You have recently just got into crypto coins, perhaps you did not know, but you need to protect those coins. There are always malicious miners out there working to take advantage of the industry and steal as much as they can. However, you are not helpless; there are measures you can take to protect your bitcoin.

What Exactly Is Cryptojacking

It is a phenomenon, which occurs when someone secretly utilizes your computer to mine crypto coins, without your knowledge. The use of secret mining software has seen a surge in recent years. It has mainly been caused by a rise in the price of Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies.

Millions of computers have been affected by these hackers. It is estimated that they may have made millions of pounds by now. Some of the most prominent sites on earth such as UFC live streams and CBS Showtime have been affected. In some cases, these hackers have affected even the official websites of the governments of Bangladesh and Moldovan.

How Does The Process Work?

In the recent past, it used to be that you would unwittingly install a program that would secretly mine your computer for crypto coins. Alternatively, they can install scripts in your browser, which are used to mine digital coins. Since most sites run on JavaScript, the hackers do not need to install the code on your computer.

Once you visit the page, your computer turns into a workhorse and mines just a few coins every time. In some cases, you will not even notice a change in performance. However, it may cause a slight surge in your electric bill. That is the only way you can tell you have been mining crypto coins for other people.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

If you know a site mines crypto coins, you can use specific in-browser tools to protect your computer from any further mining activity. However, you can do little else. One of the best tools thus far for keeping miner at bay is an extension on Chrome called No Coin.

This tool protects your browser from all mining activity, especially when you are not aware. If you want to keep your computer safe, you should also ensure that you update your computer often.

It is also paramount that you buy the best anti-virus software out there. Ensure that this software is up to date all the time and is set to automatic at all times. Also, be careful about where you get your software. It is advisable that you never use pirated software, as it could come with some extra lines of codes to mine your computer.

It is also advisable that you avoid shady sites, especially for work computers. Ensure that you only use the computer for official business and nothing else. Just use it to open official emails and check to ensure they are not sperm disguised as real emails.

With these few measures, you may not be entirely safe from such hackers, but at least you will have taken steps to protect yourself.

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