CryptoKitties Blockchain Cat Breeding Game Comes Stock On HTC Exodus

In recent times it has been observed that the crypto community is obsessed with virtual cats and its collection. The hunger for cat’s collection is getting more. The best virtual pet game is about to be launched in mobile too. The best use of Blockchain technology so far.

Crypto Kitties Ruling The Blockchain Network

Crypto Kitties became so popular that it blocked the ethereum network which compels the network to launch a new version of the game which can run on mobiles. It has also done the partnership with HTC according to one of the news article.

The game Crypto Kitties was launched in November and it had become a sensation, players all across the globe have spent $19 million trading for kitten characters. It all happened over the Ethereum network. With the high demands, it has been heard that about 50,000 cats have been launched by Crypto Kitties.

HTC U12+ Exodus Allows Users To Access Crypto Kitties

It has all been decided about the mobile app which is going to be launched on HTC’s flagship phone, U12+ and the Crypto Kitties revealed about its partnership with the media a few days back.

Now the HTC websites have focused to launched Crypto Kitties in US markets and the user who is from the US can avail the facility. It is still not sure about the other countries whether they can access the game or not in the first official launch.

The HTC mobile is a Blockchain supporting device which will be loaded with the Crypto Kitties and it’s a revolutionary change in the mobile device. This is the next future. Blockchain technology will help the mobiles to adapt to its platform to make our day-to-day life easier.

Exodus is expected to be launched in the third quarter of this year as per the conference that took place in Hong Kong. RISE Conference also did not disclose the exact date of the launch.

The phone is estimated to be launched in the price range of approximately 1000$.

Crypto Kitties Has Some New Features For The Users

There is good news for all the advanced players (Veterans) as the game includes some new features and goodies. It also has new ‘Gen0’ cat that will be available in the game in every 15 minutes including the fancy cats. Also, there are some unique costumes that will come as a bonus.

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