CryptoProphet, found online at, is a price forecasting tool for the crypto industry. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is CryptoProphet?

CryptoProphet monitors and forecasts cryptocurrency prices. You can subscribe to the service’s cryptocurrency alerts, then get notified on Telegram when there are unusual market movements.

The online tool is available for free through You sign up, then instantly begin receiving alerts for free. CryptoProphet isn’t a trading bot: it just delivers market information to you via a simple messenger interface. Then, you can decide what to do with that information.

CryptoProphet was created by a data scientist interested in cryptocurrencies. It uses autoregressive integrated moving average models to analyze price movements of 50+ cryptocurrencies within an 80% confidence interval.

How Does CryptoProphet Crypto Pricing & Forecasting Work?

CryptoProphet aims to give cryptocurrency traders better peace of mind. Traders no longer need to check cryptocurrency prices every day. They can relax knowing that any unusual market movements will be delivered to their phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CryptoProphet also lets you track your own portfolio and holdings. The platform uses machine learning models to track, analyze, and forecast the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies “with more than 80% confidence”, explains the official website.

Some of the key data points about CryptoProphet include:

  • 52 tracked cryptocurrencies
  • 126,000+ price alerts sent
  • 452 million data points analyzed

To be clear, CryptoProphet isn’t a cryptocurrency trading bot. Instead, the service only provides early warnings of increasing or decreasing demand on various cryptocurrency markets. You get smart alerts on crypto price movements. Then, you can decide what to do with that information.

CryptoProphet specifically uses autoregressive integrated moving average models to analyze and predict the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, and Ripple. In total, CryptoProphet supports 50+ cryptocurrencies, including most of the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Users can view cryptocurrency forecasts and price predictions in USD, BTC, and ETH. The graphs are available for anyone to view at

Who’s Behind CryptoProphet?

The CryptoProphet official website doesn’t disclose much information about the individual behind the project. We do know, however, that it was created by a data scientist with a strong passion for cryptocurrencies. That data scientist had been holding cryptocurrencies for a long time, but was checking prices very frequently. Instead of checking prices multiple times per day for the latest market information, CryptoProphet’s creator decided to build a bot capable of delivering price movement information constantly.

You can get in touch with the creator of CryptoProphet by email at [email protected]

CryptoProphet Conclusion

CryptoProphet is a cryptocurrency price forecasting tool designed to deliver the latest information on movements in the cryptocurrency markets. The tool isn’t a trading bot: it won’t make trades on your behalf. Instead, you can get the alert and then decide what to do with the information.

To learn more about CryptoProphet and how it works, visit online today at You can register for price alerts for free. Thanks to CryptoProphet, you can stop constantly checking cryptocurrency prices and rely on CryptoProphet to deliver the latest information from the markets at any time.

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