Cryptonex CNX

Cryptonex is an international decentralized cryptocurrency that is intended for the new generation of consumer.  It is designed on its own blockchain platform and works best on this personalized system.

The main reason why this cryptocurrency was created was to offer users a chance to exchange any currency in the world for any other kind of token or cryptocurrency. It also gives the users an opportunity to purchase goods and services using payment cards and mobile phones, all while enjoying the anonymity of a decentralized currency.

What Is Cryptonex CNX?

Cryptocurrency was created by a team of the international finance investors. Their main area of interest has been in the development of various software for use in the financial market.

The experts decided that 210,000,000 coins were the maximum and optimum possible number of coins. The emission for free circulation through website, pre-sale and even exchanges is 85,000,000 CNX. On the other hand, about 15,000,000 CNX would be used for the Bounty Program.

Up to now, Cryptonex, as a team owns 5,000,000 CNX. It is also very important to remember that about a hundred million CNX can provide liquidity while also in the process of acquirement.

Cryptonex CNX Bounty Program

The Cryptonex team has also put into place a variety of programs designed to incentivize user actions that contribute to the growth of the CNX market. They are listed below.

Payment For Posts

Users of Cryptonex are rewarded for posts that they make on social networks and other forums. The post must be useful and contain a sensible meaning to get the reward.

A user will get 1CNX for one post that has Cryptonex mentioned in it. However, for a post that has an active link to the official Cryptonex website, the user wins 2 CNX.

The user is also allowed to post any Cryptonex information on the signature. The URL will then be sent through the form of the BackOffice so that the reward can be given.

Cryptonex CNX Referral Program

Active users who mainly assist in the development of the entire cryptocurrency platform are given exceptional opportunities. They can send a referral link to their friends and get about 20 percent profit each time the recipient purchases CNX. This kind of reward is transferred automatically when the purchase program is carried out through the BackOffice.

Cryptonex has announced that the Bounty Program would be valid until about 90 million CNX would be released for free circulation. After that period has elapsed, buying CNX using BackOffice will not be available for users.

Reward For Translations

Cryptonex also gives rewards to the users who translate texts and help in creating the project in the language of their countries.

How The Pre-Sell Works

Just as the BackOffice is about to be launched, pre-sale for the Cryptonex CNX is available under these conditions:

  • The minimum amount that can be transferred is 14 Ether or 1 BTC, and the bonus that is rewarded at this particular level is over 20 percent.
  • Users are only required to transfer the amount of 14 Ether or 1 BTC to their wallets and then send the notification through a feedback form.
  • Once the CNX gets admission to join other international exchanges, the price of CNX in the BackOffice will be determined as per the quotes.

Cryptonex CNX Conclusion

Just a few days since its announcement, this cryptocurrency program has made tremendous steps and is still growing to achieve some of its goals.

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  1. I invested in September and got great profit due to price growth.
    Now I’m into P-O-S mining and quite satisfied with it for now.


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