What is CryptoLeads?

CryptoLeads is the new platform that is designed to help people with their marketing performance in the cryptocurrency world. They offer different packages that they offer on the page, or if you prefer, you can have them create a package specifically for you, so you don’t have to take what’s straight on the page.

How Does CryptoLeads Work?

The company takes cryptocurrency you pay them, then it converts it to an equivalently valued marketing campaign for whatever your purposes are. And the smallest package it costs $3250 and it’s called the conversion started pack. It includes unique custom content with more than 20 blog posts and 10 forum posts. The rest of the benefits are reserved for the higher- level packages.

The second package of Cryptobuzz contains the above, but also has 500k Crypto Traffic Ad Views to get people to your ad or website. There is also a massive 360-degree package that includes various ads on different platforms as well as social media management on several websites.

As if that’s not enough, the package also has complete setup for ICOs and the entire process going through it. There is lead generation, sales conversions and almost everything you need to get your ICO up and running.

Another of the packages is similar to the first, but it has more focus on social media on sites like Twitter and YouTube.

What is the ICO on CryptoLeads?

The ICO is completely designed for lead driven marketing. That means, you can increase the results you get when marketing by using their easy to understand touch point ICO approach for marketing. The results are that it costs less per investment, there is an increased range of audience and you can count on getting the total investment amount possible on everything you do.

CryptoLeads Conclusion

The content on the website is all completely unique. And professionally produced. It’s tailored to your personal experience, in a way that will be the most beneficial to your ICO. And the content is also sad to be highly engaging, so you’ll be able to get a lot of visitors to your website. Even the blogs that are written are said to be superior to most other pieces of content you see on the market. Along with that is social media management and forum posting.

Basically, CryptoLeads will help you create a commanding presence online that will generate you leads and ultimately sales. I you’re looking for a company to get in with, CryptoLeads looks like they have a massive team backing them, but it’s still too early to tell ho good they’re going to do in the cryptocurrency world. I recommend doing more research into the company Cryptoleads before you invest a bunch of money or time into the company.


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