If you want to make money fast, there are always many options available. Unfortunately, it is hard to know which ones are trustworthy and which to avoid. Today we will review a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) called and tell our readers whether to invest in it or not.

What Is is a company from the United Kingdom that uses the money that it gets from clients to make big investments and get a great profit while giving money back to the investors.

The site of the company states that has extensive knowledge of the market, many years of experience with trades and software that automates trading so the profit of the company are highly functional and diminish the risks faced by this company while investing in this volatile market.

The company guarantees the return on investment of the clients and it states that it has a reserve fund that can be used in the case that the company actually loses any money and is not able to normally pay the investors.

The Investment Programs

This company has a diverse range of cryptocurrency investment programs that you can make to start investing. See the list of investments:

  • 10-10,000 USD: 10% daily for life;
  • 10,001-20,000 USD: 12% daily for life;
  • 20,001-30,000 USD: 14% daily for life. also has an affiliate program that can give you 5% of the investment of what other people deposit in the company if you are an affiliate.

Is Cryptoround Paying?

We have no indications that is paying at all. The company offers returns that are considerably fast and that could be used forever, which is a huge red flag. While it looks like a good idea to invest once and get money forever, you have to ask yourself: does this make any sense at all?

Of course not. No company would ever pay 10% daily forever for an investment. Say that you give $2,000 USD to the company. In 30 days you would have a profit of $4,000 UD. In two months, $10,000 USD. After a single year, you would have profited $70,000 USD with $2,000 USD.

This might look good if you are not accustomed to how the financial system works, but it surely does not look like something sustainable for us because the company would be completely indebted within a single year of its existence. Our guess is that is probably a scam and that you will never get your money back.

The Cryptoround Conclusion

We would advise against investing in this company. As we have just stated, we have no means of affirming that is not a scam that will try to steal your money and vanish, so investing in this company could be considered a huge risk for you that does not offer rewards that are good enough for you to invest. Our advice would be to look elsewhere for a good investment.

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