CryptoPets is an online game that’s based on blockchain technology, the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In this game, you collect and take care of your digital pets, just like you would do to a real pet.

What’s Special About These Digital Pets?

Since these pets are anchored on blockchain technology, it means that they cannot be replicated, stolen or destroyed. However, unlike cryptocurrencies that are used for trading or as speculative investments, these digital pets are meant to act like real pets. You get to bond with them just like you would with a real pet.

Why You Should Try CryptoPets

CryptoPets Is Serious About Nature

To show commitment, the number of total CryptoPets available are a mirror image of the real-life numbers of the species on offer. This means if the population is low, the supply will also be low. CryptoPets will also use 20% of funds from people who purchase endangered CryptoPets to help support the World Wildlife Fund. This will help strengthen the global push to protect all endangered species.

Interesting Facts About CryptoPets

The most interesting thing about CryptoPets is that it uses blockchain technology to mirror real-world pet rearing. This means you will have a personalized attachment to your cute digital pets. Here is how:

You Can Buy A Pet And Receive Eggs To Hatch On Your Own

When you buy a CryptoPet, you also receive eggs. This means you can hatch them at your own time using the blockchain code, and come up with your own cute little pets.

You Can Breed Your Digital Pets

If can breed your pets on CryptoPets to come up some new and even more beautiful digital pets. Even more fascinating is the fact that you can trade your newly bred pets either for critters or just in any digital marketplace for whatever else you want.

You Can Trade Your Pets For Collectibles

With CryptoPets, you can trade your little pets for more traditional forms of collectibles. Even more interesting is the fact that you can track who owns your digital pets. You don’t just let them go and get mistreated by strangers who have no regard for pets.

What’s Coming Up On CryptoPets?

The most interesting feature coming up on CryptoPets is the aspect of pet adoption. This means you can use CryptoPets to adopt adorable pets that some other pet owner is no longer interested in keeping. This will increase your bond to pets, and make you take even better care of them in real life.

How To Buy CryptoPets

CryptoPets is based on the Ethereum smart contracts platform. That’s why to buy your CryptoPets; you need to use Ethereum.

CryptoPets Customer Service

In case you have no idea about how to go about buying your digital pets, the team behind CryptoPets is very open to helping you out. Through the contact us part of the CryptoPet website, you can ask any questions you want, and you will get a prompt reply.

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