CryptoHunt is an augmented reality game that focuses on adventure, one-on-one interaction, socialization, cooperation, companionship, and physical activity. Besides, it adds educational and financial benefits to the players. CryptoHunt has the potential to become a fresh and an innovative platform for eSport and pastime.

What Is CryptoHunt?

To make it simple to understand, CryptoHunt game is similar to Pokemon Go because players go round the real world to capture virtual objects. The main difference between CryptoHunt and other games is the financial side. The players will earn CryptoHunt tokens built on the Ethereum platform. The tokens will be the reward for completing interesting educational and challenging outdoor missions and puzzles and for trading unique items with other players.

CryptoHunt – Earn Cryptocurrency Augmented Reality Game

The tokens earned from CryptoHunt are redeemable for local fiat currency. Similarly, users can spend them in-game for handy boosts and bonuses. The funds gathered during the sale can be used by the team to fund the initial buyback period until sponsors and partnerships become lucrative enough to sustain a further operation of that scale and type.

From the information gathered from the white paper, CryptoHunt believes that “With people spending more and more time indoors glued to consoles, headsets, phones, and television sets, we – the team behind CryptoHunt – felt like things needed to change on a grander scale. We wanted to give people the opportunity to go out, meet new people, and we wanted to financially entice them in order not to have them feel like they’re “wasting their time on video games”.

The team behind CryptoHunt believes that with a healthy community, well-written and plentiful challenges and worldwide adoption, CryptoHunt has the potential to transform the world of eSport. In addition to this transformative game type, CryptoHunt aims to make cryptocurrency more approachable to the non-technical people or those outside the cryptocurrency community.

CryptoHunt CryptoHunt CH ICO

The CryptoHunt ICO will begin after the demo, which is about to start in 19 days. The demo will happen in February 2018. The purpose of the demo is to promote interest in the ICO by confirming that a minimum viable product exists and to portray the seriousness of the team. The demo will provide a minimum viable product and proof of concept version of the game with less polished textures and game mechanics.

The demo will shed light on what the team intends for the game to feel like and not to look like. It will attempt to demonstrate the feeling of cooperation, competition, and excitement. It seeks to achieve this by offering beginner riddles, coin-collecting mechanics, searching for tests around town, making new relationships, and getting some answers from them. The final product will look dramatically different, as more features are added, game mechanics are polished, and player feedback is integrated into the game.

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