Today we are going to review a new cryptocurrency company called Cryptolux. Check our review if you are curious and you want to know more about Cryptolux.

What Is Cryptolux?

Cryptolux is the name of a financial network in which you can make payments and transactions by using the blockchain technology. This platform was created for independent users and it promises to offer fast and secure transactions for you by using the blockchain technology to create a decentralized and self-regulated environment.

The system created by this company enables the creation of a full payment system which will be transparent and anonymous because all the transaction will be public but the name of the people who made the transactions will all remain anonymous.

The company has decided to make an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to get the funds for launching the platform. The ICO will have a total of 7 million tokens sold (from the limited supply of 42 million tokens, which was chosen to prevent inflation and to valorize the ICO).

Cryptolux states that it is impossible to hack its network due to the decentralization of the company provided by the blockchain technology. The company also uses many security protocols to ensure that no confidential information of its clients can ever be stolen.

How Does Cryptolux Lending & Trading To Earn Cryptos Work?

Basically, Cryptolux is a financial platform which works using the decentralized technology of the blockchain to enable its users to use cryptocurrency to make payments all over the world. Not only the decentralization protects the user but it also enables Cryptolux to have minimum transaction fees, which are paid to the people who validate the transactions.

The platform uses a proof-of-stake method, which means that you will be able to stake your tokens. Staking means that you can use your tokens to validate transactions and you can profit from this. The more coins you stake, the more profit you get.

The technology used in the construction of this platform also enables Cryptolux to be faster than many other companies that you can find in the financial market. Your transactions can be made in a couple of seconds.

By using Cryptolux you will be able to have a personalized Cryptolux Debit Card which you can use to spend your tokens whenever you want. You can purchase for a value equivalent of $15 and you can even withdraw up to $3,000 USD anywhere in the world daily using this card or, in case you want to use it for a payment, you can use up to $10,000 USD.

This platform will soon be supported on both Android and iOS smartphones. The final release of Cryplux is scheduled for 2018.

How To Invest In CryptoLux CLX ICO Details

If you want to invest in Cryptolux, you have to participate in the Initial Coin Offering. The pre-ICO will begin on March 25 and only 50,000 people can register to participate, so you should be quick if you want to pay the best prices for this cryptocurrency.

Another way to get tokens is by participating in the Affiliate Challenge. It’s going to work like this: if you get more referrals than the other people, you win. The first place will get 5000 free CLX tokens, the second place will earn 2500 CLX tokens and the third will get 1000 CLX tokens completely free of any type of charge.

Cryptolux Verdict

Is the Cryptolux a great platform for you or should you pick another one? That can be hard to say because the company is actually pretty OK and it looks like it has its heart and its business all in the right place, but there also some downsides that you have to acknowledge before you can safely invest in a company like Cryptolux.

The major problem with this company is that Cryptolux does absolutely nothing new. If you look well enough, you can probably find another company which will offer the exact same service to you and it will be better. Why choose Cryptolux then? That is the whole problem of investing in this company, it is just too unoriginal to be a great investment despite being actually a “good” company.

Because of this issues, you should take your time and maybe research some other companies on our blog before you take you final decision to invest in Cryptolux. Thinking twice is always a good idea in the cryptocurrency market and in this case you have plenty of time to do it, so it can be a good idea.


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