What Is CryptoPicture?

This is a new decentralized network space that is also a brand-new cryptocurrency asset. The company ICO has already gathered 6,000 + Ethers. And a majority of them were received during the Presale. The platform is also being reviewed and featured on Coin Telegraph, Exante, HitBTC, ICO Bench, and Changelly.

How Does CryptoPicture Work?

The platform recently went through an ICO presale and it was a total and complete success. It’s attracted to many of the industry’s top players, like those mentioned above. Each of the major brands joined the company in just 24 hours and the presale of the platform accumulated a massive amount of 6,000 Ether, or roughly $3 Million USD.

The company is designed to be a great platform for using your Ether. And there are not tokens or little weird animals to deal with here, just some very effective assets. Basically, if you’re into the blockchain industry or cryptocurrency in any way, then CryptoPicture is ideal for you. And you just need to make sure you get in on the platform early on.

The platform is a widely exhibited 1000X1000px picture divided into a new platform where you can buy slots, entirely managed on the Ethereum Smart Contract. There is a definite limitless potential to breakthrough the holdbacks found in the digital world.

Anyone who wants to use the system, only has to pay a certain amount of Ether to own a slot and put any image they desire inside the slot. They can also put a link to the website or personal profile of a social media account if they so desire. And there is a price for every pixel that isn’t used gradually increases with the next pixel that is sold.

And each slot works as an ultra-safe and sound virtual asset that operates entirely on blockchain principles, like anonymity, and hacker-proof safety protocols, or collective censorship, etc. Also, each and every different deal and the entire ad space is controlled and monitored by a transparent, self-running smart contract that is also operated and securely protected on the Ethereum blockchain.

Only you own space/ad that your brand is featured on.

There is more about CryptoPicture that is special as well. And the price of each next pixel offered for sale is growing gradually: It’s gone from 0.001 Ether for the first pixel to as much as one 1 Ether for the last one.

This way, CryptoPicture could potentially cost 1,000,000 Ether upon its completion, that is equal to as much as ~1B USD with the Ether price being set at $1000 USD. And this in turn makes it the most valuable picture in since the dawn of humanity.

And then the real fun will begin! The small picture of the bigger vision is they basically have a plan to get the platform everywhere. And they doubt that any major media player would have no issues featuring a picture that is worth so much.

It’s the main market buyer that will buy the last, 20,000 pixels for example in the center of a specific image for about $20million USD. And they’ll also get a global display of the project or brand for a considerably affordable price. And that is compared to normal ad campaign prices and it will have the same effect.

Not that’s not to mention the other people and buyers who can find at an even more affordable cost earlier. And after buying a slot as well as uploading a picture, you’ll also get near immediate exposure at a massive level for your project or brand. And your ad can forever stay as a part of your picture until another person decides they want to buy it out from you and pays an amazing price that sometimes triple price for each pixel sold.

How To Use CryptoPicture

To use the platform, it’s super simple. First, you set the URL and picture of your choice. The only exception is you can’t use violent or adult content. And along with that, there is a piece of canvas that you can use to merge onto different slots or even split. Not only that, but you will be able to also transfer ownership without any problems or issues. With the help of the Ethereum Smart Contract, the engine behind CryptoPicture: ownerhip, transactions, fees for operation and other important factors are protected and guaranteed to function properly.

The exposure of CryptoPicture goes into is exceptional. And they put lots of effort into advertising it, long before the picture if completely filled. It’s because of that, the system is exceptional, and they are also said to be extremely exceptional in advertising visual content.

There is a plan that is set in motion to get the platform everywhere. They have a wide range of different places they can put the project over the internet and different sites for blockchain technology. They will also use space at conferences for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency conferences all over the world.

There will also be millions of end-user photos that have been created via Photo Labs. Bill boards and art museums, as well as formula one races cars are even being considered for potential spots. As area anywhere that guerilla marketing tactics. And lastly, the cryptocurrency community isn’t the only audience they are advertising too, they are also reaching the general public as well as mainstream brands used by consumers all over the world.

What Is The ICO On CryptoPicture?

The platform isn’t actually an ICO, it’s much safer, better and perfectly legal. And it’s going to become a basic staple image of the Crypto Industry in 2018.

Who Is Behind CryptoPicture MVP?

CryptoPicture is backed by Photo Lab, and it’s one of the most popular photo editing apps in the world. There are more than 10 million monthly users who are downloading around 100,000 new downloads that happen each and every day. They are preparing to provide CryptoPicture, with the highest exposure that gains value with each slot is purchased.

CryptoPicture In Conclusion

The platform is pretty major, there are a ton of benefits to using it and a lot of potential to make a ton of capital. If you’re looking for a new advertising platform that can earn a serious profit and help you get a lot of exposure, then CryptoPicture could be for you.

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