Cryptons Game is the first and perhaps most sophisticated crypto-universe built entirely on blockchain technology. It has an interesting plot that is both fun and engaging, and players stand a chance to cash in on the crypto craze while playing.

The Cryptons Game Plot

This game is set in the cryptonic universe, a realm that is occupied by Cryptons that are made of metallic, mechanical components but have the capability to comprehend emotions and other feelings. There are five phases to the story of these mighty creatures.

The first phase, The Time of Prosperity, is the beginning. It is a time when the universe was largely undiscovered. Cryptons were just discovering all the resources they had at their disposal. Their most important resource was quintessence, a life-giving energy that fueled the Cryptons. They made the best use of this quintessence to conquer the universe and build vast cities with advanced technology.

The second phase, The Lost Era, is when the trouble begins. Quintessence is used excessively, and its insufficiency causes an outbreak of war between the ruling classes and the rest of the empire. The war lasts for millennia and costs a lot of lives. The remaining survivors come together and gather the remaining quintessence to store it.

The third phase, Eternal Sleep, sees the Cryptons face as the threat of extinction. The survivors come together and decide to produce Serenity Chambers that will place them in an eternal sleep in a state of suspended animation.

The fourth phase, The Arrival, is the dawn of a new era. Unknown emissaries from another world come to earth and create a connection between earth and other dimensions. They educate humans about Cryptons and give them a chance to explore their long-forgotten world. Humans are mesmerized by an ancient civilization that is far more advanced than they are.

The final phase, The Awakening, sees the Cryptons awaken. Humans overcome their fear and explore the Serenity Chambers. They use all available resources to bring the Cryptons back to life and hence begins a new era.

About Cryptons Game ICO Token

Token Symbol: QST
Token Sale Starts: May 2dn, 2018
Token Sale Ends: May 31th, 2018
Token Price: 1 ETH = 1666  QST
Total Supply: 56,000,000
Token Standard: ERC20
Soft Cap: 3937 ETH (estimated 1,500,000 USD)
Hard Cap: 31496 ETH (estimated 12,000,000 USD)

Features And Money-Making Ventures

Cryptons Game is characterized by a virtual world of mysterious cryptonic missions, other related video games, a series of cards games, and a profitable marketplace.

One of the most prominent features of this game is that you can collect Cryptons and develop your own through synthesis, which involves breeding two Cryptons. The offspring is unique and cannot be duplicated, and its powers and features are also unique. You can trade your Cryptons for cryptocurrency or other Cryptons on the platform’s marketplace. You can also sell your capsules – essentially unhatched Cryptons – for the cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency you earn is yours to use as you wish, and it can be monetized once the platform is fully established.

Pre-ICO And Future Developments

The idea of Cryptons Game was hatched in 2017, and development is still ongoing. The game is currently running its pre-ICO campaign. There are a total of 56 million tokens available for sale with a soft cap of $250,000 and a hard cap of $1 million. The tokens are purchased using ETH. The pre-ICO campaign will end on 31st May, after which further development of the platform will continue.

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