additionally, the venture is also keen the assist in creating awareness in the use of cryptocurrency by using several incentives and convenient payment features to allow widespread use and acceptance.

What They Offer

CryptoHawk will have all the trading and exchange services under one roof acting as a novel for an all-in-one platform. As an investor, the services will include;

  • Different coins – revolutionary technology to allow trading between all the popular cryptocurrencies
  • Live markets – traders are set to get to get real-time services in exchanges, plus a detailed overview of the performance of the market.
  • Professional support – all relevant coins will get a solid referral team for any user query.
  • Vendors – CryptoHawk users will be able to buy products from vendors on the platform and spend the cryptocurrency.

The Basics of Operation

The cryptocurrency exchange will work through four central cores. These will offer the all-in-one services for the cryptocurrencies enthusiasts.

  • Fiat support – get to trade with a wide range of fiat currencies. The trading services will be available 24/7.
  • Crypto credit cards – purchase goods or services in the real world with CryptoHawk own currency (HAWK). The tokens' value depends on the worth of the platform rather than speculation.
  • ATMs – you can withdraw the tokens at any eligible ATM

All these services will work together as a franchise network to form a seamless flow of transactions.

Potential Benefits to Cryptohawk Users

CryptoHawk is set to offer a wide range of interests to people of different categories. Keep in mind; the platform has the multiple portals with diverse classes of users. As such here what each case could benefit from the using the exchange

Shop Owner

  • Get to create your very own service platform without the need for a third-party host or centralized authority to govern your operations.
  • The smooth integration allows for the shop systems to integrate with some of the essential payment systems and web browser plugins to offer the customers convenience.
  • Traders can also immediately exchange their profits into fiat currency shortly after the purchase


  • Provision of a safe and reliable marketplace for goods and services
  • Scalability-the technology offers a highly innovative server which is highly scalable to provide a high performance and availability worldwide.

Does Cryptohawk Stand a Chance?

The user-friendliness, flexibility, and security CryptoHawk HAWKS claim to could come in handy for most crypto enthusiasts. For now, this only remains as a theory since it’s too early to tell. Still, the HAWK tokens are an interesting idea since it acts like a share of stock.

If you purchase the tokens, you are a shareholder of the platform and are entitled to a monthly profits return of 25%. The downside with this project is that the project is too ambitious for a relatively new venture. Additionally, what they are offering is not unique at all, and the claims of the world’s first all-in-one solution are far from reality.

Who Are Behind the CryptoHawk HAWKS Project?

CryptoHawk is the brainchild of a young team from Switzerland who aims to lead the world into using more of cryptocurrency than fiat. The unique thing is the founders look very young and most of them in their twenties. Despite this, some of them do have honorable mentions.

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