CryptoJacking has been a nuisance for past few months evolving and adapting to usher in unauthorized cryptocurrency mining in numerous ways. Search engine giant Google has revealed that their Chrome Web Store is banning extensions that mine cryptocurrency. The extreme step was prompted largely because a majority of mining extensions submitted to the Chrome Web Store failed to comply with its sole-usage policy.

There are many reasons why Google’s decision is necessary. Apart from the deliberate attempts to bypass controls, cryptojacking extensions can slow down CPUs, increase the power consumption and cause overheating issues. The entire time, the user is unaware of these activities and has never agreed to participate in mining activities.

While they will not accept any new submissions of crypto mining extensions, it won’t be until June that they remove the already existing extensions with the same functionality.

This announcement by Google comes after the ban on cryptocurrency advertisements which Google announced last month, which will come into effect this July.

Even though malicious developers have been dealt with a blow today, it is only a matter of time until a more complex method of crypto-jacking is conjured up. Attackers have been increasingly developing ways to conceal an extension's mining functionality until after it gets Chrome Web Store approval.


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