Cryptopoint is a new cryptocurrency exchange which promises multiple crypto investments for its users. The company’s selling point is that it is easy to access and use and you can trade different currencies without having to use another platform. Read our review.

About Cryptopoint

Cryptopoint is an English company created using cutting-edge technology to give both the professional and the beginner cryptocurrency investors a chance to get profit from the market. The company claims to have a user-friendly environment and to constantly be ready to give attention to its clients.

The company was created because of the rise in the importance of the cryptocurrencies in the market and its main goal is to enable people to invest in digital assets and enjoy the fresh opportunities to earn a lot of money in this new market.

Cryptopoint claims that its team is made up of very experienced traders and experts which are always around to give the clients a hand whenever they need it. The company focuses not only on providing a good trading tool but also in providing a learning experience for the users and creating an educational environment.

The Cryptopoint Platform

The Cryptopoint platform tries to be a very complete platform with more features than only cryptocurrency trading. While trading is, obviously, the main feature of Cryptopoint and possibly the reason why people will use it, the company also offers an education center, a news radar and a crypto calendar.

The education center has ebooks and other learning materials that will give the necessary help for you to learn how to start trading. The news radar will constantly make you informed about the trends of the market and the calendar will inform the user about the most important events in the cryptocurrency market and will provide reports and forecasts.

Also, the company has created a FAQ and has 24/7 support to solve the doubts of its clients.

How To Invest Using Cryptopoint?

To use Cryptopoint, you have to register and then deposit money on your new account by using either Visa or MasterCard credit cards or wire transfer. After you have already bought cryptocurrencies, you will have more freedom to use the platform and you can use for arbitrage.

Arbitrage is the process of buying cryptocurrencies while their price is low and selling when it is high and it is one of the best ways to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Remember to use valid information (and a valid email or mobile phone number) during the creation of your profile not to have any type of problems later whenever the company asks you for ID verification (if it ever does).

The CryptoPoint Verdict

While the Cryptopoint cryptocurrency exchange does not seem to be a bad choice for you, it can hardly be one of the best ones. The company is way too new and inexperienced, so only choose it if you really believe that it can offer something that the other companies cannot for you. Our opinion is that it will not do that.

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  1. So far their service is up to par. As a novice i find them very easy to work with. I receive constant guidance and advice. And there’s also the webinars and trading sessions. I did not get rich over night but i’ve learned a lot and slowly I’m building up my capital. My initial 500$ have grown 1170$ over the 2 weeks since i started.


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