This project was created with the aim of researching ways that could be used to enable decentralized networks to host virtual computers with unlimited capacity. To achieve this, the developers of the project concluded that they needed to develop a computer that is similar in concept to the ethereum blockchain. However, this new computer will have vastly improved performance and unlimited capacity. The only premise was that the system developed for this project should be able to allow a million or more clients who join to mine.

CryptoLiveLeak Aims For Interoperability

While there will be many private networks that will be run by corporations, adding some of the services required will be way above their budgets and expertise. For instance, a supply chain system, based on the blockchain technology may be designed to connect suppliers. Such a system will help them to raise trade financing against the invoices they generate. Ideally, such a system could also incorporate a stable currency, an identity, and even haulage and arbitration mechanisms. With the help of CryptoLive Leaks, open versions of these functions and services can be created on its public chain. Private networks can then utilize these services to improve performance.

Aspect of Self-Governance

This project will introduce an algorithm that will be used for the purposes of governance. This algorithm will be known as the nervous system of the blockchain. The algorithm will be used to keep the network safe, thus keep users from malicious attacks. Besides that, it will be used to restart a broken system, to optimize the network’s security and even its efficiency. Additionally, this algorithm will be used to mitigate the misuse of the system and to upgrade the protocol. For instance, if anyone intends to use the platform to run illegal or immoral activities, the system will be able to lock them out.

Future Proofing

The CryptoLiveLeak project aims to build a new kind of decentralized cloud computer. According to them, this could turn out to be the internet 3.0. In this future, the developers see a future where the fabric of the internet itself will turn into a giant computer. This type of computer will have radical properties that could prove quite disruptive. Any enterprise IT systems that will be running on this computer will have an edge over the rest. It will not need to involve complex systems such as backup and restore systems, databases, and others.

CryptoLiveLeak Token Details

There are 300 million tokens produced with 18 decimals. As of now, the company has refused to discuss whether they will hold an ICO or not. This is mainly because they intend to comply with all legal requirements before they can make such an announcement. The tokens go by the symbol CLL.

Interestingly, this may not even be the final name of the project. The developers claim that as the project develops, they may eventually settle on another name. Besides that, they clarified that the CLL token will not be used to power the platform that they are creating.


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