Cryptomania Bitcoin & Beyond FM Radio Show Focuses On Crypto & DLT

Initially, cryptocurrencies were only perceived to be used in the financial landscape. However, recent developments within the industry have seen the usage of the virtual coins along with their underlying blockchain technology transcend far beyond their originally conceived scope. Nowadays, it is usual to see such technology applied in the pop industry. In fact, television and social media platforms have enjoyed this services for a considerable period, and next in line is the radio broadcasting sector, a worldwide first.

A Boston-based radio, North Shore 104.9 FM will start airing a show known as Cryptomania – Bitcoin & Beyond on a weekly basis. The reason behind the establishment of this dedicated show is the rising popularity of cryptocurrency as a useful asset investment class among the radio audience within the United States. Nonetheless, the broadcasters are expected to portray both sides of digital assets, including the much-dreaded aspect that is volatility.

The idea for the crypto-biased show was initiated by Nathaniel Biddle, the creator of New England Blockchain LLC. According to reports, the major subject of discussion throughout the programs will be BTC and distributed ledger technology. Dana McIntyre and Jameson Rust will be the co-hosts, and their primary objective will be to simplify the concept of the topics mentioned above so that they are understandable to laypeople. In line with this objective, the show has adopted a catchphrase known as ‘Get in The Game’.

Cryptomania will be available on air, online, and on YouTube every Saturday at 9:30 AM EST. Residents of Boston and Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley will receive the show through their FM tuners on the 104.9 frequency. Individuals living outside the radio broadcast range will get the show via the internet on As from next month (July 2018), the show will be accessible through YouTube on the radio show’s channel.

As mentioned earlier, the subject of digital currencies has been gaining traction within the pop culture. Previously, Bitcoin has been highlighted on popular shows such as The Simpsons and Family Guy. Earlier this year, Cheddar created the Crypto Craze program, a show whose objective is to explain the subject of cryptocurrency trading to the young generation. Most recently, CBS allotted a TV show to Jason Appleton, a prominent figure on YouTube who is also a renowned crypto enthusiast.

The paradigm shift towards the broadcasting of crypto-oriented programs is a significant pointer that the virtual currency wave will still burgeon, at least for the foreseeable future.

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