CryptoProfile ICO (CP Token): Legit Blockchain Cryptocurrency Project?

Cryptoprofile is a blockchain company that believes in the importance of credible ICO projects. The company checks and researches all ICO projects before it can accept them as clients.

Besides, they offer clients 100% return on all profits through effective marketing and a six-month return on the original value of tokens invested through a smart contract. Additionally, token holders have a maximum value through airdrop marketing.

To illustrate the mechanics of the ICO ecosystem, this example can shed light:

  • ICO projects on the Cryptoprofile platform will pay $100,000 USD for marketing purposes. Cryptoprofile will return $100,000 USD value in terms of CP tokens.
  • The returned CP tokens remain locked up in a smart contract for a period of six months and released when the client gets listed on an exchange.
  • A Cryptoprofile client will have to give 10% of its ICO token to Cryptoprofile, which then takes 100% from that token pool and airdrop to CP holders to further motivate and encourage them to participate in this massive crypto community.
  • All CP token holders continue getting airdrops every time Cryptoprofile accepts ICO Projects for marketing.
  • CP Token holders on ERC20 blockchain can equally make bonus traceable investments with other Cryptoprofile clients.

A community-centric token

Cryptoprofile has devised a way on involving Bounty Hunters in its strategic planning to utilize them to contribute to the projects up to their full potential. In many cases, Bounty Hunters are believed to be only useful in boosting up the numbers of communities and not contributing anything much to ICO projects. In that connection:

  • Bounty Hunters will receive free CP tokens as long as they register as community and perform the needful tasks
  • Bounty hunters will receive free incentives for holding CP tokens and receive airdrops of other ICO project’s tokens
  • The bounty hunters with CP Tokens will have more discounts if they want to invest in an ICO project managed by Cryptoprofile.

Writers involved in the Cryptoprofile ICO projects will have the following benefits:

  • Writers will receive CP tokens as well
  • Incentives for holding CP tokens and receive airdrops of other ICO project’s tokens
  • Writers possessing CP tokens will have more discounts if they want invest in an ICO project managed by Cryptoprofile.

Use Cases

Cryptoprofile believes that use cases and liquidity are interdependent in every project. To ensure that they utilize the CP tokens, writers who own articles with an up-vote of 50 and above will receive a token reward, which they can further sell in exchanges or store in their wallet.

Additionally, crypto novices who have gone through the custom CP blockchain technology educational guides will receive rewards with a particular amount of CP tokens.

Projects that feature their ICOs on can enjoy free zone service under particular terms and conditions. The featured ICO projects have access to Cryptoprofile’s trusted, consolidated VCs, digital marketing teams, legal advisors, blockchain developers, PR and fundraising teams as well as ecosystem partners.

However, minimal charges are applicable for these services. Airdrop tokens can be sold in exchanges where they can be sold off and converted to fiat currency.

Important to Note

It is important to note that companies that engage Cryptoprofile in paid marketing, its partners in various collaborations, or even companies and websites that advertise their venture will receive free tokens as incentives.

Besides, writers that share their valuable comments and feedback through e-mail about CP contents on tooltip, descriptions, articles, and forums or submit their reviews on CP website to help improve both quality and quantity of the content will also receive free tokens.

By so doing, Cryptoprofile:

  • Promotes healthy speculation in cryptocurrency market
  • Aims to achieve steady uptrend of coin price
  • Provides ICO projects with inadequate promotional activity budgets
  • Gains earned trust and support from the community

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