Have you ever heard of the CryptoPolice? No, we are not talking about a governmental organization that will enforce policies and laws in the cryptocurrency markets, we are talking about. Today we will talk about a platform whose objective is to bring together community and technology to protect cryptocurrency users against online fraud.

By using the blockchain technology to achieve transparency and immutability, CryptoPolice will try to discover the truth on the internet by using multiple sources. Anyone will be able to submit a suspicious fact for investigation. This fact will undergo a multi-level verification, which means that many “Officers” will evaluate it using factual data and the consensus will form an answer.

This will help in the creation of a “WatchDog” system, which will form a list of scams and help the community to be always notified about the possible scams that might be happening in the market or even other lies or frauds.

Basically, this is a company that uses the so-called wisdom of the crowds. People from the community can register as Officers to use facts to prove that something is a scam or not. The people that is interested in knowing pays tokens and the Officers who investigate earn tokens for their jobs. This will crease a system in which people can get money to find the truth and benefit all.

A decentralized algorithm helps in the decentralized multilevel data verification and use the many results found by the Officers to ensure, with the help of artificial intelligence, that there are no false results discovered by the system.

The CryptoPolice Products

The CryptoPolice platform has many products. The main product of the platform is the WatchDog system, which was specifically created to inform the users of the platform about any suspicious objects or activities that are passed in many different channels. The company explains that the WatchDog system works in a similar way to how an antivirus works.

This company also has a special escrow that uses smart contracts to improve the security of ICOs and is able to function using in-depth customization so there are many different ways to use this.

CryptoPolice maintains a scam database that can be used to verify faster if an object is a scam or not. Also, it has a database of projects that contain data about many cryptocurrency projects and can help the users to be informed.

Finally, the company also intends to create an academy so that the users can have training that can be used to detect internet frauds and scams and thus improve the knowledge of the community about this type of problem.

CryptoPolice Tokens: OfficerCoin

Tokens are essential for this platform to work properly. Because of this, the company is having a sale of tokens right now to enable the construction of the platform and its marketing. A total of 1 billion OfficerCoins (OFCR) will be sold in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). They are Ethereum-based utility tokens and all unsold tokens will be burned after the sale.

At the moment, the company is only whitelisting people for the sales, so you will have to wait some time until you finally get more information about the sales. The whitelisting phase will go until April 9 and the pre-sale, which is closed, will happen soon after (but we do not have an official date yet).

You will be able to profit from referrals by using your own code to invite people to invest in this company. By using the referral code, you will receive 7% of the purchase amount of the other person and it will receive 5% of bonus when buying the tokens.

The company has also planned bounties that will be for the people who can promote the company and earn OFCR tokens in exchange.

CryptoPolice Conclusion

This company looks like a good attempt at destroying the damage that scams make to investors. Scams are the reason why a lot of money is lost and companies like this one can be very useful to be well informed before you end up losing your money.

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