CryptoKitties Introduces Third Party Developers To Boost Number Of Active Users On The Platform

The largest Ethereum decentralized application (DApp), CryptoKitties, to add third party developers into building the platform to increase adoption of active users on the site.

The love of felines was combined with Ethereum’s smart contract technology to form the CryptoKitties DApp that has grown to be the most popular DApp on Ethereum. With some of the users of the platform using upwards of $100,000 USD to purchase cats on CryptoKitties, the growth of the platform is key to investors on the platform.

This however has been the problem with CryptoKitties as the popularity does not match the overall increase of its active user base past the 500 Stans according to DappRadar. This despite a $12 million USD the company received from venture capital firms.

Join “KittyVerse”: The Launch Of Third Party DApps On CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties development team announced that the platform will accept third party developers to use the dApp’s public API to build applications to solve the problem of low active fan base. The team at CryptoKitties welcomes these third party developers to the “KittyVerse” to collaborate in building DApps as ERC-721 tokens, which are not confined to creator Axiom Zen’s servers.

The platform has already seen one such third party DApp join its ranks, Kitty.Kred. The DApp allows its users to tokenize the collectible coins for their digital kitties on the platform.

The meta-tokens allow users to recreate the digital kitties likeness and to create a fixed supply of these collectible tokens. This differs from the sense that the owners of the tokens have rights over the original ERC-721 token itself. To turn a profit, the users will need to spend, CƘr, a token created by the dApp’s developers, to create the coins and recoup the fee or sell the coins to other users/ activate royalties on the digital kitties market.

CryptoKitties still retains the rights to the ERC-721 CKr tokens used outside the DApp.

CryptoKitties Tokens (CKr) Stored On The Stellar Blockchain

Although built on Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard, the CryptoKitties tokens (CKr) are stored on the stellar blockchain. Ethereum blockchain has long faced scalability (or lack thereof) issues and expensive transaction fees that made Kitty. Kred choose the stellar blockchain. Stellar will minimize gas costs associated with ETH transactions, which should make it easier to onboard users who do not own cryptocurrency. However storage of the CKr tokens is not fixed to Stellar’s platform as users who wish to incur heavy gas costs can use the Ethereum blockchain.

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