cryptos fund is a blockchain based investment fund launched in August 2015. Find out how the fund works today in our review.

What Is CRYPTOS?, also known as Cryptos, is a blockchain-based investment fund that, according to the website, was “launched by a team with trading experience in the international markets.”

The fund claims to have launched in August 2015, but only recently became public.

Today, Cryptos claims to have $18.98 million under management. Since launch, they’ve achieved 2786% growth (in USD) and 350% growth in BTC.

Like other blockchain-based platforms, Cryptos emphasizes security and transparency. You can see how your money is being spent thanks to the immutable power of the blockchain.

How Does CRYPTOS Work?

Cryptos works in a straightforward way. Here’s what happens:

After you sign up and deposit bitcoin, you’ll receive an appropriate amount of Cryptos tokens. As the value of the crypto-asset portfolio rises, the value of each token will rise as well. You can withdraw your money at any time by selling or exchanging tokens and then withdrawing the amount of BTC to your wallet.

Tokens don’t just represent a stake in the investment fund: they provide you with guaranteed ownership of digital assets in the fund. The liquidity of the tokens is 100% provided by cryptocurrency-based blockchain assets.

The Cryptos cryptocurrency, by the way, is simply called TOKENS.

You can invest any amount of bitcoin.

CRYPTOS Pricing will charge fees when you enter the fund and charge fees when you withdraw assets. You’ll pay a 1.9% fee when depositing money into the platform, then pay a 5% commission when you withdraw assets.

CRYPTOS Features advertises all of the following features on its official website:

Risk Management: Cryptos uses “numerous know-hows” to predict and hedge the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Yes, the website legitimately uses the words “numerous know-hows”.

Customized Strategies: Cryptos lets you manage your own funds and pick cryptocurrencies through the platform. Or, you can have your funds managed by the company’s experts.

Transparency: You can track operations through the blockchain, get notifications when important events are triggered, and use the online analytics to help you make important investment decisions.

Easy to Use: Cryptos emphasizes an easy trading experience and a non-obtrusive KYC process.

Who’s Behind CRYPTOS? lists an address in London as its company headquarters (The Mast, 2 Albert Basin Way in London). The only other information we have about the company is its email address, [email protected]

CRYPTOS Conclusion says all of the right things about investing in cryptocurrencies. The company claims to use blockchain technology for transparency. It also claims to have experienced gains of several thousand percent over the past few years.

However, there are some red flags about Cryptos. The company never discloses its management team, its experts, or anyone involved with the project. There’s no evidence the fund is actively managing $18.98 million, nor is there any evidence the fund has been around since August 2015 (the company claims the fund has been operating privately since that period).

The platform also seems to charge high fees – including a punishing 5% withdrawal fee. Furthermore, a Google search for the company online comes back with no results about the fund or its history. As far as we can tell, the website and fund are brand new on the internet.

You may want to wait for more information about to appear online before you invest. As with anything on the internet, you should never send your money to someone without knowing full details about that individual. In the bitcoin world, where you can send money to a simple bitcoin address with limited ability to get a refund, that lesson is doubly true.

You can visit to decide for yourself whether or not it’s a scam.

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