What Is Cryptoleaf?

Cryptoleaf is a blockchain-based platform that focuses on crowd financing a better environment. The Cryptoleaf presale ends in about 12 days from the time of writing.

After working in the management and investment industry, Cryptoleaf was formed by the founders. Cryptoleaf focuses on solving real world environmental problems. The platform is based on the idea that several innovative and visionary solutions to worldwide environmental problems pass unnoticed in the traditional financing world. This depends primarily on the institutional investors.

The Cryptoleaf Solution

Cryptoleaf seeks to utilize the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to help businesses and entrepreneurs to turn their own ideas and visions into great organizations. They simply aim at guiding businesses to success.

Through their own cryptocurrency, Cryptoleaf seeks “to provide everyone on the planet with the opportunity to support and finance environmental companies, initiatives, and projects.” This is according to their official website. The platform is involved with each of the businesses they support right from the beginning. They support, guide, and provide ongoing business feedback to all their member companies.

Cryptoleaf Accomplished Projects

With organic waste, they have developed self-sustainable bio-gas plants that generate electricity, bio-gas, heat, and high-quality fertilizer under one unit. Altogether, they extract organic wastes from farms and recycle it to produce clean and free energy for businesses and communities.

In Eastern Europe, Cryptoleaf has a project of 10,000 hectares for which it will be providing farming equipment and provide work for more than 1500 casual employees. The project will also ensure adequate food production in the region. Plans include providing autonomous driving farming machines and launching a bio-gas plant to help in recycling organic and vegetable waste.

Similarly, Cryptoleaf targets the shipping industry, which is one of the biggest in the transportation sector. This industry will produce 17% of world’s carbon dioxide emission by the year 2020. In this case, Cryptoleaf has the solution. It seeks to produce ships that use methanol fuel cells. This will lead to safe mode of transportation that does not harm the environment.

Cryptoleaf Features

  • Seamless funding: The platform provides tokenized funding which lowers fees and brings more returns to users.
  • Impact: The platform uses virtual currency to initiate real environmental changes in the world.
  • Milestone-based funding: If projects do not meet agreed milestones, Cryptoleaf returns the unused funds to contributors.
  • Direct democracy: Users have a say in which projects get funding and benefit from the success of those projects. That translates to direct democracy at work.

How Cryptoleaf Eco-Friendly Green Blockchain Crypto Project Works

Once a project is assessed, listed on Cryptoleaf website, and the community has voted, it can start receiving funding. Cryptoleaf uses Ethereum to fund all its projects. Token holders are able to use the LEAF tokens to reduce the usual transaction fees from 2.5% to 0.1%.

Cryptoleaf is in the business of funding projects that are ecologically and economically sound. Therefore, the vast majority of their funds will go into financing approved ecological projects.

Jon Gruda, the founder and strategist of Cryptoleaf has a background in management research and a wealth of experience in dealing with startups.

Cryptoleaf CLF Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: CLF
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Token Cap: 80,000,000 LEAFs
  • Made available to public: 40,000,000 LEAFs
  • Token Price: 1 ETH = 2000 LEAFs

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  1. Strangely, the web shows no sign oft these projects supposedly relying on CryptoLeaf…Actually there is very few informationn available altogether? Could this be a Scam?

  2. Sure does look like a scam – their twitter account has more than 3000 followers but there is hardly ever a reaction to any oft their tweets. I recommend not getting involved with them.


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