Cryptonomos is a hosting platform for ICO sales where ICO tokens can be purchased using bitcoin and ethereum. Cryptonomos hosts a highly curated selection of tokens that have been assessed as being the most interesting ICO propositions on the market, and connects those ICOs with a token buying community of 32,000 members. In addition to its primary role as a connector of token buyers and ICOs, Cryptonomos offers full-service technical, analytical, strategic, publicity, and marketing support to selected ICO companies.

Cryptonomos launched in early 2017, when the founders identified a need for an ICO marketplace that offered both curated ICO launches for token buyers and a secure, easy environment for ICO companies to connect with those buyers.

What Is Cryptonomos?

So what exactly is Cryptonomos? Cryptonomos is first and foremost a technology platform that connects a user base of 32,000 token buyers (as of November 2017) with a highly curated selection of ICO token sales. Companies seeking launch on the Cryptonomos platform, they are instantly connected with that platform of token buyers.

Cryptonomos also offers companies the advantage of an expert full-service blockchain advisory that assists with all aspects of preparation for the token sale including everything from book building and traffic management, to whitepaper construction, marketing, and PR.

Who Is Part Of The Cryptonomos Team?

The Cryptonomos technical team has worked for years developing cutting-edge blockchain applications while other team members have decades of experience in technology, finance, energy, legal, PR, journalism, and marketing. Their CEO, Oleg Poskotin became interested in the blockchain space in 2013 when he explored bitcoin payments for the Xsolla gaming distribution platform as their VP of Finance.

The founders are serial entrepreneurs with deep experience in running and founding successful businesses in everything from tech, to energy, and finance.

Leonid Markin has several years experience running successful businesses including as cofounder of a P2P financial lending platform called and also Cityenrgo.

Edward Khaptakhaev comes from a legal background and was also a co-founder of P2P lending business Edward has also been the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the NATCREDIT car leasing financial group, and for energy utility servicing company CityEnergo.

Andrey Kuzenny was previously the CTO of Cityenergo and the founder of VEDTRANSPORT. Cryptonomos co-founder and Chief Product Officer Olesya Egozina was the CPO of mobile advertising platform AppinTop and Head of Development for the Argon Group.

The rest of the core Cryptonomos team has a diverse background.

Zeev Kirsch General Counsel, has worked as an attorney for several years, most recently as a Staff Attorney, at leading law firm Paul Weiss, where he worked on complex financial litigation utilizing complex data extraction methods.

Director of ICO Strategy, Delon De Metz has a degree in Economics from Harvard, and experience working in everything from investment banking, to PR, and digital marketing.

Director of PR, Gus Donohoo was previously the Editor of a major culture magazine, and prior to that was an academic working on decentralized energy technologies and teaching Law and Ethics at a leading university.

The Cryptonomos team is global, with staff in the US, Russia, and Singapore.

Cryptonomos Opportunity

Cryptonomos successfully launched the ICO of:
– Giga Watt – the blockchain marketplace for mining.

And were successful platforms for the ICOs of:
– ICOS – the ICO startup platform.
– Horizon State – the decentralized voting and collaborative
decision making platform.

Cryptonomos is currently managing the ICO for:
– Rentberry – the decentralized rental market.

And offering the ICO platform for:
– Playkey – the cloud-based video game platform.
– Neuromation – the AI marketplace.

Cryptonomos Verdict

In a crowded ICO marketplace, Cryptonomos offers an interesting proposition as both a source for carefully selected ICO opportunities for token buyers, and as a technology platform with a proven track record of successfully launching ICO sales for innovative businesses. To connect with Cryptonomos You may reach them a:

9350 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 324
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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  1. Cryptonomos is a scam. When you try to withdraw your tokens, they ask for a fee in ETH. This is first time i see an ICO process charging for distributing tokens. Besides, where do you get ETH on an account with tokens? Do yourself a favor, stay away


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