Traditionally, poker has always been a thrilling game. Cryptonia poker intends to enhance this entertainment by bringing in transparency and the intrinsic value of digital currencies through an online poker platform driven by blockchain technology.

Under the prosed platform, payers will benefit from competitive rakes, discounts and other value additions provided through continued business promotions as well as the appreciation of their Cryptonia, the official currency of the ecosystem. The Cryptonia token will be inaugurated in an ICO, where users will have the opportunity to buy 75% of the project’s tokens. Business promotions and the project development will take 20% and 5% respectively.

The Current State Of Online Poker

As the days go by, poker hobbyists become more tech savvy, influencing the growth of the online poker market. According to projections, online gambling will be worth at least $51 billion by the end of 2018. By 2020, the figure is expected to hit the $60 billion mark.

Barely a decade ago, the online poker industry suffered major drawbacks as a result of stringent regulatory measures. However, stakeholders reformed the laws, making the game more appealing to gamblers. Moreover, online casinos made efforts to improve transparency and fair play.

Undoubtedly, the integration of blockchain technology will propel the online poker sector to new heights by improving transparency and fairness.

Problems Cryptonia Poker Online Gaming Platform Seeks To Solve

Although the industry has registered more participants in recent years, online poker has always had underlying problems. Such issues include poker room scandals, intransparency and insecurity. These problems are the primary cause of gambler apathy in most regions across the world.

Additionally, unfriendly laws in some regions as well as rigid payment providers have substantially reduced the liquidity of the online poker space; hence affecting the dynamics of casinos. This has a negative ripple on a global scale.

Cryptonia Blockchain Solution

By leveraging blockchain technology, Cryptonia will solve all the transparency, security and liquidity issues.

Firstly, the Cryptonia Token will replace fiat currency in the online poker platform. The Ethereum-based token will be made available in popular crypto exchanges to ensure that it retains its value. Furthermore, it will be universally accessible, fast and efficient.

Thanks to blockchain technology, online poker will be completely fair. Currently, malicious individuals skew the casino software to con gamblers of their money. Blockchain technology is renowned for its inalterability, and will therefore make the number generation process fair to all parties.

Cryptonia poker will not solicit personal information from gamers. In addition to simplifying the registration process, this reduces the vulnerability of gamblers by upholding their anonymity.

The Cryptonia ecosystem will use smart contracts to validate all transactions. Smart contracts increase efficiency and trust, as well as making operations significantly cost-effective. Also, the transactions will be traceable, as they are stored on the blockchain ledger.

The software powering Cryptonia incorporates top-notch security features capable of spotting and preventing fraudulent activities. Besides this, the system will have CAPTCHA to eliminate the possibility of having robotic users.

Cryptonia CPC Token ICO Details

Cryptonia will issue its ERC20 utility token in a crowdsale divided into two phases; the presale and the ICO. The proceeds from the ICO will be disbursed using the following criteria:

  • 60% will go towards development, maintenance and upgrading of the project.
  • 25% will go to the marketing campaign.
  • 155 will go toe the team and advisors.

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