Crypto Dukes

Cryptocurrency investors are increasingly being fleeced of their coins by phishing sites and scammers posing as high yield investment programs. Unscrupulous businessmen are registering companies and building sites where they pose as legitimate businesses and prowl on unknowing investors.

Is Cryptoo Dukes one such site? A review of the site reveals the following.

What Is Cryptoo Dukes?

Cryptoo Dukes refers to an investment software that when used with other resources seeks to help investors improve their trading skills and gain knowledge. The goal of the software is to establish an elite crypto community in the form of an online club for Bitcoin traders who have an excellent track record.

The Team

Cryptoo Dukes was founded by a man named Jaden Monahan who prides himself on having cryptocurrency experience since 2006. He claims to have been a small-time investor until he took more risks in trading that he excelled. His interest in cryptocurrency trading led to his Cryptoo Dukes creation as he saw the need for traders to unite and share information, ideas, experiences, and strategies. But why is he the only face behind the company? Surely if you are seeking to unite traders you must have a strong team to work with. So far, the team is anonymous.

Does Cryptoo Dukes Have a Whitepaper?

The whole idea of a trading toolkit might be noble but without a whitepaper, it is difficult to determine how the whole system works. There is no way of confirming the quality of the services offered neither is there a demonstration of the opportunities. Cryptoo Dukes appears to be limited-time offer for investors who express interest in Bitcoin trading. Without a whitepaper, it is impossible to prove whether the software is reliable and works to the investor's satisfaction.

Cryptoo Dukes Final Thoughts

Before investing in automated online investments, consider the safety of your capital and go for proven industry leaders instead of this newly released software.

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