The New Third Generation Blockchain Infrastructure…

In short, the CryptoKami platform is a decentralized reserve system that is similar that of the Ethereum one but instead is only meant for use by third parties. Organizations related to the financial services sector, are able to launch their ICO’s and operate through open source with two (2) CryptoKami inventions. These are done through point of sale blockchains with KAMI tokens.

How CryptoKami Works

There are a lot of moving parts within the CryptoKami platform. It acts as a central bank, distributes and regulates KAMI tokens and does so through the compulsory reserve mechanism. There are a limited number of KAMI tokens through the platform to the tune of 210 million.

This third-generation infrastructure is based on the algorithm like similar contracts are.

CryptoKami Decentralized Financial Reserve System Uses

Uses For Financial Third Parties Include:

  • Deposits
  • Repo Credit
  • Cross-Chain payments
  • Fiat payments

Uses For End Users Include:

  • Investing in CryptoKami ICO
  • Investing in the next financial third-party launches
  • Trading ‘blue chip’ coins
  • Trading through cross-chain exchanges
  • Staking
  • And, all of the services assigned to financial third parties mentioned above

CryptoKami Algorithm

Because this is an open source platform, its processes are slightly different of those you might be familiar with across the Blue-Chip exchanges. These include; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripples, Cardano, Stellar and so on.

Instead of the processes uses there, CryptoKami is more focused on automatic regulation of crypto flows where the others are focused primarily on transaction processing. With the combination of the CryptoKami technology and the KAMI tokens, it will work to re-establish a regulated balance in the market instead of this wild west mentality we are seeing otherwise.

CryptoKami Highlights

Previously mentioned above, there are a limited supply of KAMI tokens which are regulated tokens under the necessary compulsory Reserve Mechanisms. This helps streamline the automated algorithm through the regulated contracts.

We know that there will be a massive demand of the KAMI token as a result of the third-party Financial Services ICO owners, end users, investors, holders, traders and so on. The users must use the KAMI tokens to utilize all the benefits of the platform which in turn will continue to increase the demand.

Lastly, the CryptoKami is described a self-growth engine. What this means is that it will adhere to the supply and demand rule. Through its development it was designed to be sustainable on its own and allow for short, medium and long-term growth.

Where Is CryptoKami Listed?

To date, CryptoKami is listed on several different platforms. These include;

  1. Coin Schedule
  2. List
  3. ICO Bench
  4. World Coin Index
  5. Coin Hills
  6. Crypto Rated

A complete road map of CryptoKami is available on their website which outlines the pre-sales, development, analysis, algorithm, and more.

The concept, is turning your ideas into a reality One that is both tangible and sustainable through the Compliant Token Sale Framework. The CryptoKami platform is available in all countries except those that have the ICO Investment Prohibition Act in effect. Those countries include ones like the United States, China and Canada.

CryptoKami is located in Japan, Cyprus and the Global Developer Community. The team behind CryptoKami are described as technology and blockchain professionals along with a financial organization based in Japan. The development team however, are anonymous. It is said that this is the case because of similarities to other cryptocurrencies, being anonymous will help CryptoKami from being overridden by various legal barriers between countries.

CryptoKami is about to enter their seventh private presale round. And, providing you are in time, you have the option to be added to the Whitelist to fill out the application form and receive detailed instructions.

CryptoKami has been spoken of on various media platforms and based on the demand of its recent presale(s), this may be a platform that Cryptocurrency fanatics want to keep an eye on.

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