CryptoKitties Has Just Announced The KittyVerse Platform And Also The Nifty License

CryptoKitties Has Just Announced The KittyVerse Platform And Also The Nifty License

The Nifty Licenses has been considered as the very first blockchain standard when it comes to the licensing of digital assets; this is in the third-party application. As a result, this is showing CryptoKitties, and the other distributed blockchain applications are proper platforms put in place and not just products on the web.

More To Expect On The Platform

The CryptoKitties platform just announced the new KittyVerse platform, which has been designed to have several games, tools and various other projects that are still in development for users to explore. When at the KittyVerse, a player with digital assets from the CryptoKittie platform is able to have some catfights, race and even be in the position to collect some crypto collectibles.

Additionally, the CryptoKitties platform also went ahead to update their terms of service to ensure they give the third party creators the needed freedom to be in a position to leverage the CryptoKitties assets.

Thanks to the decentralization it is able to empower a unique development in the environment, this is according to the co-founder of the CryptoKitties platform. Once a concept has proved to be viable, the third party creators in the market are able to create on top of it and have the ability to access the existing user base.

In this regard, it means every individual is a stakeholder, and every new experience that is explored just means there are new ways you are able to use your CryptoKittie, states the founder.

The Nifty Kitty program

The other thing that was revealed was the Nifty Kitty program, where the CryptoKitties platform is planning on supporting third-party developers financially, it is for the developer who actually builds a game on the platform. As a creator, you just need to submit your project to the site of the platform. It is all to ensure that they have been able to promote growth within the community with the use of a sustainable revenue motive, instead of having an ecosystem fund in place.

The Nifty Kitty program license will allow the various creators to use and also build on the company’s license foundation for any type of experience that they create with the use of the ERC-721 token. The co-founder of the company authored the original ERC-721; as a result, the game created pioneered this token to be the standard for the non-fungible assets.

There are over 800,000 CryptoKitties that are out in the market, having the collectible cats sold for six dollars to even six figures, it is something that has slowly grown in demand within the market.

A Little About The CryptoKitties platform

In 2017 is when the platform was able to capture the public’s imagination; as a result, the platform was able to maintain its position as the most used decentralized app you can find in the market that is on the Ethereum network. The platform was able to attract a peak usage that was able to account for over quarter of the traffic in the system.

Thanks to the platform there has been over 1.5m wallets and also over $25M that has been transacted through the platform. The digital cats have been able to adequately showcase how the blockchain technology can be cleverly used beyond the crypto coins in the market.

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