The cryptocurrency market is booming right now, so we review many of the most popular companies for you. Today, we will review Cryptos Trade.

What Is Cryptos Trade?

Cryptos Trade is the name of an investment company engaged in stock, the Bitcoin market, foreign exchange market and gold trading. The company is focused on giving investment chances for its clients to earn a passive rent from cryptocurrency and other types of financial assets.

There is one point that you should notice, though. While the company claims to have many assets, the truth is that Cryptos Trade is not really an investment platform in which you choose in what you are going to invest. Cryptos Trade is more akin to a lending platform or a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP), in which you invest and get a certain return on investment later.

How Does Cryptos Trade Work?

Basically, the company claims that it manages all these assets and that it uses the money lent by the clients to invest to buy more assets and give them the money back later. The company states that you will be able to receive the double of your money in 25 days if you use it. Also, it claims to be risk-free and enable you to get your money back easily.

Cryptos Trade also has a team of 24/7 support that can help everybody when they have any type of doubts about how to invest. What may make Cryptos Trade more trustworthy than many HYIPs, which are known to be scammy, is that it is a legal company which actually exists in the UK which diminished the chance that the owners are lying and will simply run away with your money.

How To Invest In Cryptos Trade?

To invest in Cryptos Trade, you have to create your account first. You will only need to use a valid email and some information about who you are. You may be asked to give more information to the company later (like ID checks to prevent money laundering).

After you have created your account you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Payeer, ADVCash, NIXMoney and Perfect Money to deposit funds. These funds will make you eligible for a certain return on investment. Check more information about it:

  • Deposits from $10 USD to $1000: 6% daily for 25 days.
  • Deposits from $1001 USD to $5000: 7% daily for 25 days.
  • Deposits from $5001 USD to $20,000: 8% daily for 25 days.

After the 25 days, you will be able to withdraw your money receiving the interest rates. You can also use the referral program of the company. This program gives you 5% of the investment of your referrals when they make their first deposit on Cryptos Trade.

Should You Invest In Cryptos Trade?

Is Cryptos Trade a good platform? We are unsure of this. We did not use this platform for enough time so we cannot be sure that it actually pays its investors back. While the company looks trustworthy, HYIPs, in general, might be very tricky and this field is full of scams, so it is always good to tread carefully when investing in companies like this one.

We advise against investing in Cryptos Trade, but the final decision is obviously yours. The company offers a great return on investment, so it might be tempting to invest. Just be sure that you are as well informed as you can before you decide to invest in this company or you might end up making a mistake that might cost you a lot of money. Good luck on your investments.

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