A very demanding process, cryptocurrency mining usually generates a lot of heat. Often, this energy is lost, as miners are unaware of how to harness the heat for economically useful purposes. As weird and far-fetched as it may sound, this hotness can be used to cultivate ‘cryptomatoes’. This is per an announcement earlier this month on Twitter by Kamil Brechja, the proprietor of the NakamotoX trading platform.

While the concept of agriculture and digital currency mining mutually benefiting each other seems inconceivable, the pioneering batch of cryptomatoes is ready for harvesting. The excess heat generated from mining hardware is proving useful when channeled to a tomato greenhouse. Further elaborating on the process, Kamil revealed that the procedure entails the placement of heat container in the greenhouse’s basement, which harbors and disseminates the heat into the plantation.

Kamil was initially tight-lipped on in-depth details of the project, as it is still in developmental stages and a certain level of secrecy is expected. However, upon insistence by curious clients, Kamil inadvertently let out finer details of the cryptomatoes project. He disclosed that the project is the flagship of the all-new ‘agritechture’ incentive which seeks to blend agriculture and technology. Kamil added the tomatoes are cultivated on a 5-acre farm and will be available in the market in a short while.

Besides the heat used in growing tomatoes, clients will benefit from the energy created from the resulting bio-waste. Consequently, an energy cycle will be created, saving considerable amounts of money as well as conserving the environments.

At the inception of this project, the vision was far beyond the growth of tomatoes; the master plan included a variety of crops. However, as per Kamil, the stringent local regulations made it hard impossible to attain a license to grow medicinal marijuana. As a result, the company opted to grow tomatoes and other vegetables.

Currently, the crypto mining sector is under heavy criticism for consuming massive amounts of power, with the Bitcoin network consuming a reported 55.3-terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity annually. While counteracting measures seeking to mitigate this menace come out on a daily basis, none comes close to cryptomatoes in terms of self-sufficiency. This revolutionary innovation adequately solves this problem by creating a sustainable energy cycle will providing food and money to the consumer. Irrefutably, cryptomatoes is just a glimpse of the great goodies that the crypto space holds.

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