CryptoLogic Bot Review

What Is Cryptologic Crypto Trading Bot?

Cryptologic Crypto Trading Bot is a ridiculous system really. They have scarcity signups on the first page, claim to have huge profit margins with no fees and are promising to be the most profitable of all trading robots. Any company that promises to start trading on auto pilot and to be 100% risk free with free registration is likely a scam.

How Does the Cryptologic Crypto Trading Bot Work?

Their trading robot is made to generate trades using what they claim to be the highest winning ratio. They claim for this to be possible because of the top industry trading indicators with an added touch from their experts. They will also accommodate for the natural volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

They promise that the bot will be fraud protected completely. Also, they are saying they will give the lowest fee with safe and fast trades. Not only that, but that they are in the top ten of all crypto coins. They accept payments on a worldwide scale as well with easy withdrawals. The problem is when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

The Cryptologic Crypto Trading Bot is promised to minimize risks and boost the users marginal level of profit. They also claim that they will be using advanced technology and that each bot will be equipped with a loaded set of tools specially designed for management purposes. They use advanced strategies to help with management and profit extension tools.

The company is also working to improve the risk associated with profiles in the cryptocurrency world. It’s said to be the perfect company for beginners to start with as well. Of course, this is all according to the company website. There is no real information as to why this is all possible. Right now, you can try a demo of the company.

What is the ICO On This Bot?

It’s unknown at this time what the ICO is, there is not a lot of information on the company website.

Who is Behind Cryptologic Crypto Trading Bot?

There is no indication as to who is on the team, who the founder is or where the company is located. It’s a bad sign when a start up has no information on who is running the project or where they are from.

Cryptologic Crypto Trading Bot Conclusion

This promises to be a crypto trading company run by A.I. Unfortunately, it is on the same line as several scams that have popped up recently. Its advised that you do not invest with Cryptologic Bot – at least not until more information is divulged and we know more about the company.

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