About CryptoNationZ (CNZ)

The auspicious CryptoNationZ (CNZ) project is masterminded by an affluent businessman backed by a team of professional experts form the United Arab Emirates. The business plan outlines a uniquely impressive strategy for developing a lasting real estate investment. Currently, the project owns a couple of world-class residential suites, a figure set to increase significantly on the project realize its goals.

Firstly, the company will commit to building its portfolio. This will start with the acquisition and development of new properties; luxurious homes with an appealing ambiance. After the purchase, the premises will undergo a massive facelift, including the installation of reliable internet connection, posh amenities and state-of-the-art security infrastructure. By doing this, CryptoNationZ aims to build its reputation within the market and attract potential clients. Later on, users will have the option of requesting customized units.

Buying, Holding and Selling Properties

The process will follow the following steps

  • Lead generation – CryptoNationZ will use internet ads, written letters and local agents to generate leads targeting pre-foreclosure property owners.
  • Researching properties – after establishing leads CNZ will assess the properties to determine if they are a worthwhile investment.
  • Determining the maximum purchase price – the company will use a predetermined proprietary formula to ascertain the viability of purchasing a premise.
  • Making offer – if a unit passes the above step, CNZ will make an offer with an intention to purchase.
  • Financing – CryptoNationZ usually prefers foreclosure as a means of funding, though they can resort to other methods if the first option is inapplicable.
  • Rehabbing properties – once the purchase is confirmed, the company will focus on upgrading the house’s features to conform to its high standards.
  • Selling premises – after rehabbing, CNZ develops a sales contract to be used in reselling the house.

Marketing plan

The primary marketing tactics of CryptoNationZ include:

  • Maintaining a property database – this enables potential client to easily access the properties on sale.
  • Automated letter writing initiative – CNZ will regularly send letters to individuals who have previously shown interest in their properties.
  • Website and internet advertising – using strategies such as keyword targeting and regional pay-per-click campaigns, CNZ hopes to lure internet users into buying their products.
  • Billboards – CNZ strategically places conspicuous adverts in areas with a high concentration of potential clients; both buyers and sellers.
  • Investor networking – CryptoNationZ relies on its investor community to spread a good word about the company.
  • Collateral – the company will use business cards, brochures and other print media to market its services.

CryptoNationZ (CNZ Token) ICO

The CNZ Coin will be the sole means of exchange in the CryptoNationZ ecosystem. The token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and runs on the ERC20 protocol. This ensures that it is efficient, secure, reliable and transparent.

CryptoNationZ Roadmap

CryptoNationZ (CNZ) was incepted in the second half of 2017. In 2018, the project set up both the finance and legal teams in preparation for the impending ICO. The ICO, scheduled to occur in May 2018, will signify the start of the first of six phases in CNZ’s grand plan. Afterwards, the token will be listed in popular exchange. Once this is done, the company will embark on a five-year journey after which it intends to have a market value exceeding $1 billion.

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