Not all that involves the blockchain is about investment, business, and profit. In fact, the emergence of gaming on the blockchain marks yet another unique application of the sophisticated blockchain technology. As more users become interested in the concept of using the tech for something other than for business and trade, it is going to continue to become more mainstream to use the blockchain for things like virtual reality, gaming, and socializing.

One company leading the charge on this monumental shift in blockchain applications is CryptoSaga. As the name might suggest, CryptoSaga is an RPG game which operates entirely on the blockchain. Players can do several things once they have created a character, including several socially-involved activities like participation in a guild.

This guide will outline some of the basic technical and structural components of CryptoSaga in order to give consumers a more informed look into one of the newest games to center around the use of cryptocurrency technologies.

CryptoSaga On The Blockchain

The very nature of the blockchain is simple; a public ledger stores and transmits information in a decentralized and transparent manner. With this in mind, it is pretty easy to understand why a gaming company might be interested in creating a game using this technology. In the case of CryptoSaga, the blockchain both stores and facilitates the creation of characters and allows for ease of communication between the server and multiple players.

CryptoSaga uses the Ethereum blockchain. This is unsurprising, considering how user-friendly Ethereum is for the creation of applications on their public blockchain.

As this guide will explain below, the blockchain technologies used become essential to the identity of the game and the nature of interactions awaiting players who create their own hero.

cryptosaga home page

Creating A Hero On CryptoSaga

Before exploring the generated dungeons of the CryptoSaga world and fighting the unique monsters, users are asked to download an extension that allows connection to the Ethereum network. This is explained on the “Get Heroes” page of the CryptoSaga website.

CryptoSaga recommends MetaMask for users using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Brave. However, any extension that allows access to the Ethereum network should work for this website.

Once the hero is created, gamers are given several options regarding how to play and where to proceed.

Playing CryptoSaga

Once the browser extension is added and functional, users have access to four otherwise inaccessible parts of the main CryptoSaga website.

Dungeons are the explorable parts of the CryptoSaga universe, where heroes are pitted against monsters in the wild.

The arena allows players to challenge and accept challenges to one-on-one battles.

Finally, guilds allow for bands of heroes to link up to fight together.

CryptoSaga is another game leading the charge into new and exciting applications of the Ethereum blockchain to new areas of human interaction.

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