Cryptonimus Investments is a company which specialises in mining of bitcoins and uses the funds from the clients to further expand their infrastructure and using this increased capacity, the aim to mine more bitcoins, profit more from it and share the returns with their customers.

It has good technical support and customer support as well and claims to have been in this business for quite some time now. The company has 3 types of investment plans which will help the clients of the company to start making money right away and multiply it quickly and then reinvest the same.

Cryptonimus Investment's Investment Plans

  • The 1st Investment plan pays 10% hourly for 12 hours: Minimum Deposit: $10 and there is no maximum deposit
  • The 2nd investment Plan pays 11% hourly for 12 hours: Minimum Deposit: $1000 and there is no maximum deposit
  • The 3rd investment Plan pays 12% hourly for 12 hours: Minimum Deposit: $10000 and there is no maximum deposit

Features of Cryptonimus Investments

Can Investors Trust Cryptonimus Investments?

Cryptonimus Investments is a High Yield Investment Programme or HYIP which promises very high and quick returns to its customers. They claim to be in this investment business for long and also say that the funds will be used for bitcoin mining which is the latest fad.

The investors can allocate a small part of their portfolio to such schemes and see how their investments go. It is important for the clients, not to be lured by fake promises and invest a large part of their earnings on such schemes as these are unregulated and not controlled or monitored by any authority as such.

Cryptonimus Investments Conclusion

The website of the company looks very neat and pleasant and the reason why we focus on the website is that this is the only exposed part of the company and we have to try and evaluate the company only using this for now. They are into bitcoin mining and they say that the profits from the mining would be shared with the investors.

Their approach to the business and the backbone of the company, in bitcoin mining, seems a bit stable. They also claim to have been in the investment business for long and hence their trust factor increases slightly.

They also have a variety of deposits methods which shows that they are quite professional and seem to know what they are doing. There is not start date for the scheme and so we do not know how long this scheme has been running so far.

But everything is only on the internet and on the website and hence has to be taken with a pinch of salt and it is important for the investors to take care while investing in such schemes and ensure that they allocate only a small part of their portfolio to such schemes.

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