Crypto.Porn Review

The adult industry is one of the sectors where cryptocurrencies are used regularly. Performers want to conceal their real information through pseudo accounts and stage names. Therefore, they would not like to use payment methods that expose their real identity even though they want to perform and sell their products to lots of people.

Since digital coins are decentralized, it becomes their safest option. They do need to care where their customers live, or even who they are. One website that has found the perfect way to use this payment option for the adult industry is (

What is

This website utilizes the same platform on which Ethereum runs. This is an indication that security and efficiency are not a problem when paying through the site. What happens is that every performer that is listed on this website has a unique smart contract.

Once a smart contract is attached to an actress or actor, it cannot be assigned to anyone else. Users are then required to purchase these smart contracts as a payment for adult materials from their favorite actresses.

To buy the smart contracts, you have to send an equivalent value of Ether to the contract. This is done through MetaTask, and is a simplified process. You can also transfer your acquired contracts to a new owner.

If someone wants to purchase what you already have, they will have to pay double the amount you originally paid. Therefore, you can keep making more money by doubling it on your sales as long as you have contracts that other people should like to have.

How to Get Started on

Getting started on this platform is quite easy. You should start by downloading the MetaTask Wallet Google extension. This extension is what will configure your processes, and allow you to pay for whatever contracts that you may acquire. You are going to like the fact that navigating the site is easy too. You only need to click on relevant links, and follow the prompts that come up. Within a short time, you already will be buying and selling contracts on the platform.

The smart contracts on this platform will keep increasing in value as they are purchased. The fact that there are a lot of performers that are listed on this site is an indication that you have a lot of options to choose from. To make it even better, the website shows you the list of contracts that are most popular so that you know where to place your money. You only need to be smart enough in the doubling of your contracts so as to make as much money as possible.

In conclusion, is one of the best things that have been related to the adult industry. It has a properly laid out business model that guarantees earnings. At least, the website does not keep important details away from you, and this shows how transparent they are. If you are looking for ways to earn some cryptocurrency, this is a good option.


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