Cryptoneum Coin CRP Review

As many of us might be aware of, today there are tens of cryptocurrencies that are being launched into the economic market on an almost monthly basis (thereby making it extremely hard for investors to keep track of the price of each individual asset).

However, even with all of these developments taking place, there is still a large knowledge gap that exists within the crypto-market keeping potential investors from putting their money into this domain.

About Cryptoneum Coin CRP

Cryptoneum Coin CRP is an all new “decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform” that has been designed via the use of AI modules. It is based entirely within the ethereum blockchain, and makes use of a high value reward coin that aims to serve a variety of investment purposes.

In terms of the design of Cryptoneum, it can be seen that the system makes use of automated protocols that help increase overall platform safety, profitability. Other key aspects of this system include:

(i) Easy to Use:

The interface used by Cryptoneum is highly simple and allows novice/ experienced investors to make full use of the platform.

(ii) Backing:

According to information we have sourced from the official company website, we can see that Cryptoneum is backed by a team of “strategists, professional traders and financials experts” who hold solid expertise within this market area.

(iii) AI:

As mentioned earlier, this platform is powered by AI regulated bots that have been designed to run 24/7. In addition to this, these bots also help in the constant monitoring and surveying of crypto markets (through tracking rates at various online exchanges).

(iv) Profits:

To help maximize user returns, Cryptoneum has employed the services of various professionals who have been in the world of forex and stock trading for over a decade.

Other Key Aspects to Consider

(i) New Currencies:

To keep customers up to date with the latest happenings in the world of crypto, the developers have designed bots which help track “newly listed coins on different exchanges (via coinmarketcap)”. Not only that, through the use of ‘specialised analytical tools’, these bots are also able to inform investors about the most promising new currencies that we should look into.

(ii) Decentralised:

Owing to the fact that Cryptoneum is based within the crypto network, users can be sure that all of their funds can be tracked and monitored in a completely transparent manner.

(iii) Arbitrage:

Through the use of an advanced monitoring system, this platform is able to keep accurate tabs on a wide array of alt-coins that are trading at different prices on various exchanges. In addition to this, Cryptoneum is also able to use price variations in our favour, and thus provide us with decent profits via the use of an “auto arbitrage” system.

(iv) Availability:

Unlike some crypto currencies that can be hard to procure, CRP will be made available on a number of established online exchanges including EtherDelta, and LiveCoin.

What does the Lending Program Look Like?

A great way to earn money via the use of Cryptoneum is by availing of its lending program. The core packages that are on offer include:

  • Investment Amount: $100-$1000; Monthly Return Rate: 33-45%; Capital Returned After: 199 days.
  • Investment Amount: $1001-$5000; Monthly Return Rate: 33-45% + Daily Interest of 0.15%; Capital Returned After: 149 days.
  • Investment Amount: $5001-$10,000; Monthly Return Rate: 33-45% + Daily Interest of 0.20%; Capital Returned After: 119 days.
  • Investment Amount: $10,001-$100,00; Monthly Return Rate: 33-45%+ Daily Interest of 0.25%; Capital Returned After: 99 days.

Cryptoneum Coin CRP Token Details

To power all of the transactions taking place within its network, Cryptoneum Coin CRP will make use of a native currency called CRP. In all, there will be a total of 8 Million CRP that will be made available during the ICO. The sale is scheduled to start on the 25th of January, and will take place through the use of a round based system. There will 6 rounds, during whom there will be a total of 160000 tokens available for purchase (per round)

For any further details regarding the platform, CRP or the ICO, users have been asked to get in touch with company personnel via email ([email protected]). Alternatively, company members can also be contacted via Telegram or Twitter.

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