An honest review of CryptoMillionsLotto

If you are looking to join of the biggest cryptocurrency lottery you can find in the market, then this is the platform for you. The CryptoMillionsLotto has been designed in a manner that makes it easy for you to play and start winning, but this is not all as you are able to buy the CML tokens in the current ICO and receive a percentage of the company’s equity and revenue.

What To Know About CryptoMillionsLotto?

The company’s primary mission is to be the best by evolving with the new technologies that hit the market. Would you really like to gamble your hard earned cash on a 25-year-old technology? The existing lotteries you will find in the market are failing simply because they are not evolving with the new trends taking place in technology.

It is estimated that about one in every five people plays the lottery globally, this is in a market that is worth more than $300 bn, making it essential to invest in the best technology the market is able to offer. So it begs to ask, what aren’t the current lotteries in the market taking advantage of the advanced technology that has been put in place?

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The Problems That Exist With Today’s Lotteries

The gambling industry has been filled with several issues over the years some of which are; the players have been limited to the local lottery products, there are usually some delays in paying the affiliates and the winners. The industry lacks transparency on the transactions and also fairness that are taking place, there is very poor adoption for the e and m-commerce that is in the market, not forgetting there is over-regulation thus this is preventing adequate innovation in the market.

But with the CryptoMillionsLotto some of this problems have been reduced if not eliminated. The other advantage the platform is able to offer its players is the fact you are able to buy tickets with the cryptocurrency across the world. Not forgetting there are instant winnings that are announced and also recorded thanks to the blockchain technology.

The blockchain technology also facilitates for anonymity and swift transactions with cryptocurrencies, let’s just say with this platform you are looking at the future of the lottery industry.

How It All Works

The platform will surely give you 20 reasons to play; it has been poised to be the market leader as it is able to provide each player with big prizes and also a fair lottery. To ensure there is transparency in the whole system the company uses the German National Lottery to ensure there is 100% transparency all through.

If you are looking to join the platform lottery you can do this in just a few steps, the first is purchasing the CML Tokens, and from this, you get a 15%gross revenue that is distributed to all the token holders. The distribution is done every quarter with a projected yield.

Our Take On The Platform

When getting into gambling it is best to get into a platform that has invested in the best technology the industry has to offer, and this is exactly what CryptoMillionsLotto has to offer. But this is not all, there is a revenue potential of about US$700M, and with this return is likely to grow, a platform to be a part of.

CML Token Details

  • Token name: CML tokens
  • Token symbol: Loto
  • Number of tokens: 30,000,000 (25,000,000 CML tokens and 5,000,000 reward tokens)
  • Price per CML token: US$2.50 (or cryptocurrency equivalent)
  • Price per reward token: Free
  • Maximum raise: Us $62,500,000
  • Soft cap: N/A
  • Ofertas shares per token: Between 2 tokens and 2.6 tokens for 1 free share
  • Ways to buy: BTC, ETH & FIAT
  • Use of proceeds: Marketing, Development & Support
  • Team tokens: Zero
  • Start date: 9.00am gmt, 1 june 2018
  • End date: 11.00pm gmt, 29 june 2018

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