Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts often need to safely keep their passwords and other sensitive data in a reliable application. Cryptopus is among the many frequently used “vaults” owing to the application’s ability to encrypt data it stores. Currently, there’s an ICO aimed at bringing together savvy cryptocurrency investors looking for enterprising incognito traders (brokers) to trade together and register profits.

What Is Cryptopus?

Cryptopus is open-source software developed by enthusiasts at Puzzle ITC, although anyone is still welcome to enhance the software. It is a Ruby on Rails web application that combines both the symmetric and the asymmetric encryptions and stores passwords safely from third-party access. Essentially, Cryptopus allows anyone to store their usernames, passwords and other descriptions, or even attach files.

With Cryptopus, everything stored is encrypted so that everything is safe. Additionally, it has no shared password; you can flock together with similar users, and assign data to groups. The best thing about Cryptopus though is LDAP authentication, though it is the auto-logout feature that enhances user safety at all times.

Cryptopus Features

  • 2-step storage – it is this complex storage system that makes Cryptopus safe and reliable for many.
  • Blockchain-like system – the system is 100% decentralized in the same way as BTC Blockchain.
  • Live, real-time sync – it is in tandem with the most prominent exchange platforms and auto-syncs.
  • IPFS-based architecture – being a content-oriented “interstellar file system,”no transaction takes place without undergoing proper verification.
  • Long-term platform – Cryptopus is a project designed for the future with a strategic plan.
  • 24/7 Support – you can rely on their round-the-clock support.

The Reason For Cryptopus ICO

The cryptosphere of today is proving to be a lucrative platform owing to the sudden demand for Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other coin types. Digital currency enthusiasts earn profits fast due to the high volatility rates, though losses on the flipside are real too.

The ICO, therefore, aims at uniting investors with professional traders. Uniting investors and brokers for whom the platform is made for means the investor funds the broker after choosing one that looks pleasing. Cryptopus will use a technology that connects traders with interested investors and helps them go through the trader’s history and balance.

The technology will make it easy by giving traders their respective ratings for the benefit of investors. Everything will be securely stored, and the investments offered using Ethereum smart-contract and IPFS protocol.

The Cryptopus ICO

Cryptopus ICO isn’t just about giving both the traders and investors profits. It aims at establishing an insurance fund to protect clients from any unpredictable circumstances in the future.

The ICO isn’t all about raising funds for its creators, but instead introduce a wholly new and trustworthy trading platform in the world of cryptocurrency. It is genuine and decentralized with the data synchronized in real-time and analyzed for fair trade.

  • Tokens available: 100 million
  • Tokens are ERC20 standard and thus compatible with MyEtherWallet
  • 1 CPP = 0.00062ETH
  • Minimal contribution: 0.1ETH
  • Raised so far: 1.22000000006ETH
  • ICO ends – January 31st, 2018

From the Cryptopus ICO, 90% of the funds will be placed in an insurance fund with 5% covering team salaries and the other 5% covering any unavoidable expenses. The White Paper conclusively covers everything.

In the wake of many scam ICOs, do you think Cryptopus ICO is legit and trustworthy? What about Cryptopus on its own, it is worth using to store your passwords, secret words, and usernames? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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