What Is CrypTollBooth?

CrypTollBooth (CTB) is a cryptocurrency exchange platform designed to take into account the needs of its users and investors. Through its business model, where all functions happen at one place, CrypTollBooth seeks to become a one-stop shop for all cryptocurrency investors, traders, buyers, sellers, and holders. The platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that all transactions rely on smart contracts and blockchain verification.

The Problems CrypTollBooth Seeks To Solve

The platform seeks to solve some of the major problems that the cryptocurrency market faces such as high transaction fees. CTB will solve this problem by combining majority of the functions in cryptocurrency exchange into one platform and thus eliminate the need to pay for intermediaries who connect these services. This results in users paying lower fees.

Another problem that the platform aims at solving is difficulties in withdrawing cash after exchanges and transaction slippage, which is caused by the volatility of cryptocurrency exchange rates. CTB will solve this problem by allow users to make withdrawals immediately after an exchange.

How CrypTollBooth Trading Exchange With Wallet Works

CTB has a cryptocurrency exchange that has a unique exchange model whereby users can buy or sell over ten cryptocurrency tokens using any fiat currency. Therefore, the platform’s users can participate in the cryptocurrency market using their own local fiat currency to make payments into the CTB platform without the need to purchase the globally popular fiat currency such as the US Dollar or the British Pound.

The platform is equipped with a cryptocurrency wallet that enables users to purchase or sell their cryptocurrencies to the platform at the current market value. Users can directly convert and withdraw the funds they receive from CTB to their banks accounts or online accounts such as PayPal. The wallet will also allow users directly convert their cryptocurrency to fiat and then withdraw the cash.

CrypTollBooth Benefits

Ethereum Technology

The blockchain technology integrated into the processes of CTB stores a user’s credit history. This ensures that all the transactions on the platform are transparent and auditable.


Blockchain technology integrated into CTB ensures that no intermediaries can collect process or keep a user’s privacy data, which means that users and their transactions remain anonymous.

Future Growth

The demand for CTB services are on a high demand worldwide therefore the platform is likely to grow in the future and benefit investors and users.


CTB is integrated with CrypTollBooth Cryder, which is an autonomous essence based on Ethereum blockchain that makes the platform not vulnerable to any laws, regulations or limitations as it’s constant and cannot be changed.

CrypTollBooth CTB Token & ICO Details

CTB will distribute its ERC-20 compliant security token known as CrypTollBooth Token during the ICO. During the purchase of fiat or cryptocurrency, users will have to purchase the CTB tokens in order to have access to the platform’s services. Apart from access to platform, token holders or investors will receive payment in form of the tokens from profits of the trading activities of the platform such as ATM transaction fees and exchange wallet fees.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: CTB
  • Token sale date: April 13th – May 31st
  • Hard Cap: USD 8.6 million (estimated 22,852 ETH)
  • Soft Cap: USD 2.15 million (estimated 5,734 ETH)
  • Accepted payment method: ETH
  • Standard: ERC 20
  • Total supply 50,000,000 CTB

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