In the past, the crypto industry has boomed and flourished. Since it is still a new industry with little regulation, many people have lost their investment rapidly, sometimes overnight. On the other hand, a small group of people has made quite a lot of money.

At some point, almost everyone knew someone who was busy buying crypto in the hope that his or her investment would double. In most cases, this did not happen. However, some have managed to make quite a lot of money.

CryptoPredicted Origins

CryptoPredicted started as a small project using statistics, math, and machine learning and later on AI. The creators wanted to create something that would reduce the risk of investing in crypto. Today, they have bundled all their knowledge into one app that anyone can use.

How To Use CryptoPredicted

Simplicity is at the core of this app. Investing and trading in crypto is quite challenging. Most people that join the crypto world have never used or seen how an exchange platform works. It is usually quite confusing for them.

With this app, getting started is easy. After you sign up and verify your email and activate the seven-day trial, you can start using the app.

CryptoPredicted Price Predictions

A complex AI network generates predictions on this app. The network is called the neural network and was trained on thousands of hours of quality data. It is the same technology used in self-driving cars, chess, pattern recognition, and much more.

Predictions may seem like they have poor accuracy but this is not true. The app is good for predicting events that are going to happen. However, it is not so effective at telling exactly when it will happen.

These predictions are quite useful for regular traders. You can utilize the predictions to reinforce the decisions you make. For example, when you are not sure whether you want to buy, sell or simply do nothing, you should consult the prediction to help you make a better choice.

CryptoPredicted AI Driven Trading Signals

In trading, it does not matter if you are an expert or a beginner. You will have to deal with uncertainty at all times. To reduce the stress, risk, and anxiety, they have invested a lot of time in the development of trading algorithms.

For trade signals, you will find dozens of trade simulation that are generated by the strategies. To evaluate and asses the performance of strategies, they compute its 60-day ROI. The ROI is what your return will be if you follow the buy and sell signals.

ROI simulation incorporates trading fees depending on each exchange. It considers slippage so that the ROI shows realistic returns. Since humans are still better at intuition than machines, it is likely that you end up with a higher return than the predicted ROI.

The trade signals are sensitive. Thus, the app comes with email alerts. As soon as a signal is generated, it is sent to the subscribers. However, users have to keep in mind that the app is not a magic wand. It is only a tool meant to guide you in the right direction.

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